Monday, August 30, 2010

Shenzhen/HK Biz Trip

Just got back from the biz cum leisure trip. And I am sick already, I am having splitting headache and body ache. I refused to get on the weighing scale for fear of sleepless nights over the weigh gain. Anyway, if I ever gain weight, I guessed I deserved it. I pork out too much.

Let's start from the first day. I checked-in to Shangri La hotel in the late afternoon. And man, that is one of the posh hotels in Shenzhen. It is capacious, the room has a roomy bathroom that accomodates a bathtub with attached TV, a standing shower room and etc. The room itself has a study table, dressing table, walk-in-wardrobe and living area. I was particularly fascinated with the attached TV in front of the bathtub. It made me spent 20 more minutes on top of my usual bathroom routine.


Dressing table

Study and living area


That's me after 4 hour flight and 2 hour jam at the custom

My first meal of the day after arrival. Fish and Chip from the room service.

Some days when I feel like having breakfast on bed...

So here are some of the food I had in SZ...
I am a big-eater, I ate... the following... for one of the nights...

Deep fried chicken soft bones (I liked it ALOT!)

Buttered Scallops and Mushroom (Ultimate sinful)

Assorted sashimi

Drunken clams

Grilled cow tongues

Grilled Scallop - too busy with pic
Assorted Maki - too busy with eating... no pic
Then on another night, I had steaks...
Sea urchin (uni)

Kev's steak

I had steak with foie gras and we also had escargots baked in cheese mushroom and placed on top of mashed potatoes.
I already felt a tinge of regret for binging, there goes my yoga, there goes my running...
How about something less-sinful?
I shopped alot this time round. Almost end up with a hefty purchase in the airport, lucky I did not go ahead with the purchase.
My luxurious purchase...
Prada dancing shoes

Kev's Prada keychain and he also bought a Prada belt

The most expensive purchase for this trip. Ferragamo wedges. Costing almost SGD1k.

Miu Miu wallet

They are not all!

My other purchase...
Zara and H&M


Tommy, Timberland, Hugo Boss


Apart from the purchase on top, I also bought alot of clothes in some bargain districts, unlike Kev, he only prefers branded. He did not even buy a single tshirt from the bargain districts!
The shopping and pigging out did not stop after we cross the border to HK, it got worst, especially for Kevin.
And at the airport, our flight was delayed and we had 2 meals 2 hours apart because there was nothing we can do except to eat! And since I only bought 2 Disney t-shirt in China, I decided to go for Disneyland stuff for Ziv at the airport.
How much did I spend? I don't even want to think of it.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Inception

The Inception...
is all about getting you to fall in love with Leonardo Dicaprio once again. I suspect. I am not kidding. I realized that I am back in love with him once more (not that I ever left him). Call this a fetish, but I LOVE his voice, just so charming to me. I never miss any Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies, because he is pretty selective in his roles for film and Inception is simply, mind-blowing.

Mind-stimulating, mind-boggling, that’s why I love this movie so much. I knew there must have been like 80% of the Singapore population who already watched this movie and the reviews were already out on the papers for months. But who cares.

In fact, how many times do you storm out of the theatre cursing and bewailing to your poor suffering companion, “What the hell is the movie about?” I have to admit that I don’t understand the story of the movie Matrix and its sequel after sitting through the movie for hours, and likewise for some of the sci-fi movies. Those movies are too damn intricate that only the those who score A1 in English will understand the plot.

I have to try my best not to neglect the director of the movie, of course, he, being the architect of the movie, makes us all comprehend the concept of inception despite its complexity. Yet, we can still follow through the movie knowing what is going on and what is going to happen next. And along the line of inception, I think that is a highly possible procedure that can happen to any one of us, and I don’t think the movie is just a fiction. The human brain is so complex that no scientist can be certain that what they have written on the human brain is comprehensive.

Apart from the eye-candy and the plot, I actually love movies that ended with a big question mark. Very in line with the concept of the movie, the finale of the show makes you wonder if the totem ever stop spinning. For me, I imagined that it will stop, for obvious reason because I adore Dicaprio. As for Kev, he deduced that the totem will not stop because there should be a part 2. However, I heard from my colleague P that he read up on the internet that the totem seemed to stop spinning when the movie credits start to appear on screen. Which ever the case, I choose what I want to believe in, and that is the beauty of such movie. We can leave in our own delusion, unless there is a sequel to the movie.

No matter how much I worship Dicaprio, I do not wish to have a sequel to this movie because the ending is just too perfect for a sequel.
I love this movie.

This is not something we can get from the asian directors, because they just can't deviate much from police and theives themes.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mid Year Vacation Temptation

It is always when you work through mid year and suddenly you feel like taking a long break. My mid year vacation temptation came later because I was pre-occupied with work and Moda Shoppe and had no time to think of vacation.

Don't you remind me about Cameron Highland, that is a piece of SHIT.

The urge to get on a flight and zoom to just some where far away from the diminutive boring showery island came back again recently. Was at Suntec last weekend, and almost book a flight to Turkey. A place which I will never plan to go. Some place that is just so not me.

"I want to go Turkey or Egypt is fine too!" I told Kev. As usual, he shrugged his shoulders and waited for that temptation to go away. He was secretly hoping that my work trip is going to make me miss the NATAS Fair.

I am serious. Dead serious.

Before I get my confirmation on Turkey or Egypt with Kev, I am leaving to HK and Shenzhen next week. HK for leisure and Shenzhen for work. I am glad that I can steal some time off from work @ SZ to HK for some massive, destructive shopping which I am deprived of for the longest time in history.

I want to buy lots of H&M. I don't care if the forever-busy-businessman-Kev is going to join me for the trip, my mission is clear, I want H&M.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Men don't get it!

Men are usually deemed by me as the most insensitive, unmindful, unsympathetic creature on Earth. When you casually asked them, “Do I look fat?” 10 out of 10 men will roll their eyes and with a face full of unexplainable source of pain, they will muttered, “Why do you have to ask such question? (Not again?!)” And 9 out of 10 times when I asked that question, I don’t get to have an answer.

When it comes to shopping, which also translates to the-most-mundane-chore-on-Earth to men, they simply can’t be tactical enough to make you feel that it is alright that you skipped that throat-slashing sale.

Before I slam all the men out there for their lack of creativity, wait.

Recently, I walked out of Zara sale empty handed and in high spirits. Can you believe it? I was elated because I bought nothing.

Here’s why.

I was glancing at the racks of clothes and suddenly, Ziv told me, "Mummy, (pointing to the clothes) too big for you."

I continued to pace around and every clothes that I picked up, he would repeat the same thing, while Kevin was busy shopping for his pants and tops.

We left the shop with a few bags, and none of the bags belongs to me. Still, I was happy. Because the clothes were too big for me.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Aimee Sun Yun Yun

It is atypical of me to idolize a female, since more often than not, it is the looks (of the opposite sex) that appeal to me more than anything else. Which explains why I adore Louis Koo, Hyun Bin, Kevin Cheng, Chace Crawford and some of whom I can’t recall.

Recently, I was watching Taiwan variety show and Aimee Sun was on TV. I have no idea who she is, but I thought she is slender and looks effortlessly pretty. I like people who are slender, despite having 2 children. I googled on Aimee Sun and got to know a lot about her and her background. All I can say is, how I wish I am her.

That’s it, she is my idol.

Aimee Sun is not just a socialite, she is also heiress, media personality, jewelry designer, businesswoman, celebrity endorser, commercial actress and cover girl. She is a co-founder of Breeze Center, a shopping mall located in Taipei.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Brunch at Riders Cafe

Last Sunday, we had brunch at Riders Cafe. It was a long-awaited brunch.
With the intention to bring Ziv to see horses...

After brunch, there should be a birthday party to attend, alas, I wasn't feeling well and so we decided to head home to have a good afternoon nap.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ziv's 3rd Birthday

Photo blog.

Date: 17 Jul 2010

Venue: Our abode

Caterer: Chilli Padi

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