Monday, July 14, 2008

For The First Time

For the first time, I drove to work this morning in my own car. The traffic condition on CTE was pretty alright.

I woke up at 8:11am and left the house at 8:45am. Reached Telok Blangah Nature Reserve carpark at 9:10am and office at 9:25am.

What a day!

I choose to park at the Nature Reserve cause it is free parking whole day, however, it only applicable to visitors of the park, but then, who cares? Some of my colleagues had gotten summon cause it seems that the Fatimahs and Ahamds recognised their cars, I then thought perhaps I can drive my own car for 2 days, change and drive Kevin's car for a day and then back to my car again. Brillant?

First day of driving on my own,

I missed having the luxury to eat my breakfast on the car, while Kevin is driving.
I missed someone to cheer with me when the ERP charges changed (to lower price) when I reach the gantry.
I missed the small talks and gossips with Kevin while he is driving.
I missed the time where we will laugh crazily at Glen and The Flying Dutchman on Class 95.
I missed the time where I can just jump off the car and dart towards the gate when I am late for work.
I missed the time when I can sit back and relax ignoring whatever blindspots.

With that, I decided to declare car-less day every Friday. Where Kevin will still send me to work and pick me up from work. Just to have a taste of what it is like last time.

Because of having a second car right now, I decided to make an effort to have dinner with Kevin everyday after work.

Ziv seems to know that Mummy is driving her own car that he wakes up at 930am today.

Coming Saturday will be Ziv's Birthday. Time flies!



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