Wednesday, June 24, 2009


You know what? It feels absolutely odd and risible to interview someone at one moment and the next hour, I was being interviewed. I have been searching for a job rather reluctantly ever since the fact that the acquisition reality starts to kick in. Not that I don't enjoy my job, its just the acquisition is driving me up the wall, higher and higher.

Anyway, something good (finally) happened recently. I was asked to take a writing test for this new job as part of the job requirement, and I did well. So now its time to decide, 'to go or not to go' again. I hate to do this.

Anyway, while I was dialing Kevin's number to break the good news to him and opening my mailbox all at the same, I received an invitation from The Hour Glass. Is this a SIGN?

New job? And maybe a new watch too?

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Breakfast has got a whole new different meaning during weekends. Unlike the insipid milk we drank and every-day-the-same bread we stuffed ourselves during weekdays, all of a sudden, it becomes the sine qua non meal of the day. I don’t mind abstaining during the weekdays just for my weekend indulgence.

Friday night often ended up on bed discussing ‘where to go’, ‘what to eat’ with Kevin and pretty soon, Zivy will be able to participate. Our weekend breakfast used to range from the ever so convenient Macs to quick!-snatch-the-free-bread Café Cartel and poor-service Swensen, but these days, we get a little more adventurous in our choices and drove great distance. Travelling time is longer an obstacle to us, ever since Kevin got sick and tired of Macs. I have to admit he is quite an epicure.

Recently, we patronised our long time love, Caffe Beviamo @ Tanglin Mall, our new found love, Jones @ Dempsey Hill (Thanks to Mr Volvo for the great recommendation) and if you think western spread is all we love, well, we also like occasional, Red Star for our dim sum craving fix.

We have been long time customer of Caffe Beviamo since Ziv’s Gymboree days and that we actually ordering food off the menu. So how do we manage a peaceful meal with our active Son? Regale him with chocolate muffins, bread and anything and everything that spell SWEET.

Candid shots are Jones...

Heavy breakfast often leaves me a feeling of satiety and it seemed that the 5-day wait is all worth.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Money & Lizard??

Money can buy you anything, including the lives of living things.

Ok, I have to admit I am a dastard when it comes to lizards. If I see any one of them loitering on our wall at home, they better be dead in the next few minutes or so.

Well, killing these damned lizards used to be free of charge (in some way), cause my ex-maid catches them with her bare hands. She would rush to the damsel in distress whenever she heard a deafening scream in the house.

However, since the day she left us, and the damned lizards, I have been spending a couple hundreds of dollars to hire the new assassin, Mr Kevin to assuage my fear for these odd-looking, slimy and creepy creatures.

Unlike the maid, Kevin is chickened out by the idea of using bare hands, he has got his own equipment, i.e. our almost $4k vacuum cleaner. Just yesterday, while watching Barney on bed with Ziv, something caught my eye. I saw something dash past the wall really fast, instantly I knew it was lizard and nothing else, however, it was so fast that I couldn’t tell the size of it. “He must be here to revenge for his brother!" Kevin said casually. For the record, Kevin killed one yesterday in the same room for a hundred bucks. “Well, revenge is a dish best served cold, so get ready our cold air vacuum cleaner to satisfy the creature!” I ordered.

So out came the vacuum cleaner again and me, on bed, clinging on to Ziv while he continued watching Barney, not wanting to miss any part of it.

Kevin was no fool either, after half an hour of searching the lizard and at the verge of sucking the lizard into the cleaner, he asked for a new price, instead of a hundred, he asked for three. What can I say? “DO THE JOB!” I yelped! I am three hundred dollar poorer and one less lizard at home.

I have a good night sleep at 1am.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Toilet Training

…happening ONLY at wee hours.

Zivy loves to sleep naked or sometimes, semi naked, predominantly; he is fond of sleeping in his skimpy t-shirt and he calls that pyjamas. I have to make this really clear, before it gets too risqué, well, I don’t know where he got the genes from, both Kevin and I dislike, read: D-I-S-L-I-K-E to be wearing nothing for sleep. It is neither sexy nor kinky, I feel insecure having just birthday suite and the cover. Alright, stop delving into whys and more whys and before this post gets an R-rated rating.

Anyhow, all I can say is, Zivy’s liking is causing some serious pother in Kevin. He already had a tremendous hard time in cleaning Coby’s urine spots each time we return from outside, Coby’s way of showing his discontent.

Back to toilet training, we have been trying to toilet train the little rascal in the day, as it is definitely more feasible to do it in the day than night, in the day, once in a while, playfulness has gotten over him that he ‘let it out’ sometimes, the progress has been fantastic but we still do not really ‘trust’ him when he is out and about and especially when the lights are out.
However, yesterday was hilarious.

As usual, we let him sleep without the diaper and in the middle of the night, either one of us will wake up and put it on for him, but yesterday, he woke up and took it off again. And all of a sudden, there was a pat on my shoulder and I heard a weak, “Shh Shh. Shh Shh.” Kevin jumped up of bed and we thought, that’s it, we need to go through the CBS (change bed sheet) Operation again. To our surprised, Ziv didn’t pee on the sheet, but he was merely signally us to bring him to the loo. Catching each other’s glance in the dark, we swiftly carry the (still) closed eyes Zivy out of bed and to the toilet bowl. He let off and we heaved off a sigh of relief as well.

The saga ended, without Ziv knowing what had happened and resulted in two fretting parents smelling and touching the sheet for urine.

Upcoming news, My Mr Stolid is having his 30th birthday this Saturday, and as usual, being stolid about it, I hope that I will not be asked to go back to office for endless mind-numbing meetings and be able to push the boat out and have a really nice meal with him and Zivy.

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