Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Inception

The Inception...
is all about getting you to fall in love with Leonardo Dicaprio once again. I suspect. I am not kidding. I realized that I am back in love with him once more (not that I ever left him). Call this a fetish, but I LOVE his voice, just so charming to me. I never miss any Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies, because he is pretty selective in his roles for film and Inception is simply, mind-blowing.

Mind-stimulating, mind-boggling, that’s why I love this movie so much. I knew there must have been like 80% of the Singapore population who already watched this movie and the reviews were already out on the papers for months. But who cares.

In fact, how many times do you storm out of the theatre cursing and bewailing to your poor suffering companion, “What the hell is the movie about?” I have to admit that I don’t understand the story of the movie Matrix and its sequel after sitting through the movie for hours, and likewise for some of the sci-fi movies. Those movies are too damn intricate that only the those who score A1 in English will understand the plot.

I have to try my best not to neglect the director of the movie, of course, he, being the architect of the movie, makes us all comprehend the concept of inception despite its complexity. Yet, we can still follow through the movie knowing what is going on and what is going to happen next. And along the line of inception, I think that is a highly possible procedure that can happen to any one of us, and I don’t think the movie is just a fiction. The human brain is so complex that no scientist can be certain that what they have written on the human brain is comprehensive.

Apart from the eye-candy and the plot, I actually love movies that ended with a big question mark. Very in line with the concept of the movie, the finale of the show makes you wonder if the totem ever stop spinning. For me, I imagined that it will stop, for obvious reason because I adore Dicaprio. As for Kev, he deduced that the totem will not stop because there should be a part 2. However, I heard from my colleague P that he read up on the internet that the totem seemed to stop spinning when the movie credits start to appear on screen. Which ever the case, I choose what I want to believe in, and that is the beauty of such movie. We can leave in our own delusion, unless there is a sequel to the movie.

No matter how much I worship Dicaprio, I do not wish to have a sequel to this movie because the ending is just too perfect for a sequel.
I love this movie.

This is not something we can get from the asian directors, because they just can't deviate much from police and theives themes.

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