Monday, April 20, 2009

My Sassy Office Admin

Oh sorry, wrong title up there. It should be My Stupid Office Admin.
I have 3 admins in my office and one of them was actually a noob joined just about 5days ago.

One of them is my good friend. The other two twits? No comment.
Both of them just do not cut out to be an admin. Why do I say so?

Old hag admin – OHA
Fat ignorant admin – FIA

FIA likes to say ‘jilo’ instead of zero.

Some funny moments in the office… that brightens my gloomy days.
OHA: Can you please enter your password?
FIA: Okay. How come my password doesn’t show? It shows ‘stars’.
OHA: It’s like that one, don’t care.
For goddess sake, SECURITY!
[I figured out the helpdesk reply myself, obviously]
FIA: Hello, I need help.
Helpdesk: Yes, what is your net id?
FIA: , can you repeat after me?
Helpdesk: , what is your contact number?
FIA: , can you repeat after me?
Helpdesk: , how may I address you?
FIA: , can you repeat after me?
What the hell, if I am the helpdesk, I’ll ask her what is her problem. Well, with the risk of repeating her problem after her when she replies.

OHA: Hello Jamie….. (her daughter)
Daughter: Mummy
OHA: How is your day? Have you eaten? You better eat early, cause you will be late for your test if you don’t eat early.
Daughter: [Poor gal probably has no chance to talk because her mother is a yakking machine]
OHA: Are you prepared for the test?
Daughter: Yes, but I am scared.
OHA: Why are you scared? Go and pray to God and tell God to help you, Mummy loves you okaaaayyyyyy. Mummy is so sorry that I cant be with you because Mummy got to work and Mummy is so busy in the office okaaaayyyyy. Be a good gal okaaayyyyy.
Damn it. Whasupp with ‘okaaaayyyy’, damn twit. I hate her ‘okkaaayyyy’. No biased against any religion, but its sad to have to reply on God for school common test.

OHA: [Ask around] What is the number for Pizza Hut?
Me: (Obviously she is asking me cause at 8pm, I am the only one around in the office and she is ordering for the engineers and myself, since she is not calling my name, I just remained silent.)
OHA: Anyone know?
Me: (I think she is really idiotic)
OHA: Celeste, do you know?
Me: (Finally, I have a name) I shook my head, I don’t know. [Said to myself, BLOODY FOOL 2353535]
OHA: Okayyyy I think I will call my son.
[Calling son, son refused to tell her, half an hour later, got it from Internet]
Operator: Yes.
OHA: I want to order pizza. What is the current promotion?
Operator: Currently, our set….
OHA: We are ordering from XXX (Company Name), can you quote us cheaper? Or else I don’t want to order from you next time.
Me: [thinking she is really a nut case]
OHA: Can give more discount? We are from XXX.
Operator: Sorry, all are controlled pricing.
OHA: Ok what time you all will reach office?
Operator: 45mins to 1 hour.
OHA: What?! So long? I want to go home already, if you come late, I will just go.
Me: [damn idiot]
Operator: Sure we will be there 45mins to 1 hour.
OHA: Okaaayyy faster come hor.

Since the day they joined, I started to fathom, there are really damn stupid people in this world. I thought those forwarded emails from friends that illustrated those conversation with helpdesk are dumb enough and properly made-up to jazz office workers up, but I was so wrong. Am really cheesed off!


Monday, April 13, 2009


When ‘V’ means some thing; at the back of the head. Ziv’s latest chichi haircut.

Am having a tough time to convince his Dad to adopt the same hairdo.
“Are you crazy?” he flatly replies.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hospital A & E

It is the last place where I wanna be, in this world.

From early this year, I have been to KK Hospital A & E 4 times and just yesterday I went to TTS A & E.

Out of those dreadful 5 visits, 3 of them happened within these 2 weeks.

The reek of the medicine, the sound of rubber wheels of the trolley bed rubbing against the vinyl floor, the whispers of the nurses, the humming of medical electronic equipment, the wailing ambulance from afar that insinuate ‘emergency’… I want to get out of there.

To make things worse, the sights and sound of patients groaning in pain is almost unbearable and agonizing. I don’t know them. But I feel for them.

Dad was admitted to A & E yesterday 4pm for super high blood pressure and possible of stroke and heart attack. Having heard about this from my aunt, I called up my brother and Kevin. Both of them rushed to the hospital almost immediately, while I went about an hour later, after knowing that his blood pressure had went back normal after admission.

Drove to the A & E, without GPS, and super heavy traffic, I was lost, I wasn’t driving. My mind is driving me away from the road. I didn’t even know how I managed to reach the hospital.
Somehow, I was led there, by who, how, I have no idea.

Registered myself as one of the visitors; I paced through doors and many countless doors, to reach the observation room. The observation room looked like a war hospital. Trolley beds all around, I have to peer at every sick-looking patient to find my Dad, and I thought I was intruding to their privacy. Anyway, Dad was there, the healthiest looking among the lot. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Dad insisted on getting out of bed and go home, but doctor had instructed him to stay under observation for 8 hours, which means he can only leave the place past midnight. I talked to him and he recalled his encounter to me. I was pretty depressed, that I couldn’t be with him when he needed someone close to him to get him to the hospital. Doctor had asked him to stay for further observation for 3 days, but he vehemently disagreed. We let him have his way. Cause as long as he is happy and I bought him pressure tester to make sure he tests it every few hours.

Don’t want to delve into what has actually happened. I am jaded after standing beside the bed, worrying about what will happen. Dad is back at home.

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