Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am the kind of person who digs catastrophic movies. And very often, after watching these movies, they have lots of repercussion on me. I cried a bucket when I watched ‘Armageddon’, I had nightmare after watching ‘End of the World’. As for ‘2012’, I am more positive. I did not cry. I reflected. And a lot.

There are many articles about Apocalypse and whatnot and seriously I am not bothered by any of them. Not that my fear for death is lessen as time goes by (somewhat true). But I know one thing, everything will come to an end one day, and after the end of something, there will be a new beginning. That is always my philosophy in life for everything and anything. Just like people die, and after death, it may be a new beginning of a new life, such as reborn. I reflected a lot on my life.
Such as –
Shall I buy myself another Birkin bag?
Shall I buy that FM watch?
The dinner tonight at il Lido is definitely worth it despite of the price.
Have I recently said ‘I Love You’ to Kevin?
Where is our next travel destination for next year and how many months is it going to be?
If everything is going to be like the movie 2012, no one in Singapore (I believed, except you-know-who) is affluent enough to get on the Ark and if given a chance to sneak into the Ark, I will probably put Ziv before me, and let him sneak up the Ark himself and pass him my iphone, tell him to look at the pictures in the phone whenever he thinks of Mummy and Daddy (since we are definitely be gone by then). In short, I am willing to give up my life for my son.

I was thinking, so what if you are one of the wealthiest man in Singapore, who cares if you have special abilities such as driving your Lamborghinis with your toes, extremely good in math, ultimately, you have to die with the rest of the less wealthy people and talented people. The thing is, Singapore is too infinitesimal to get noticed for talent (porn stars not included). Maybe those richer ones will die a few minutes to hours later, because they struggled to get to the peak of Bt Timah hill or they get on a plane to nowhere and probably die from a plane crash due to lack of fuel.

What I want in life now is experience. The experience of being able to buy something I like, the experience of enjoying high life. I don’t care if Ziv is ever going to make use of what he will be learning in The Shichidah Kindergarten, I don’t care if paying the exorbitant (and some said outrageous) school fee is going to be worth-while for his life later, what I want is, Ziv being able to experience the unique learning techniques applied to their syllabus.

Of course, after all the said and done, that doesn’t mean I have to fritter all my money away on something which I do not need or mindlessly, but I think that being contented in life and not having regrets is the key to living. I don’t want to be running away from a giant Tsunami and still complaining, “Shit! I haven’t try this and haven’t try that!”

We still have to keep a good amount of money for savings just in case the day do not come, or come much later after our death.

Go watch 2012. You will see life differently, perhaps.

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