Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Blog: The Interior

Busy... Here's a photo blog.
The interior of my new abode.

I love the wallpapers.

Thomas Train wallpaper for Ziv.

We hand-carry the train bed to new abode.

Some photos meant to be arty-farty...

Today is not a smooth day for furniture delivery.
First, the outdoor umbrella came in wrong colour. Stupid Natural Living amended the color code on our invoice without notifying us. What a way to do business! Next, the dining table came bigger in size! What's wrong with people these days? So, the dining chairs are left alone without a table.
Another furniture was too big for my living room, and I have to transfer it up to the terrace. And it is WHITE!

Forgot to take pictures of the furniture on top. More to come.
Looking forward to Friday.

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