Saturday, December 10, 2005

All I want for Christmas is...

Its Sat today, and here I am in the office working and feeling on the rack . I simply hate working. If not for money, I will quit. Let me digress to something interesting... What is your Christmas wish?

My wish list for Christmas (not in order of preference :))

  • Balenciagas Bag. It’s the “IN-est”, “MUST-HAVE” bag on Earth right now. Dump the “middle-aged looking” Birkins. I just want a Balenciaga bag. Any color will do… serious.

  • Motorola Razer in hot PINK. I got it in black cause I thought the local telecommunication shops are not going to carry the PINK one. Now I dislike my Black Razor.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany DVD. I combed all CDs shops in Singapore, but still, I can’t find it. I admire Audrey Hepburn; she’s the queen in my heart.
  • Any designer Lifestorey Sofa. My poor and NEW (less than a year!) XZQT designer sofa is now ruined all because of my dear Coby.

  • Tiffany diamond ring. I always imagine how it is like to pull the white ribbon off the little blue box… it must be exhilarating…

  • I also hope for forever long lashes, grow a few inches taller, 365 days of good hair day, 365 days of pimples free days, slim body and still able to eat like a pig, a wardrobe full of designer apparels, nails arts everyday and some other fantasies.

Alrite, you may notice that the list consists mainly of luxurious items… and you may think I downright materialistic and avaricious but hey, its Christmas!! They are WISHES and I believe we all have wishes that may be beyond our reach, at least I never say I want Ferrari. However, if God really grant me a wish that will certainly come true, I might have to write off all wishes above and to only hope for happiness for myself, my family, friends and Coby.

I may want another wish, that is, I hope Coby will never die.

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Banks and loans

If you are a credit card holder, you probably receive calls (average 1 mth once) from the customer service officers (or whatever you want to call them) to tell you they are offering an exclusive offer to you, whereby they are offering LOAN to you at a low interest rate. I paused for a while and I was like, “WOW, so exclusive. A loan!” Normally when I receive such calls, I will decline politely and can’t help but to feel extremely put off by them. I was thinking, “Do you think I am so desperate that I need a loan?!” Imagine, an anonymous loan shark call you one day, asking, “Oei, ai jio luii mai?” (Want to borrow money?, in hokkien) It’s so weird. Do you see any differences among the two? You decide. Having said that, what have this world becoming into? I remembered reading one article from the national daily that “Debt” is no longer the BAD word, as everyone is in debt, be it housing loan, bank loans or even credit card loans like installments. Maybe I am still living in the Flintstone era because I am seriously perturbed of the word “Debt” despite it being widely accepted. Here comes my question, is it ethical of banks to call customers up and offer them a loan (at low interest rate)? Is this a temptation? Are people today able to resist the offer?

I wonder what will happen if everyone adopts this mentality: I just spend my money, and if I overspent, I can go to any local bank and ask for a loan. So easy! Like ATM. (That’s what XXX bank told me, “Like ATM! So easy!”)

The rise of the bankruptcy petitions is significant and menacing, to me. In fact, from the newspaper we can see that the figures have increased progressively throughout the years. I wonder what will happen a few years later with all these exclusive loan offers. Are youngsters these days able to curb their spending tendency and stay away from the enticing loan offers? I don’t quite think so.

Who is culprit for the increasing number of bankruptcy cases? The bank? The loan shark? People like us? The credit cards? Its hard to tell. All I can say is, there’s room for more research.

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Some Developers....are for torture

Tester is a job not well liked by people, I guess. Especially developers, if you happened to be one, read and LEARN this:

  • Developers’ favorite line: Screen/Layout looks better in this way.
    My argument: Fuck you. Don’t talk like as if you are somewhat a designer, remember, you are just a boring human who knows (Giving you the benefit of doubt, I assume you know) how to code. Quit being a complete ass hole, by saying this, I don’t care whether it is friendly to you or to your mother, point is, it is not what the client wants, so stop your mindless rambling and do your work.
  • Developers’ favorite line: We don’t have time to attend to these defects!
    My argument: Fuck you one more time. Date lines are meant for you to follow/meet, not for you to drink coffee, or enjoy your curry. You cannot finish your project is your father’s and mother’s problem because they have a child who doesn’t know how to read the dates and they should be disgraced.
  • Developers’ favorite line: Its not our fault, its “Tester A”, “Developer B”, “Manager C” fault.
    My argument: Shit you, everything happened “in your territory” is not your fault but every other ppl’s fault. Are you stupid or what? Don’t try to drag people down when you are at fault. If you believe in God, rest assured he will punish you for telling lie.
  • Developers’ favorite line: I don’t think this is a defect. It is not. Close it. Remove it.
    My argument: Excuse me, I am a tester and I don’t need a developer to help me differentiate what is a defect, what is not. If you think you know more, quit your developer job and join me in the testing. I m sure you wont like it. Something which is so obvious to be a defect can be said blatantly as “Not a defect”. Who teach you how to lie with your big bulging eyes? Your father or mother? Quick tell me. BTW, if you are so free to think of excuses not to solve defect, why not spend more time looking at your codes, it is more worthwhile… I can assure you. As I wont remove the defect from the list just because of you, a useless you.
  • Developers’ favorite line: You so free to test, come help us with our defect la.
    My argument: Are you giving me part of your miserable stipend? Even if you are, I won't be a fool to help you. And what makes you think that worth of my help? Let's just put it this way, I prefer to raise defect till you get overload. And cry. (you favorite tool is to CRY, remember??)
  • Developers’ favorite line: You don’t know what we are doing. You have a lot to do.
    My argument: Crazy or what? You have a lot to do that is your problem and most importantly, you get PAID for doing it. Do make it sound as if you volunteer for the job. Even if you volunteer, no one will want you to get involved… cos you are awful.

I believe the great developers out there have more excuse than the 7 listed here. Unfortunately, I can’t outsmart them in coming up excuses. They are simply professional in creating excuse to shield themselves from all troubles. Sorry if you meet me, I will make your life miserable and you wish you were never born!

Do you know why despite being so dejected in this job; you still stay with the company? You know, you know very well that you are an abnormal individual who refused to get out of your own world. You fancy living in a stinky world of your own and you must have know you are a REJECT in the society due to your weird-ness (sad, in terms of mindset and outlook, you seriously look weird). Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see a human or a devil’s grandma in disguise? I deem the latter. I send my condolences to you, knowing that you are an abnormal person and no one can help you. What to do? Continue to be an individual whom everyone loathe and detest, which I believe that is how you survive since young. Don't die so early ok, cos weirdo like you are facing a crisis of endanger.

PS I love you.

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