Friday, February 22, 2008

Ziv's Studio Shots

Today, I took half day from work to bring Ziv to his first studio photoshoot. Thanks to Emily. Its the most wonderful birthday present which I can share with Kevin and Ziv. Unfortunately, Coby is such a terrorist that I dare not bring him to the studio for fear that he will urine on the photography equipments.

Mummy and Daddy reached the studio at 2pm and we made sure that Ziv had a good nap prior to the photoshoot, so that he could have fun. Indeed, he enjoyed his photoshoot very much. However, towards the end of the photoshoot, the ennui of taking pictures seemed to have make him abit sleepy and grumpy.

Out of 95 pictures taken, I have chosen 14 to show in this blog. Although we were not the star of the shot, we still felt the weariness (just like we took wedding photos).

At the end of the photoshoot, I realised that I am a better CLOWN than Kevin. At least I managed to make Ziv laugh while he was taking photo with Kevin. Unfortunately for me, Ziv did not really smile in pictures with me. :(

It was fast, that we took back the softcopy immediately after the photoshot, and I was told to wait for another month to get the hardcopies. I have ordered about 9-10 photos and they cost us around $160, which cost more than the photoshot. Hehe... Finally, a family photo for us!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

What is LOVE?

To me, love is to give unconditionally, without reservations, without fear.

As expected, Ziv has fever after the vaccine. And as expected, I am the only one in this household, who will forsake my sleeping time to take his temperature for every 1 hour, sometimes every half an hour and prepare medicine for him. Why? I am a MOTHER.

It is 5:15am now, I have no idea why I am still very alert, in fact, and I don’t feel tired at all. I think ‘motherly love’ works like adrenaline that keeps one’s mind active.

Right now, his temperature has gone down to the normal level, i.e 36.7 deg but still, I decided to continue monitoring until 10am when my MIL will pop over to take care of Ziv (usually she will appear 2 hours later than the given time… what to do?). I have no choice but to request Kevin to ‘activate’ MIL cause I am pretty sure Ziv’s fever will subside by morning and it would be easier for the inexperienced MIL to take over while I take a short nap.

I once read an email, it says something like this, “I never know I can love someone so much that the love exceeds everything else’s.” Before I am a mother, I under-estimated the power of love that a mother can give to her children. Now, being one myself, I know the love is boundless.

Love makes me stay awake from nightfall to daybreak just to monitor Ziv’s temperature, changes diapers, prepares medicine, prepares cold water to put on his head and sponges his body…

To understand your parents’ love, you must raise children yourself.

Suddenly the image of my mother came to mind, just like me, she would always stay awake throughout the entire night whenever my brother and I had fever. Only being a mother now, makes me appreciate, how much my mother care for me, and I regretted how I make her worry and angry throughout my juvenile years. I know she will never read this, but I still want to tell her, I Love Her.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

How does Ziv spend his first Vday?

First, let's talk about Kevin and my 'hot' date on the 13th Feb. We went to Clark Quay Hot Stones for dinner and Coffee Club at The Central for some serious desserts indulgence. Every desserts on the menu seemed copacetic and we decided on a super size Muddy Mud Pie and 2 glasses of coffee with vanilla ice cream. It was really mouthwatering. Luckily the desserts were nice, else, the night would have been ruined by the poor service, long waiting time at the Hot Stones.

We choose to leave 14th Feb alone, so that we can include Ziv to celebrate vday with us. Anyway, we just stay at home to play with him.

Ziv is crawling now... it is his favorite past time.

On this vday, Ziv lost his first (wet) kiss to none other than COBY!!
He looks disgusted. hehehe...

Ziv is going for his final jab tomorrow, hopefully he will not have fever after the injection. Else that will means sleepless night.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Before and After CNY

I love Chinese New Year. Since, that is the only time where family members, relatives and friends gather to feast on hearty array of delectable goodies without a tinge of guilt. Kevin always grumbled about being worn out due to home-visits (especially with Ziv around this time), nolens volens, he still chauffeured us (and my family members) around.

This year is a special year for us, because we no longer run a deficit!! We have a new source of 'income' from Ziv. This little rascal creates havoc wherever he goes, even at the restaurant. The waitresses were carrying him around, cooing him. He is like a STAR. All eyes were on him during visiting and I can see that he is slowly enjoying the attention.

Of course, Ziv is still too young to understand what Chinese New Year is, but he has this strange liking to ang bao especially those emblazoned with golden words or pictures. He refuses to let me keep his ang baos and hold them tightly, with the no-one-can-take-it-away-from-me look. I guess to Ziv, Chinese New Year is about new raiment, ang baos, parties, seeing Mummy and Daddy everyday and stay awake till late.

After 5 days of break, comes Monday and also the first day of work after the long break. Even the rational Kevin needs to be drag out of bed to face the ‘cruel’ reality this morning.

Ziv is more fortunate. He just have to lie on our bed, drink his water and see us running around the house, getting ready for work.

Oh, so happened that my birthday falls on the first day of CNY this year. Kevin got me a cake and I blew out the candle with him and Ziv on the eve of CNY. I am a year older but definitely smarter and gaining more experience in taking care of Ziv.

Over the past 5 days, I gobbled up half of the 1kg cake. It’s diet time, I guess.

Happy Birthday to myself and Happy Lunar New Year to all.

Never too late to wish everyone, since CNY lasted for 15days.