Monday, October 16, 2006

Weighty Issues

Does weight really matters to a woman?

I think so.

Recently, there have been numerous news reports or rather slamming on incredibly skinny runway models, banning them from catwalk. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong. Apparently, models SHOULD be thin, cause slimmer women looks better on all apparels, be it chunky sleeves, bubble dress, latter-day grunge layers (which so happened to be the current fashion trend). The models still look excellent and slim effortlessly on those clothes that will typically look fat on a woman who has an acceptable weight. With that kind of pictures running on the magazines and television programmes, which women on earth will think that they are thin ENOUGH?

I weigh myself twice a day religiously, just to make sure I stay within the underweight range. It seems that in today’s world, not only runway models are dying to strive for an underweight or unhealthy look, gals around me are also trying to attain that.

Or at least majority of my friends. They try all means and ways to be thin or to stay thin… even that would mean stuffing medicines or rigorous exercises. They fluster and flare over their slightest change in weight. I admit, I am just like one of them. I turn green in envy when I see slimmer women, my face burn red in anger when I see a 0.2kg gain in weight.

But I am lazier, I don’t exercise, I don’t take medication unnecessary.

Every time when I feel like eating ice-cream or devour that deliciously looking mud pie, I contemplate.

“That’s extra calories, gal.”
“Do you want to sabotage your diet, just for a mud pie?”
“Stay away from that evil looking mud pie!!”
“You’ll regret!”

Those words keep on repeating itself like a loud speaker in my mind.

Sometimes, I curb my craving and move on. However, most of the time, I will just buy the mud pie and eat a few spoonful and pass it on to others. (I pity the others)

And of course, there are several times where my mouth refuses to give in to my brain. I just eat and eat and eat… but I feel culpable after that hearty meal or sinful desserts. Recently, I find myself really lack of disciplines, one day it was steamboat (with lots of desserts), the other day it was ribs and beef, the other day it was curry… Hmph!!

It’s time I should really impose some self-control, as I have gained alittle, which I don’t even dare to think about.

Many people told me that I am skinny and one of my friends even go to the extent by saying that I looked anorexic. I mean, who cares? I don’t care. I just want to be thin and slim.

I know it is unhealthy and many people vehemently against the idea of me going on a diet, despite of my underweight frame. But somehow, being a stubborn gal, I know what I am doing and know what my limit is.

Sexy still, Jessica Alba spotted losing some weight

Victoria Beckham still look gorgeous to me

I just want to let those who care about me know this,

I know I am underweight, but I also know that I look better on clothes when I’m underweight.

I know I am underweight, and I will not lose any further.

I know I am underweight, but it is better than being overweight.

I know I am underweight, and trust me, I still eat snacks and chicken chops twice a week.

Don’t worry, I am not anorexic. I am just thin.

Another thing, ask ten guys, do they prefer a chubby woman or a slim woman? I bet 8 of them will opt for a slimmer woman.

This is life and this is reality.

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Blogger lyn said...

eh.. how come star nvr write?

10:20 AM  
Blogger star said...

hiya..i'm here. hey, eat lar eat. have a balance diet then will keep you slim lhor. no need to make yourself to "cham" mah. also exercise will keep you fit then. oh ya one more idea, be a vegetarian..sure will pretty slim one.

2:44 PM  

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