Saturday, February 26, 2005

MRT Trains again

I bet MRT trains are the best place to see one’s true colors. Not exactly TRUE COLORS… but perhaps a preview… Today, I take MRT to work. I am slightly late today and hence, the train is not too jam-packed. Just because I don’t know how to push and elbow like an auntie, I am left with no place to sit but to stand in one miserable corner and slowly doze of while standing (yes, standing, imagine how lethargic I am).

The stupid announcement after every stop, “PLEASE MIND THE GAP, DI DI DI DI DI” is damn irritating and how can passengers possibly catch forty winks on the train?! Ok, never mind about the irritating lady (who is making the announcement), after a few stops, one passenger alighted. Obviously the seat is empty. Standing in front of the seat are a row of females, working class females may I add. You know la, female tends to look at each others, then look at the seat, dying to take the seat but scare this scare that… so what happened is this guy standing afar (from another cabin!! *kidding*) dash and take the seat.

Someone should have film down his facial expression; he looks as if he has won the World War II!! He looks so contented that he has managed to grab an empty seat and there is so much kiasu-ness in his face. Little did he know that, he has made a fool out of himself and display the non-gentlemen spirit in front of all the passengers. I looked at him, shake my head and alighted. I guess he knows why I shake my head… I start to wonder, if Singaporean guys are really so ungentlemen? The above mentioned is only one of the few hundreds examples I have seen.


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Handsome and the Ogre

I like to take MRT because I am nosey and like to observe the MRT commuters on board. Today, I’m not really late and so decided to take a short MRT trip to a bus stop near my office and switch to a cab later on. While I’m at Seng Kang MRT station, a couple, both darkly-clad caught my sleepy eyes… [have not been sleeping well for the past few weeks, all thanks to COBY] To my surprise, the guy resembles Won Bin [Korea most good looking actor*drooling*], on the contrary, the girlfriend… erm…. [wonder will I go to hell if I say this]… anyway, her appearance looks apologetic… I don’t want to say it so forthright, read the title and you will know. Standing on the platform, the ogre… opsss… or rather the girlfriend clings tightly to her boyfriend’s waist as if she is a desperate, horny and loathsome koala bear. Is she so dim-witted that she thinks she is going to fall onto the MRT track? This is not the end, the MRT arrived and as usual, the commuters swam towards the train entry as if they have never take MRT for their entire life. They push and shear just to make sure they got a seat in the train, any seat... its ok even if they are seated beside a perspiring and reeking Indian man… anyway, back to the couple, the girlfriend found herself a seat and the boyfriend decided to stand in front of her and chat. Do you know why they both can’t get a seat side by side? Because, I deliberately sit on the 2-seater so they have no way to be seated together… Yes!! [this is the only thing I can do to break them apart] Ok, continue, after a few stops, the ogre seems to be so insecure that she decided to give up her seat to NO ONE and then stand beside her dearest boyfriend to cling onto his waist again. What is wrong with this OGRE? Is she really so insecure that she has to hug her boyfriend every now and then?? Throughout the whole journey, I didn’t even see the boyfriend touching her… I start to wonder are they really together? Sometimes, I wonder how come ugly guys managed to get gorgeous girls and vice versa, don’t they have friends or parents to tell them, “Hey, wake up leh!”
This handsome guy certainly doesn’t deserve such girls; he should have a girlfriend like who? Like me lor! Anyway, I alight from the train telling myself this, “WHAT A WASTE!” *shaking my head vigorously*


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Taxi Drivers from HELL

Where can I get bad-mannered taxi drivers? Right here in Singapore. I guess I might be the best person to answer this question because I took cab everyday from home to office, vice versa and anywhere I go.

If given a choice… I will never take TAXI. This is just 2 examples out of approximately 62 taxi drivers I meet for a month.

Hell Driver 1
Recently my colleagues and I decided to go to Holland Village for lunch. After much waving of our hands, we managed to get a cab and 4 of us hop in. We told the driver where we were heading, straight after we told him the destination, he apologized to us. He said, “I got a call.” [On Call] What the hack!
He stopped the damned taxi when we flagged and now he tells us he has a call?! I was pissed off. Apart from that, he is also obstructing the traffic. There is a long queue of cars waiting for him to shift his damned taxi.
Then I realized his so called “on call” is actually the road in front of us. How can a taxi be so irresponsible?
Imagine we have missed the other on-coming taxis just because of his greediness and hunger for money.
Imagine having this kind of drivers on the road… it will definitely be painful to drive on the road.

Super Hell Driver 2
This one I filed a complaint to the Cab company.
Credit cards companies have actually come up with lots of promotions or discount treats for their card members, taxi fare discount are actually one of them. I got on to a cab feeling great about getting the discount because I travel from work to home everyday, usually taxi fare cost me $13-15. That means I could actually get up to $1.50 off the meter fare. This is a good saving for me if you wanted to calculate it in a long run. However, when I told the drivers about my discount, the drivers’ face changed. It was so OBVIOUS. Their service attitude changed 180degree. A few drivers even made sarcastic remarks to me that:

1. I should not ask for discount if I claiming the fare from company
2. I should not ask for discount if since it is only “a few cents” – as a matter of fact, the meter shows $13.60.
3. Some even told me, it is not worth claiming unless I took cab from the airport. - This is absurd! The credit card newsletter told me I can claim anytime, anywhere.

I don’t understand. If it is only “a few cents”, instead of giving me the discount that I am ENTITLED for, they made such sarcastic remarks to make me feel as if I am a stingy housewife bargaining in the wet market.

What has happened to the friendly, responsible taxi drivers in Singapore that we used to have? Is the bad economy that makes them penny-pinching the wrong way? However, I still believe there are still polite and reliable taxi drivers out there… as I have met quite a few handful of them. I can’t imagine if it is acutally tourists that hired the cabs I mentioned above, how will they think of Singapore?


Late again…

As usually, I am perpetually late. I just refused to get out of bed today (not just today), at one time I thought I was having “fever or flu”... I told Kevin that I am burning up, but he said, “Please get up to work!”
Ok fine, so what if I am deceiving myself, I can just ring my colleagues up and tell them that I am ill and get a MC from any doctors, it will pass! After so much “planning”, I still drag myself up at 8am. I assure myself this, “Save the MC for another better day… perhaps a day of shopping with friends.”
Guess what? The official working hours for my company is 830am to 630pm. Opps… I am already LATE.

I finally reached the office at 9.15am… I guess I am really fast, it must be all the “training”… I have been through all these years. Imagine from Seng Kang to Bukit Timah…

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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Yippee!! Weekend is coming. My high-spirit is definitely not dampen down by the heavy rain and gloomy skies outside office. In fact, I am counting down to 6.00pm when I will officially walk out of the office light-footedly to enjoy my night after a week of “torture” in the office. I have already planned my weekend a few days in advance and certainly that it is going to be fascinating (if you consider shopping is fascinating). Well, if not, at least it is undeniably going to be better than working…

I am going home to play xbox, The Sims. I have been searching in every nook and cranny for this game for the past 2 weeks. Finally got it in Yahoo auction! Sometimes I think that auction websites are really very beneficial to us. Personally I have got several items from the auctions and they are rare items ok!

Opps… five minutes to 6pm… I should be in the lavatory to touch up my makeup. Weekend, here I come!!


Waking up...

Waking up in the morning is a mission-almost-impossible task for me. I am so lethargic… all because of COBY, my 6-mth old silky terrier. Coby will always wake up earlier than me or rather us. Yesterday at around 5.30am, Coby puked and I have no idea what had happened to him. I’m relieved that he is hale and hearty running around in the house in the morning. I will post the picture of my naughty baby soon…


Friday, February 18, 2005

My Job

I am sick of working... perhaps it has nothing to do with the job, it’s me. I’ll always get sick of a job eventually… a year maybe… this time it is faster than I anticipated… 9 months. I drag myself to work every day and now, I am so free to start a blog of my own. Maybe I should count myself fluky for landing onto such a job with a slightly higher pay and considerably free. I am counting to another 3 months where I will not have any constrained. *yawn*

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My First Blog

After reading some interesting blogs online, I am tempted to start one myself. Wonder will someone ever read my blog… or will I stop writing after a few days…