Friday, March 23, 2012

저는 관광객입니다!

저는 지금 싱가포르 국제 공항에.
우리는 런던하고 파리에 가고 있어.
저는 좀 흥분합니다. ♡♡♡

안녕히가세요~~ (-_^)

Sunday, March 18, 2012


가족가 최근에 USS에 갔어요. 아들이 기쁘하고 흥분했어요. 우리는 오전에 갔어요. 날씨가 너무 좋았어요. 그곳에 많은 사람이 아니었다.

나는 많은 사진 찍었습니다. 아들하고 친구가 행복했요. 그들은 Kung Fu Panda 하고 Puss in Boots 봤어요. 그들은 사진이 웃었다.

아이를 배고 었다. 우리는 패스트 푸드가 점심했다.

아들은 Transformer 물병 아주 좋아해요. 남편은 샀어요. 그것은 비싸었다!!

저녁을 퍼레과 불꽃이 있었다. 우리는 오후 9시에 집에서 갔어요. 저는 피곤한었다.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

드라마 -- 49일

나는 최근에 저녁이 시간 있어요 그래서 한국 드라마를 봐요. 49일 드라마 아주 좋아해요! 스케줄러의 사랑 이야기 아주 특별한하고 슬프어요. 내가 여러 번 울었어요. 사운드 트랙이 노래 "눈물이 난다" 당기 네요 ( ; _ ; )/~~~

Saturday, March 10, 2012

주말 재미있어요

오늘이 아침 아들은 아주 행복하세요. 친구와 우리 USS에 가는 것이에요.

10 시간 동안 USS에서. 지금 아주 피곤 해요. 잘자요!

이것이 아들은 사진이 웃어요.

Weekend fun.

Today the son is very happy. My friends and I went to USS.

We were there for ten hours. Right now, I am very tired. Good night!

This is a picture of the son smiling.

Monday, March 5, 2012

You just know it...

Something happened earlier in the day that inspired me to blog about this, at 2.10am. There are some things or rather many things that are beyond your manipulation. Just like you know, the little one has all grown up. One day, he'll leave the nest to fly into a wider sky.

You know that your baby has grown up when he...
- demands you to leave the toilet and close the door when he is using it.
- frowns when he hears you (still) call him "baby".
- cleans himself up after his "big business".
- helps out with the housework.
- tells lies to cover up his shopping addicts.
- sleeps on his own, in his own bed.
- he doesn't miss you as much as you miss him.
- watches Transformer 1 & 2 alone on his iPad.
- tells you that Thomas The Train stories are for babies.
- has appointment with other family members during weekend that you are unaware of.
- manages to wake up earlier than you on everyday!
- says the most unbelievable words to cheer you up when you are down.
- feed himself, and insists that he needs no help.

I do, I do miss the period whereby he was just a crawling helpless baby. I do miss that picture perfect toothless smile that was captured in my mind. But, I also do look forward to the day whereby he holds my hand when I was too feeble the cross the road alone.

Humans like to contradict themselves.
And I am no exception. I am learning to accept that one day, Z does not need me any more, or find me bothersome when I poke my nose into his affairs.

How I wish time get frozen at this moment, where I can still retain my youth and my son still needs me.

💓 아들이, 사랑합니다. 영원히. 💓