Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Understand

It’s been ages, since the last post. Tied down with projects from work and school. Didn’t know it’s so hard to study and work at the same time.


Must write disclaimer first (my new habit): The content of this post will 100% not stir any dissonance among the citizens and trust me that is not my intention to start this post. Content is based on my perception and this blog entry does not specifically support anyone.


I m sick of living in this teeny weeny isle. Nothing is fun, nothing is cool and there’s no freedom. We are like innocent prisoners on a stranded island. Family, friends are the boundary marker to keep us stucked in this isle. However, it’s also (only) family and friends that made this isle heart warming. Note, the word “only”.

I don’t enjoy seeing bloggers getting sued for their wrong-doings or innocent-doings. (which I can’t state my stand cos who knows, I m next??) I am just so sick by the stringent laws. Online diary is supposed to be private and to allow us to express our opinions but somehow, it is not the case anymore.

Extremely disappointed, now, where can we express our views freely and vent our anger on someone or something? In the coffee shop? Then we should also beware of the customer sitting next to you, he’s listening.

The greatest lesson we can learn from the past. . . is that freedom is at the core of every successful nation in the world." --
Frederick Chiluba (second President of Zambia)

------ This blog is meant for myself and my friends, not for some nosey ppl who are reading it and trying to sue me with what i write. Thanks hor.

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