Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its Feeding Time!!!

130am... 430am... 730am... 1030am...

The timings are not the 3-hour interval for a game of 4-winds mahjong, it is actually Ziv's feeding time. Its 515am now and here I am blogging on my ipaq, at the same time fulfilling one of the many mother duties, that is, to feed my baby. I'm waiting for him to drop me 'hints' to feed him, since I hope to train him to sleep throughout the night. (I know I may be too ambitious...)

Being a mother can really change a lazy, irresponsible, hate-to-clear-shit-cum-crying-babies me into an almost perfect mother. I have accomplished everything from washing soiled nappies to taking care of the household chores. All of a sudden, I don't remember the old 'me'. Sometimes I wondered, "What happened to me?" In the past, nothing can make me stay up this late, except mahjong, now, its Ziv (aka, the youngest terrorist at home).

One slight 'utt' or an 'ahhh' is enough to drag me out of my dreamland, and I thought, I am never a light-sleeper. Blame it on mother instinct.

This week, I'm on graveyard shift. I secretly think and have this unexplainable feeling that this shift assignment between me and Kevin is permanent. Unlike Kevin, he is more fortunate since he has concrete evidence oppss... sorry I mean EXCUSE to claim that he is 'working extremely hard for the family' which I think it is ahemmm.... *cough* bbbbulllllssssshitttt *cough* to avoid the torment. Right now, I have a sudden urge to go back to work, even though working as a get-me-to-nowhere ADMIN.

Sometimes I feel weird sleeping between 2 people who look almost alike (except the length), both sound asleep. I felt that I was bullied by both.

- Ziv likes to make noise when he is actually sleeping, which makes me jump out of bed several times to see him sound asleep after making some noises.

- Kevin (aka, ACT BLUR) chooses to automatically filter out all cries (Ziv's) and SOS pleading (mine) and continue to get enough sleep for 'money and work'.

Lowering myself to check on Ziv, I saw him flashing an innocent smile while sound asleep, which I think could be the smile of content cause he is fortunate to have such a caring mother (don't vomit ok...). This makes me think twice about going back to work. I don't think I can achieve such job satisfaction from a no prospect ADMIN role, but I know for certain, being a mother (with super dark circles under both eyes) can gives me such satisfaction.

Oh btw, here is Ziv's full month chocolate or (whatever cake).

Its cute but ex.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007


Time to reward myself.

I find it impossible to stay at home (during confinement period) for 1 whole month. So I beseeched, pleaded, threatened whatever you can think of, and forced Kevin to bring me to Orchard Road for a few hours, to satisfy my shopping fetish.

Before I delivered Ziv, I bought myself a Pink PSP.

I thought I can play games on my PSP while waiting to pop. So naive of me to think that way. This 'reward' actually benefited Kevin, cause he played PSP for the few days I was in hospital. Even to the point I was about to deliver.

So yesterday was the day, which I really need to buy something for myself. A good reward for myself. So here is my trophy...

A Prada bag!! This bag burned a big hole in my pocket, since it cost $2950, but nothing beats the happiness of getting something which I really like, and furthermore more, I can lug Ziv's stuff when I bring him out. (does it sound like an excuse to buy the bag? anyway who cares?)

Another 'incentive' for giving birth, on 29 Aug, I will be flying to Taiwan for 8 days to rejuvenate, shop and eat. I am usually not an irresponsible Mommy, but since Kevin said that I should really take a break, so I suggested going somewhere near. Cos seriously, I can't leave my Ziv with other people when he is so young. I think I will call back home every now and then to check on Ziv. Seems like Kevin is more relax than I do.

It's the time of the day again, I am going to take a nap. Wonder are all mothers under confinement sleepy all the time? Cos I just woke up at 1130 am and now I am tired already.