Saturday, June 19, 2010

BMW X1 Launch Party

I was privileged to get invited to the BMW X1 Launch Party.

Date: 18 June 2010
Venue: Sentosa Wave House
Time: 7pm

We were transported from the beach car park to the Wave House by a buggy with only the two of us and the driver.

"Chichi", "swanky", "exclusive", "lush" somewhat sums up the event. Ladies graced the event in natty numbers and, of course, there were some who were like me, adhered to the dress code, i.e. Beach chic. Apart from having lots of eye-candy in this event, the food was notably impressive. Before attending the event, I was specifically told by C to look out for Peking duck pizza, however, it was nowhere to be found. I was a tad disappointed. However, the tiramisu and all other desserts were great. I had 3 cups of tiramisu and 3 macaroons and uncountable mango pudding! Burrpppp....

The event served alcoholic drinks from 7 to 11pm and it is quite a shame that I am allergic to alcohol!

All pictures were taken by my iPhone. We decided to leave our DSLR in the car during the last minute. The camera could potentially be a hindrance in events like that due to its size.

What I like about Wave House? You get to see guys with hot bods performing wake boarding right in front of you, without having to strain your eyes or use binoculars. Look at the man-made wave in the picture below.

The Wave House was actually part of a beach, just that it was separated, or rather fenced up.

Not forgetting to take a few shots of the car. The motive of this event was to celebrate the launch of the new BMW SUV. When the car was driven out by a male model, everyone crowded around the car to snap pictures.

There were three cars on the showcase. One of them was white, and we were glad that we made a right choice in picking white than other colours.

Yeah, we are finally getting our car early next week. By then, we will be the proud first 10 or 20 car owners who will be cruising the Singapore road with the brand new X1.

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Blogger Emily said...

no pic of hot model?

11:30 PM  
Blogger Cel said...

Personal viewing pleasure! Haha

11:42 PM  

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