Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ambition or Money?

Have you ever had the feeling like you want to quit your job and walk out of the office for no specific reason? Perhaps you will ask yourself, “Is this what I want?” and quite often, you will realized that working in this area is not what you really hope for, mostly, it is about earning a humble or loaded stipend . Try asking yourself this question, is it money or ambition that is important to you?

I wanted so much to say its AMBITION, but I am afraid that in this society, not many privilege people can rely on their ambition for a living. It’s sad that success is often measured almost exclusively in financial terms and possessions.

Isn’t it a luxury to do something you love and still get paid? For example, David Beckham (I assume he loves football), he is paid lavishly and abundantly and still football is the love of his life.

Then again, yesterday I was thinking to myself on bed, if given a choice below:
1.Earn $X and work is simple and relaxing. No sense of achievement.
2. Earn $X and work is taxing and requires many responsibility. Definitely a great sense of achievement.

Note: $X is a large sum of money.

Which one will you choose? I will choose the latter. Why?

I have no idea, but I was thinking, if $X is a large sum of money, then all the more I should work harder to make sure that I am worth paying $X right? I love to have the sense of achievement. I believe accomplishments are the pushing force that makes me strive forward and to work harder. I can’t imagine sitting in the office doing nothing will do me any good. A worthless person will never know the meaning of lives. Or maybe I should add, I enjoy being busy kekekeke…

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Blogger jack said...

i think you are crazy....
anyways... i'm oky....

2:27 AM  

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