Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Birkin!

The beginning of 2011 is going to be invigorating for me. I will be celebrating life (7 Feb) in Milan and celebrating love (14 Feb) in Paris, the most romantic place on Earth. Despite typing this post with full of zest, the fact is I haven’t plan, I haven’t pack and I haven’t think of what to buy specifically during the trip and the addresses of the stores I have to go. The best thing I acquired before this trip was probably the iPad, however, that was not for the trip, but for my precious baby, Ziv. To keep him company while Kev and I will be away for about 16 days! I am sure he will miss his Mummy!

I was so occupied with work, MS and many other things – I have to plan the workload for my team while I am away, I have to fix interviews with potential candidates in China, I have to clear all my work before I go, I have to load the iPad with games, video and pictures for Ziv, I have to armed myself with BlackBerry for the trip just in case of “surprise attack” from the office (and I still refuse to accept that it takes weeks to request for one)… and the list goes on and on…

I desperately hope to fast-forward this week but another part of me regretted going on this trip because there is so much to do at work that I know I will suffer when I come back!

Well, no point crying over spilled milk, the only way is to enjoy first and think optimistic. So, hello Switzerland, Italy and France! Let me meet another Birkin please!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Behind the Scene of Chinese New Year Collection I

The effort behind each Moda Shoppe's launch is tremendous. From choosing the right apparels, write-up, shooting, picture editing to composing post (of course there are more to these), C and I barely sleep more than 5 hours a day before each launch.

We are often jaded after shooting, however, there are also heaps of tasks to complete...

Here are some behind the scene pictures.

Testing out the studio lighting with C. Half of my body is invisible :P. Both of us happened to wear the same cardigan from MS. Do we look lethargic? C was the photographer for this launch.

Tucking in Vernal Chiffon Top for Winnie.

Accessorize Winne.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MS CNY Collection I

Chinese New Year is coming. And MS is not going to let CNY to be a boring one. As usual, I was already eyeing on quite a number of items from this upcoming launch.

My fave! So CNY. Comes with free belt too!

I heard from someone that there is also an expiry date for a woman's figure. So if you got it, flaunt it. I love this body conture. And blue is so me.

For the first time, MS is launching accessories like bag. This is a multi-function and versatile accessory that everyone should have. Listen here, this is a wallet, wristlet, clutch, sling bag and shoulder bag! I am going to get one for my MIL.

I love this top. And it matches so nicely with my high-waist pant (which the model is wearing!). Haven't decide on the color! Both are so nice.

This is something that will not go wrong! I don't know about some people, but I usually start wearing new clothes during CNY Eve. And wearing something too formal is definitely a bad idea, because most of the time, I will end up playing MJ or Blackjack, so with this piece, I can sit on the floor with ease and not be too concerned about looking good in a formal piece of clothing.

So excited. One more launch coming up after this. Can't wait.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year Post

There wasn't any hogmanay for NYE, but... we have food!
Initially, Kev and I wanted a restful NYE, because we partied too much during Christmas.

And so we decided to leave Ziv with the in-law, have home-cooked dinner, DVD and admire the fireworks from our terrace to end the year.

I am a BIG fan of Swiss Butchery. Kev played the chef.

Anyway, the year didn't end as what we planned, instead, we went to J's place for wine and followed by MJ session till 5am again - right after our dinner and DVD.

2010 was a super great year for me, and I believe 2011 will be even better!

Happy New Year!

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