Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks to Carlton Trading

I want to thank Kevin's Carlton Trading for the fabulous blinds. And best of all, they are complimentary! I love them just as much as I love the wallcoverings.

When it comes to blinds or rather window furnishing, always trust the professional and I NEVER compromise for any thing that are ready-made. Ready-made blinds or curtains makes your house look like they are rented out. I hate IKEA blinds and curtains in particular, they just look disgustingly shoddy and mediocre. Imagine, having a million dollar house, and the windows are decorated in IKEA blinds or curtains. What a shame! Or imagine this, having top-of-the-line interior design company do up your house, and you install a ready-made curtains on your windows. Speechless...

With the right blinds or curtains, the rooms lit up instantly and it looked that it cost as much as the house. In fact, blinds or curtains these days play multiple roles, apart from providing privacy and to block off sunlight, it is now made to blend in to the interior design of the house and becomes part of the design, especially those Disney characters blinds, and customizable blinds with your own pictures.

I never have to worry about the colors of the blinds or what type of blinds to use etc, because, Kevin IS the professional.

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