Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving the Shell

Some of you may know that the official key handover 'ceremony' will be this coming 21st Oct and I will be out of the house on 16th Oct.
It took us 1 week plus to pack everything and still the packing is still in progress.

Packing my clothes alone takes 2 days.

Kevin has 4 boxes of clothes.
Ziv has 2.5 boxes of clothes.

I have... 12 boxes of clothes. Its time to stop buying.

The new house is not going to be foofaraw which I deemed unnecessary. One good thing about Kevin being in the window furnishing business. Everything concerning window (privacy) is being taken care of.

Not so titillate about the move, but I will survive. I will get used to the new place, eventually. Maybe even before I get used to it, we already found a new place (again).



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