Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children's Day and "Prank" Calls

I haven't celebrate Children's Day for the past 15 years or so. First, I am not applicable to celebrate the day and second, Ziv does not know about Children's Day until he attended the playgroup.

To me, the day is just like a normal day and I don't know why is it being called a Children's Day when the children's mummies and daddies are all working.

Without their parents, will the children be merry? It makes so much sense if the day is going to be a parents' day as well, so we can all celebrate together.

Anyway, the teachers at SFX are very sweet. Ziv received many presents from the teachers and principal. And they did a photo collage for all the kids. Nice!

In another news, Ziv managed to memorize our mobile numbers and he makes it a point to call us every evening. How sweet. However, I have to warn fellow parents about having kids memorizing mobile phone numbers. The thing is, kids usually call at the wrong place, time, once I received a call from Ziv in the afternoon and I have to talk in business-like voice because I am in the midst of a meeting. Its hard to ignore calls from him, because if I ever missed his calls, he would nag at me for not answering them and followed by lots of "WHY?"

Some random photos of him exploring my iPhone.


Monday, October 25, 2010

He wants to go Disneyland!

“I can see, I cannot go…” was what he lamented in front of a tour agent, as he held the Hong Kong Disneyland flyer in his tiny hand.

Kevin and I blushed. We were guilty. We visited the tour agencies for our Europe trip for Chinese New Year next year, we remembered nothing about the Disneyland promise which we made to the boy months ago. In fact, we didn’t really forget it, just that, we don’t see the need since he went to the Tokyo one briefly and he could not remember a thing, except for the exorbitant Tokyo Disneyland toy train which he refused to let go at the Disneyland store.

And yes, we heard him.

Kevin diligently went online and book us tickets to Disneyland next week! And he is heading to Disneyland with us despite of his busy schedule due to the festive season.
We are going to stay in the 5 –star Disneyland Hotel and I reminded Kevin that we HAVE to stay within Disneyland and NOT WANDER OUT of Disneyland to avoid all shopping temptations.

We have to be firm.

Now the problem is, we had a two-day pass for Disneyland and I wondered what we will be doing for the 3rd day, where we are going to have a whole day to ourselves, doing nothing.

We shall see.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashionista Event - Moda Shoppe Booth!

Pen this down in your calendar… We have a booth!

Event: Fashionista Event

Date: 30 October 2010, Saturday

Time: 11am – 8pm (Closes exactly at 8pm. Come latest at 7.00pm.)

Venue: Home Club @ Clarke Quay

Address: Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06 The Riverwalk

Take the opportunity to come and feel our clothes, meet us and talk to us! We would love to meet you! Aside from previous launch items, you will also find items exclusively launched at the booth only. So, don’t miss our beautiful collections.
We have also prepared gifts and promotions for you! Look out for more information closer to the date!


Monday, October 18, 2010

I am a fervent TVB fan!

I can't believe the number of TVB dramas I have watched since 2000. And not to mention those way before 2000. (I remembered Stephen Chow acting in some early days TVB dramas before 2000.)

In fact, I started on TVB dramas when I was 7-8 years old, thanks to my Mum, who is also an ardent fan of TVB. In fact, the TVB addiction was spread across the entire family clan, no one can be circumvented.

And I think, TVB played an important part in knitting us together as a Family. We circulate DVDs and many often, we have to call different families to 'coordinate' the circulation. There are also times whereby we had to call the 'HQ' to check for availability. During large family gathering, we speak the "TVB language", confab over the dramas we watched yesterday and chuckle over some silly plots (they do have some silly plots once in a while). Because of that, Kevin always says that our family gatherings are always full of laughters and joy.

I still remembered vividly that I succeeded converting a Channel 8 addict into a TVB fan with A Step Into the Past (尋秦記) by Louis Koo. Guess who did I convert?


I managed to convince him for the fact that Channel 8 dramas are mediocre dramas and if one is really look for some kick-ass dramas with 'substance' that should only be TVB and nothing else! And he did, he is a TVB fan since 2001. From then on, he never tune in to Channel 8.

As a fervent TVB fan, I have watched... (I can't imagine I watched this much of dramas over the years!)

(I marked those which I really liked with asterisks.)


When Dreams Come True (夢想成真)
War of the Genders (男親女愛)*
At the Threshold of an Era II (創世紀II天地有情)*
Armed Reaction II (陀槍師姐II)
Return of the Cuckoo (十月初五的月光 (or 澳門街))
The Legendary Four Aces (金裝四大才子)
Street Fighters (廟街•媽•兄弟)
Incurable Traits (醫神華佗)
Crimson Sabre (碧血劍)
Healing Hands II (妙手仁心II)


Reaching Out (美麗人生)
The ICAC Investigators 2000 (廉政追擊)
On the Track or Off (勇往直前)
Armed Reaction III (陀槍師姐III)
Seven Sisters (七姊妹)*
In the Realm of Success (公私戀事多)
Virtues of Harmony (皆大歡喜)
The Awakening Story (婚前昏後)
A Step Into the Past (尋秦記)*
Country Spirit (酒是故鄉醇)


Love is Beautiful (無頭東宮)*
A Herbalist Affair (情牽百子櫃)
Let's Face It (無考不成冤家)
Family Man (絕世好爸)
Legal Entanglement (法網伊人)
A Case of Misadventure (騎呢大狀)
A Trust of a Life Time (情事緝私檔案)*
Burning Flame II (烈火雄心II)
Square Pegs (戇夫成龍)
Golden Faith (流金歲月)*
Take My Word For It (談判專家)*
Love and Again (駁命老公追老婆)


The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (九五至尊)*
Back to Square One (撲水冤家)
Point of No Return (西關大少)
Witness to a Prosecution II(洗冤錄II)*
Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love (十萬噸情緣)
The 'W' Files (衛斯理)*
Survivor's Law (律政新人王)
Not Just a Pretty Face (美麗在望)
Triumph in the Skies (衝上雲霄)
Riches and Stitches (鳳舞香羅)


Dream of Colours (下一站彩虹)
A Handful of Love (一屋兩家三姓人)
Shine On You (青出於藍)
The Vigilante in the Mask (怪俠一枝梅)
Armed Reaction IV (陀槍師姐IV)
Angels of Mission (無名天使3D)*
To Get Unstuck In Time (隔世追兇)*
To Catch the Uncatchable (棟篤神探)*
War and Beauty (金枝慾孽)*
Split Second (爭分奪秒)*
The Last Breakthrough (天涯俠醫)
Shades of Truth (水滸無間道)

The Prince's Shadow (御用閒人)
Scavengers' Paradise (同撈同煲)
Just Love (老婆大人)
The Gâteau Affairs (情迷黑森林)
Fantasy Hotel (開心賓館)
Hidden Treasures (翻新大少 (or 鴨寮街的金蛋))
The Charm Beneath (胭脂水粉)*
The Herbalist's Manual (本草藥王)
My Family (甜孫爺爺)
Love Bond (心花放)
The Academy (學警雄心)
The Gentle Crackdown (秀才遇著兵)
Wars of In-Laws (我的野蠻奶奶)*
Revolving Doors of Vengeance (酒店風雲)*
Into Thin Air (人間蒸發)*
Life Made Simple (阿旺新傳)
When Rules Turn Loose (識法代言人)
Healing Hands III (妙手仁心III)
Always Ready (隨時候命)

Under the Canopy of Love (天幕下的戀人)
The Biter Bitten (人生馬戲團)
When Rules Turn Loose (識法代言人)
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (覆雨翻雲)
A Pillow Case of Mystery (施公奇案)*
Safe Guards (鐵血保鏢)*
Bar Bender (潮爆大狀)
La Femme Desperado (女人唔易做)
Trimming Success (飛短留長父子兵)
Men in Pain (男人之苦)
Maidens' Vow (鳳凰四重奏)*
At Home With Love (樓住有情人)
The Dance of Passion (火舞黃沙)
Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒)*
Love Guaranteed (愛情全保)
Land of Wealth (滙通天下)*
To Grow with Love (肥田囍事)
Dicey Business (賭場風雲)
Face to Fate (布衣神相)
The Price of Greed (千謊百計)*

Welcome to the House (高朋滿座)
Ten Brothers (十兄弟)
A Change of Destiny (天機算)
The Family Link (師奶兵團)
The Green Grass of Home (緣來自有機)
Devil's Disciples (強劍)
Fathers and Sons (爸爸閉翳)
Steps (舞動全城)
Men Don't Cry (奸人堅)*
Word Twisters' Adventures (鐵咀銀牙)*
The Building Blocks of Life (建築有情天)
Dicey Business (賭場風雲)
The Brink of Law (突圍行動)
Life Art (寫意人生)
Heart of Greed (溏心風暴)*
On The First Beat (學警出更)
The Drive of Life (歲月風雲)*
The Ultimate Crime Fighter (通天幹探)*
Survivor's Law II (律政新人王II)

Wars of In-Laws II (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶)*
A Journey Called Life (金石良缘)
The Money-Maker Recipe (師奶股神)
When a Dog Loves a Cat (當狗愛上貓)
Your Class or Mine (尖子攻略)
The Four (少年四大名捕)
When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West (東山飄雨西關晴)
Pages of Treasures Click (入黃金屋)
The Gentle Crackdown II (秀才愛上兵)
The Seventh Day (最美麗的第七天)
D.I.E. (古靈精探)*
Catch Me Now (原來愛上賊)*
Forensic Heroes II (法證先鋒II)*
Love Exchange (疑情別戀)*
Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓)*
Last One Standing (與敵同行)*
The Gem of Life (珠光寶氣)

The Winter Melon Tale (大冬瓜)
Just Love II (老婆大人II)
Sweetness in the Salt (碧血鹽梟)*
You're Hired (絕代商驕)*
Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計)*
A Watchdog's Tale (老友狗狗)
The King of Snooker (桌球天王)
Rosy Business (巾幗梟雄)*
Burning Flame III (烈火雄心III)
D.I.E. Again (古靈精探B)*

In the Eye of the Beholder (秋香怒點唐伯虎)*
The Season of Fate (五味人生)
My Better Half (老公萬歲)
A Fistful of Stances (鐵馬尋橋)*
Fly with Me (飛女正傳)
The Mysteries of Love (談情說案)* - In progress
Can't Buy Me Love (公主嫁到)* - Accquiring DVD
Cupid Stupid (戀愛星求人)

Now, that adds up to about 140 dramas! Apart from sleeping, I guess I also spent a great amount of time watching dramas!

Next up, a list of dramas watched before 2000. And tell me how many have you watched?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ensnared by A Fistful of Stances

Here I am jaded and absolutely hooked on to Kevin Cheng and 'A Fistful of Stances' (鐵馬尋橋) slavishly. So much so that I have to remain awake for the midnight series at SCV, whenever I missed the first telecast at 9pm.

TVB series are known for intrigue plots and this story was put together by the same team who worked on 'Rosy Business' (one of my favorite!). 'A Fistful of Stances' was about Kevin Cheng enacted two roles in this series. He was both the father (i.e. the owner of a martial arts training school) and the son. The first episode was already captivating as the poor family underwent lots of casualties; death of the grandparents, father went missing and the young Kevin Cheng was kidnapped and separated from his family members. Many years later, the young Kevin Cheng who was already an adult reunited with his family. He vowed to revenge for his grandparents and his father. And that is also where the excitement begins.

And that is also when my sleepless nights begin. *Yawn*
I am going to search for that DVD from my aunt to end the misery of waiting for one episode after another. And, Kevin Cheng is soooo charming, I can't believe he is already 41?!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Brunch @ Tanglin Tree (Don't go there unless you have great company!)

Last Sunday, we had brunch at a new spot, (Trashy) Tanglin Tree. It was absolutely bitter to say that apart from the company, nothing else was worthy from Tanglin Tree. That was how much I dislike their food (so-so), their service (puke!), their environment and their blatant extortion of $0.50 just to add a few drips of hollandaise sauce (hello?? just hollandaise sauce ok!).

Service: I am rating it 3/10. Initially I wanted to rate it 2/10, but because another waiter brought us a lighter to light up the birthday candle, so I added a point for that. Otherwise, it was plain disastrous. One of the male waiters was super haughty, he seemed to forgot he was in the service line. Where's the smile? I could not fathom what made him asked if we were with another table when we ordered our food separately, not seated together, not exchanging conversations, nor glances. Maybe he left his 'common sense' at home that day morning. After answering that out-of-nowhere question, we asked for children cutleries and another dim-witted question popped out of his mouth again, "How many?" Now, this question really light up the fire in me. I asked him in return, "How many children are there (pointing to the two kids)? Two right? So two sets right?" Maybe he also left his specs at home this morning. I must cool down.

Subsequent service we received from the waitresses and waiters were not up to scratch given the fact that I dined at so many places that serves brunches. Yes, they MAY BE busy (not exactly when I looked around me), but so do other restaurants like Spruce, Rider's, Epicurious etc, their services is never as lousy as the one I get from Tanglin Tree. We have to specifically asked twice for the children cutleries. And, the same haughty waiter kicked J's baby seat and threw disgusted glance at him and walked past like J was blocking his way. Now what kind of attitude is that? Emily is magnanimous, if that guy have the gut to throw that look at Ziv, I tell you, that day will be his most unforgettable day (in his life!).

Enough said about the services. I am going to drop it to 2/10 again, if I have to recall more.

Food: I am rating it 6/10. First, food was not served HOT. Now, that reminds me of the hot scones from Rider's, how heavenly! Ok, back to Tanglin Tree, bread was hard like rock, to the extend that we could not even cut it with a normal knife. All of us had to use our hands to tear the bread apart, and that's so unglam. Second, because I deemed that it was highly unjustifiable and down-right absurd and outrangeous to pay $0.50 for hollandaise sauce, I decided to skip it totally even though I wasn't the one paying (Thanks to Yip family!). The food tasted dried, until I poked the poach eggs.

And how do you tell if the food is good? You have to trust the kids, especially Ziv. Having pointed out numerous times that Ziv is quite an epicure, he eats what he deemed as good, not like us adults, we do not mind occasion food that went slightly wrong. From what I observed, Ziv ate the sausage, very little of french toast, he ate it mainly because of maple syrup I guess, and that was it. So if you want to ask Ziv for his rating, he probably rate the birthday cheesecake more than the brunch.

Price: As I mentioned, I did not pay for the brunch, but judging at the price to pay for sauce is enough to piss me off big time. Furthermore, I would say they don't even deserve service charge! Maybe tips for the guy who brought me the lighter.

Environment: Big playground by the side, good for other kids but not for Ziv. He hates sand. He asked Kev, why is there sand in the playground. Maybe the pampered boy is so used to not seeing sand at the playground, think, playground at home.

Companionship: Every cloud has a silver lining. And the silver lining of the day will defeinitely be the wonderful companionship. And I am rating it 10/10. Despite having 3 brunches in a row with Yips, still we have endless topics to talk about. Endless complains to lament about. Endless gossip to yak about. And not forgetting this is a Birthday brunch for Jayden. Well, yes, we should not be reminded the day of celebration by the Trashy Tanglin Tree. Yes, we or rather I should let go. I am going to throw the complaint letter in the recycle bin just for Jayden.

Happy Birthday to Jayden! May you be happy and healthy always!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moda Shoppe Launch Preview

Because we have people tell us they want to have a sneak preview of what we are launching, so now, we decided to have a preview image prior to the launch.

Lots of togas which I really love. I have seen toga tops and dresses all over the display windows of those shops at Ion, Wisma and Taka. They are so hot, hot, hot!

I can't resist wearing this toga piece before the launch! Brillant piece, comes in 2 colors.