Monday, October 27, 2008

Public Holiday means Fun Day

Hello, its me, Ziv the feature writer for this blog. Mummy claimed that she is busy and so I will blog on behalf of her. Pardon me for my spelling mistake, cause I am only 15 mths 2 wks.

Today, Mummy and Daddy brought me to the Botanical Park - Children's Park Jacob Ballas. If I am not wrong, the park was named after a type of orchid. Apart from Mummy, Daddy, the usual 'suspects' are here too, aka, Aunty Emily, Uncle Dylan and didi Jayden.

Anyway, Mummy woke up at 830am this morning to prepare sandwiches. I asked her, why she did not ask aunty to do it, she told me, she preferred to do it herself, aunty is quite 'dirty'.

She made ham and cheese sandwiches, low fat tuna mayo sandwiches and boiled egg for me.
We were all confused about the carparks and ended up reaching fashionably late... and Mummy framed me by letting me wear long pants in this unbearably hot weather. She explained that she feared that there will be mosquitoes.

Sorry, no pictures taken during our picnic, cause all the hungry adults started eating as soon as the mat was laid. I don't understand adults, they seemed so hungry. They didn't even bother to check if it was pigeon "xu xu" (urine) that wet the mat, they just continue eating. Eating seems everything to them. :- For me, what matters most will be... BUBBLES. And stupid Mummy, spilt the whole bottle of bubbles and soaked her bag. So see, no BUBBLES, no FUN. What I could do is to look at other people playing bubbles from afar...

Anyway, it is already a fact that BUBBLE will never exist in today's outing, so I decided to walk along the lake and ponder why Mummy is so careless.

After a good half an hour of eating (non-stop) for the adults, finally we set off to the park. That was the time when both Jayden and I were waiting for. Can you believe it? The adults even wanted to eat the eclairs & durian rolls! Luckily they didn't and decided to save it for much later.
Yeah! The journey begins...

The park was relatively small. Nothing really interest me, except the mist station. Wooo... what a nice way to escape from the scorching sun...

Oh, being a affectionate boy, I love all sorts of soft toys and today I met 3 new friends. I gave each of them a hug and a kiss.

The day ended having us all warm and sweat drenched through our skin. I don't know what time we left, but Mummy was asking Daddy to drive her to the nearest MAC for some coke. I went home, played for 1 hour and fell into a slumber. I woke up 3 hours later.
After porridge, Mummy and Daddy brought me to Terminal 3. Sian... the same place again. I have been there 3 times! They are so boring. We had dinner at the Swensen and then hang around the airport. Running and playing hide and seek.

After that, we went to Ah Ma and Ah Gong's house. Sat there for 1 hour and went home.
Here's a picture of my best friend, Coby. He likes to burst my bubbles.

Mummy attempted to take a picture of me and Coby (seated close together). She failed... badly. I hope she did not see my mouth, cause I just stole a sip from her glass of watermelon juice.

I have a fun-filled event today. How I wish every day is a holiday so Mummy and Daddy can bring me out frequently so that I can also eat french fries everyday.
Yawn... I am so tired now. Zzzzz...
Good night.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

From walking to...

My little rascal mastered walking about 13.5mth ago. And now, he is an un-certified 'stunt man'.
Check out the bruises on his forehead, chin and lips... it comes in a package.

His collection of toys is growing day by day...

Hogging Coby's ball...

Posing in front of the camera, but often smile too late, after the flashlight.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Take a break, have a good sleep

Since last week I have been working like an unrelenting workaholic, no lunch, no dinner, no Ziv, no Kevin, no shopping thus, no life. All I have are piles and piles of documents to vet and approve.

This was due to a commissioning that was tied to a hefty payment milestone and we are talking about 7mil.

For the past few days, I only had 1.5 meals each day and they were all fast food like pizzas and MACs. And when I am hungry, I simply eat uncontrollably, 3 pizzas and 3 drumlets within 10 minutes and the list goes on. I drove like an obsolete F1 driver between home-office-client office-office no. 2-home.

At some days, I dragged myself home to find 2 pigs sleeping on the bed soundly which made me even guiltier of not spending enough time with them. And for about 3 days, Ziv slept and woke up without seeing Mummy and friends sent sms-es with no reply at all.

The tremendous stress comes from working from 830am till 4am in the morning and returning to work at 10am the next day and checking out the faces of our clients to see if our work is up to the mark.

What is left behind from all the hard work? I earned plaudits for my work from my boss and I am relieved that the client accepted our work and signed the acceptance.

Today my appreciative boss gives me a day off, and I totally transform into a privileged slugabed. Waiting for lunch to be served by Kevin.

Was glad that it was over, the next one will be on March next year, but in the meantime, other projects are waiting for my return... I don't want to even think about it.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our First Night Race

Kevin and I went to the race pretty early, around 4pm to catch some other racing highlights from Porsche, Aston Martin etc…

With the walkabout passes, we sauntered through the race circuits and around the Singapore Flyer. Went for some brief shopping at the nearby malls and bought some F1 merchandise. A baby Ferrari tshirt was priced at 90bucks. How audacious! Well, still, we bought a Maclaren Mercedes jersey for Ziv and a Ferrari tshirt for myself. Nothing for Kevin cause he is too picky, just like a woman.

A standing map...

I took the opportunity to stop around and take pictures. Usually we'll just walk past these places ignoring the city views.

Standing at the grand stand before the race...

Fast cars...

Though I have not been to any of the Grand Prix, but I can certainly feel the exhilaration and ecstasy of witnessing the historical event. The experience to watch a LIVE match is so much different from watching from home (which I did on Friday). Most of the time I was walking around the house doing my own stuff, briefly glanced at the TV and showed no particular interest. While standing tall, raising my heels (which I have to, else I will get blocked by those standing in front of me) by the side of the circuit, get brushed by clammy fellow spectators (and were forgiven, can you believe it?), yelling at the appearance of my Nico Rosberg (his vehicle) which invited stares from ignorant spectators (which I deemed they must be oblivious about my idol cause all they know are Massa, Hamiliton, Alanso and that’s ALL) and the deafening roar of engines are definitely PRICELESS, AWESOME!

I was on cloud nine when I learnt that Nico Rosberg, Williams Toyota was in the second place, cause I never expect him to win any trophy, given his pass records, nevertheless, it was a bitter day for the Ferraris, I would say.

Antique cars exhibition...

An accident happened right in front of me. A Taiwanese Porsche driver. I heard people yelling, "Yes Yes...". Kevin told me these people who came to the race expected to see some accidents. The guys were helping the driver to shift his car straight so that he could exit.

Entertainment before the race, during the practise sessions...

Awaiting for the race...

I couldn't take much pictures of the race cause the cars were too fast!! But one thing I am very sure. I will definitely buy tickets to F1 next year!

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