Monday, June 14, 2010

13 June 2010 - My Beloved's Birthday

My beloved is 31 years old this year. And this year, there are many 'first-time' for his birthday.

1. Ziv wished him 'happy birthday' in complete sentence and ended with a kiss.
2. We celebrated his brithday at the roof terrace of our new house.
3. I gave such a big ANG BAO for his birthday. ($5000)
4. We canceled the dinner reservation. All because of WORLD CUP. For that, I was very guilty.

Initially we planned for a dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, alas, Ziv and I over-slept when we took our naps and Kevin saw both of us snoring, he decided not to wake us up. That made me even more guilty. Luckily we had buffet dinner at Raffles Hotel, Billards and Bar last week, else, I cannot forgive myself.

Nevertheless, I suggested paying a visit to Villa Di Parma for dinner. This was a re-visit for me, but the first visit for Kevin. What I love about Villa Di Parma? First of all, the restaurant is unknown to many ( - for selfish reason, I decided to keep mum about this place for the longest time. Second, it is tucked at the end of Serangoon Gardens, and that means it is very quiet and the food was beyond expectation.

The bolognese pasta is the best pasta I ever tasted so far. And the smoked salmon pizza set you asking for more and more. No pictures for the food.

Here's some pictures taken during our closed-door open roof celebration. Haha.

The little one thought it was his birthday, he even sang birthday song for himself.

A nice picture taken with Daddy.

Not forgetting the cake.

While I was composing this entry, Japan scored a GOAL!! Yeah. I support ASIA teams!!

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