Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!!

Merry Christmas to the readers of this blog.

It's Christmas time and the news is bad. The economy wheezes and coughs. Bonuses roll over and die. But despite the gloom, it is the season for indulgence - and each of us, surely, has luxury that we just won't do without. And now, its time to peel off to indulge in a luxury Christmas lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

However, please be careful with the indulgence. Watch your weight though.

Ho Ho Ho. Enjoy this wonder time of the year!!



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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Siao Christmas

If you need a real belly laugh.

If you need to take break off from your workload.

You need to catch “Another Crazy Christmas”.

It is simply hilarious and entertaining especially when we attended it during mid week, leaving Ziv at home with mum and work in the office.

The lovely songs sang by the talented artistes makes me feel Christmas too.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Santa Coming?

With the financial crisis, major companies folding up, retrenchment woes, frozen salaries, no hope for bonus... I told myself, SANTA IS NOT COMING this year.

Well, I was wrong. He came.

Santa has crept to our house (the Christmas tree), booked our schedules (parties) and brighten up our lives for the month of December.

All of a sudden, the urge to buy presents came back, just that it came a tad too late (usually November for me). Well, I always feel for Christmas especially when I started buying presents and wrapping them up myself. I remembered I started Christmas shopping, as early as Nov, but this year, the mood didn't came until early December. When all the malls start to get squeezy and when the rain starts pouring for days without stopping.

Now, that feels like Christmas. A rainy, wet Christmas like every other year.

And not forgetting the jam-packed Orchard Road. It takes forever to park my car in Taka.
There isn't much of a Christmas mood for work yet, everyone is rushing for deadline, caught up in rat race. In fact we have a few major milestones and testing to be carried out on eve of Christmas. That is how sad for work.

Nevertheless, yes, Christmas is finally coming when one started to attend parties, lined up parties, organize parties etc. This year is no exception. Exciting, no less. On 14 Dec, we had an early christmas dinner with Dylan, Emily and bb Jayden at Kuinshin Bo, followed by a night on the overrated Singapore Flyer. We were all thrilled about the flight cause, we have not been to any of such flyer before and hearing all the raves and hype about the flyer, heighten our expectation, undoubtedly. However, when we went up there, nothing but just breathtaking views. Breathtaking views that can be also seen from a cable car, so why flyer, which in fact is more costly.

Anyway, can't complain much cause they were compliementary tickets from Emily plus, the wonderful company from the family. So what can we ask for?

20 Dec, an unexpected invitation. Kevin was invited by his long term customer whose husband is a pilot with the SIA. At this moment, we were still cracking our brains to think of what to buy for the host.

21 Dec, friends reunion. it is almost like an annual tradition event that the "usual suspects" gather at my abode, pig-out, indulge in glorious food, get juiced up (No way!) and snatch presents from one another.

25 Dec, church service and parties goes on...

More update to come.

Meantime, here's some pics at the flyer.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Many ladies fall head over heels for hot heels or pumps. But not me. Shoes are never on my priority list and even the coveted Manolo Blahniks are never on my wishlist (even if they come for free). I can never comprehend the joy and rapture that some ladies get when buying shoes.

I don’t have pressurized soirees to attend; I don’t have fellow tai-tais to compete about (shoes). But what I think vital about shoes is, they must be lasting.

Some years back, I too, was a shoe-fanatic; I went for the popular and low-priced M-brand. Although their shoes are inexpensive, but wearing them will still make me looked every inch chichi, furthermore, purchasing 4-5pairs at one time cost less than 200bucks. Soon, I learnt “cheap doesn’t mean it is good”.

Soles of the heels just came off cruelly at the wrong time and wrong place. It can be in the middle of the road, it can be at the most inconvenient place to get a replacement (shoes), it can embarrassingly happen in the office. And you have to excuse yourself for lunch for whatever reason you can cook to convince your colleagues that “IT IS NOT THE SHOES”.

And sometimes, I still have to continue to walk in them (of course cursing and swearing in my heart) and yet have to walk with grace, especially in Orchard Road.

So here comes the best part, try bringing those shoes to the cobbler and I bet the repair cost is just as expensive as or cost half the price of the pair of shoes. I have tried asking home-grown cobbler, aka Kevin for help, it was even worse, after a day, the sole came off again. He set me thinking when he asked, “Why are there extra soles for the heels, does that mean they drop off easily?” Sadly, but it is the truth. They just came off without a reason.

I have had enough of such shame and fear of “when-is-my-shoes-going-to-betray-me?” thoughts and decided to invest in some reasonably priced shoes once and for all.

I did a shoe-robe face-life and instill new blood to it. And now, I am a proud and confident Nine-West-ian. First, Nine-West, unlike some other brands that are overpriced and grotesquely ugly, best part is, they last you for pretty long even if you wear it everyday and most importantly, they are incredibly comfortable even the heels can be 3-4inch high. I don’t have the habit of changing shoes variety everyday; therefore, these shoes are just perfect for me. No matter how you wear it, the sole of the heels will never give up on you. Compliments are often earned from these shoes rather than those cheaper ones.

So far, I have 5 pairs of them and still counting to more “new members” joining. I have since then bid goodbyes to the M-brand, the no-brand brands and those shoes which only looked good only when they are on display.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


For the first time, that a terrorist attack that seemed so near.
The death of our first Singaporean who died in a terrorist incursion in Mumbai hotel shook the whole island.

It shook me.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of Hwei Yen.

The plaintive articles on the newspapers which I read everyday made me realized that life is so unpredictable and it is never one’s control and has no say in life as to when that you want to live. In the past, it was illness who took lives away (which I can deem as kismet) and now, the damn terrorists.

Just today, I read an email from the couple who facilitated us during our 3D2N Engage Encounter session, I learnt that Hwei Yen and her husband, Michael were in our team on the 363rd Engage Encounter.

Terrorists are cowards who took lives of unarmed civilians and still feel proud of it and it is pathetic that they are still regarded as heroes in their hometown. What kind of world is this?