Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are moving in on 11 June 2010!

We are finally done with our renovation and are all ready to move in to the new abode on 11 June 2010. Prior to that, we need to get the chandelier up for the bedroom and we are still waiting for our indent lighting from the lighting store.

Next up, we will be expecting, the sofas, coffee table, dining table, refrigerator - the whole enchilada this coming Tuesday. Moving to the new abode is less tiring this time round because, we are not moving all our existing furniture to the new abode. The furniture for the new abode is going to be brand new. And how I wish we can just pack a lugagge and go.

Anyway, the apartment is now spick-and-span. Move in condition.

Here's a sneak peek of the interior.

Yesterday, we sent our little helper to arrange his own CDs and DVDs. The little one was chirpy throughout and it was my first time seeing him so accomodating and contributive.

Maybe that's because we only packed a fraction of his CD/DVD collection...

Other than the minor unpacking, Mummy did nothing and only snapped pictures, Daddy cleaned the cabinets and the little one? Entertain himself by jumping up and down the platform bed and posing for pictures.

In another story, today we had grilled sausages for breakfast.

Kevin is having a full plate at work these few weeks so it is impossible to have brunch. Thanks v much to C, she packed some really nice sausages from the butchery (not sure if they are from German butchery).

I am not a fan of sausage, as a matter of fact. Nevertheless, here are the grilled sausages for Kevin and Ziv. I have to admit they taste real good.

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