Wednesday, May 4, 2005

One Billion... WOW!!!

Imagine you are earning one billion… would you want to earn another billion? Some may say yes, some may not. I think money is never enough for people these days, you can be earning two billion now, but I believe your new year resolution next year will be to earn three billion.

I think that all depends on who are you earning the money from. If I am a public sector, and OBVIOUSLY my only objective is to serve the nation, then, earning one billion is definitely TOO MUCH. However, if I am private limited, then it is fine and well to earn one billion and still aim for more next year. Afterall, it is your hard work that leads you to what you have earned today.

Of course, I didn’t mean that the public sector should be losing money; in fact, they should be contented to be earning that much and no one is complaining and shouldn’t aim to squash more money out of the public like us.

Aye… Anyway, I seldom take bus so it doesn’t matters to me.

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