Saturday, November 14, 2009

My abode for the next 1 year

Today I decided to stop dwadling and upload pics of my abode. I have been staying in my current place for almost 2 months and already paid 3 times rental.

The current place is not entirely bigger than the old one, just slightly smaller and has 3 rooms. However, one of the rooms now is used as a storage space for us, we haven't really unpack all the boxes because we know we will be shifting real soon.

Nevertheless, we still decorate the house so as to make it more comfy and more 'us'. My main exasperation was the full mirror at the living room reflecting my neighbour's laundry. Luckily Kevin is in window furnishing business, we managed to source some string curtains to get it covered, a little bit. I hate full length mirror in living room!

As for location, it was great, very near to expressway CTE and has lots of eateries nearby not forgetting Searangoon Garden Estate. Initially we wanted to buy the unit above us, which is the penthouse, but the negiotation led us to nowhere. Kevin thought that it was really lucky that we didn't buy the unit above us because it was very hot in the morning especially in our master bedroom, most of the time we wake up not because we want to wake up, it is because of the HEAT. Grrrrr...

Some before and after pictures...

We did something unusual this time, by placing our refrigeration in the living room area, not because our gigantic fridge is out of place in the kitchen. Just that we want to give Coby more space to urine and poo. Having the fridge in the living room is so convenient! Maybe I will do that when I shift to a new place.

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