Monday, July 27, 2009

My Hidden Talent

... or rather my hidden passion.

My love for Mahjong is hardly noticeable to many.

I don't have dark circles under my eyes after a 12-hour MJ session.
I don't quiver after a long period of cold turkey (without MJ).
I don't get hyper just because of the shuffling sound of MJ tiles.
I don't unintentionally and incessantly scratch my hands at the sight of MJ tiles.

So, I am confirm that I am not an addict. Sounds like a disclaimer?

However, wait till you see what I have got for the new house, or new job, or new... whatever... excuses, I know.

Anyone interested to try out the new tiles? You know what number to call, doncha?

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Kevin did not have a risible character, whereas I like to jape. These few months have been really stressful, as you know from the previous post, we hardly get to sit down together and chortle at something for the past few months.

And thankfully, we went to watch SingDollar by Dream Academy. It was a ludic musical play that got us laughing non stop. De-stress! Better than spa.

We planned on 2 other more de-stress session with Hossan Leong and Broadway Beng coming October and December respectively.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

23rd July 2009

No news is good news, however on 23rd July 2009, I have two news. And they are good news.

Firstly, I was offered a job (banking industry) and secondly, we sold our flat at 4k above valuation price, it took us about 2-3weeks to get an offer from a buyer and 1 week after we got our valuation report.

Both are good news to me, but I am not entirely happy. Not that I am disgruntled, hoping for more. In fact, I am thankful for every thing that happened and thank God for what has been given to me and my family.

I feel a tinge of sadness amid of the laughter and champagne popping. It’s true. I know I will be missing the house, missing my neighbours, missing my colleagues, missing my boss, missing just about everything and everyone.

So, the house first…

This year’s Christmas is going to be very different. I know it is early to mention about Christmas, but the thought of spending this festive season in an unknown venue other than my abode of about 5 years seemed, ineffable. It is a mixed feeling of both perplexed and forward-looking. To me, the first flat is just like first love. People usually left their first love and gain experiences in relationship as they move on, and first love is always the most unforgettable relationship. And for the case of housing, you know that you have to let it go in order to get the extra moolah for future investment. It is painful, very painful. After putting in so much effort in the renovation, months of design brainstorming, and the fact that it will soon no longer belong to us, makes me feel lugubrious. Well, I know, to get to another level of life, it has to start somewhere, and that was it.

I am not even sure if we managed to get an apartment just in time for us to stay; currently we are looking at nearby location near my in-law or either Novena. There are still lots of uncertainties and confusion at this point. But we are just hoping to get our dream house as soon as possible.

So the snapshots of our lives...

Now, about the job…

Interview has never been so difficult. Resignation has never been so easy. For this new job, I went for 3 face-to-face interviews, 2 tele-conferences from France and 1 test. And after 1.5months of ding-dong, I got the job. The offer? Better than expected, over-offered, gain of 26% annually and coming March will be bonus month. Phew.

Resignation was easy. I sms-ed my boss, R the day before my resignation so that he’ll be the first person to know about it. I venerate R loads, he was more than a mentor, a friend, just like my Grandpa. He knows what is best for me, and he supported me fully. He wasn’t concern about who-is-going-to-do-my-job, he asked me about my new position and if I was really happy. He offered to write me reference letter, he asked everything about my new job. I was touched. In my life, I have always been blessed with best-est boss. And that actually makes all the resignation kinda hard. Despite that this was the easiest throughout my working life it doesn’t mean it is less painful. That was struggle in me and from his sigh, I know R is unwilling to let me go, however, he knows leaving is good for me and has my best interest at his heart.

The road ahead is going to be full of ambivalence. I have been through that umpteenth times (and I really mean UMPTEETH times) as a matter of factly, this is the 7th job on my resume. I should be able to get through it.
BTW, this job may require me to travel to France occasionally, how about some shopping with the new fat stipend?

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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Birthday Post

1 Year Old
Ziv is finally 2. So what are the differences, with him being 1 and 2?

So, some said that a 2-year-old wears his heart on his sleeve — and in his voice, his fists, his stamping feet, and his crocodile tears (as always).

Not very forward-looking and encouraging isn’t it?

How about some teensy weensy consolation?

Well, maybe.

According to the babycentre, a 2-year-old also gives the biggest hugs, flashes the biggest smiles, and yes, throws the loudest, most spectacular tantrums.

It’s true. I got the biggest hug and the wettest kiss from Ziv and it comes packed with the complimentary — vociferous tantrums.

It is never easy being a Mum and Dad. It is a hundred times knotty for the newbie of Earth to adapt to our lifestyles, and to this world. Our responsibilities as parents are to be patient and orientate our precious newbie to enjoy his toddler-hood before he enters the common tests, examinations stressful phase of his life 5 years later. And for us, to enjoy his presence before he reaches his teenage phase 10 years down the road.

So, as I was saying about his birthday party a few posts ago, it happened at the Downtown East chalet with some 30 guests to share the joy.

His parents

His cake (By Daddy)

His friend (the rest took no pictures) His piñata (By Mummy) His mother

His (oversized) birthday suite no. 2

Didn’t took any pictures for BBQ, most of the time hunger override any other things.
My regret? No family picture for the day.

On Ziv’s actual birth date, we brought him to T3 for a simple dinner and had his very much loved ice-cream.

His ice-cream
His self selected birthday gift (yet another birthday gift on the spot)
The rest of the gifts from the well-wishers (Thanks!)

Not much presents for this time round, because they are mainly packed in red packets, you know what I mean.

There was one particular gift. He saw it and ignored the Thomas the Train which he once held so tightly at T3.

Thanks to my boss for the wonderful gift which I have been wanting to get for Ziv but was objected by Kevin.

Oh by the way, new Barney to the existing brood of Barneys. Guess which is the latest arrival?

Ziv's idea to take this picture.
To Ziv

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun, what matters most is that you enjoy the trip which Mummy and you endeavour in the later part of your life.

There will be mundane PSLE, O LEVEL and whatnot, teenage-rebellious, and ‘hard time to choose between Mummy or girlfriend/wife’ on the road trip, be assured that Mummy will be walking with you unwearyingly and always prepare to catch you when you fall. Daddy will be your ATM, just look for him if you need some quick cash.

Love you!

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The season to go

Despite news of unemployment reaching its peak of all times and the thinning of the Recruitment papers on every Saturdays, it doesn’t seem to hinder people from leaving their profession crossing over to greener pastures or even taking a break off work, pursuing their dreams.

I have several farewell dinners to attend this week and expecting more to come.

Maybe we should all live by;
Life is what you make of it. You never know what come next.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going to 2

Evidently, Ziv has grown from a 2.72kg/46cm tiny newborn to a 10.8kg/about 88cm toddler.

And markedly, Ziv has gone from ‘ah ah ah’ to ‘Daddy!’, ‘Cat’, ‘Dog’, “Hot!’ and more.

And exasperatingly, Ziv has gone from ‘watch-anything-you-want-me-to’ to demanding only Hi-5 is allowed on all TV screens at home.

With every of these little noticeable and unnoticeable milestones being achieve everyday, I almost forgot that the little one has grown-up, and a lot. And soon, he is 2.

Next Saturday, we will be holding his BBQ Birthday Party at East Coast or Pasir Ris (I’m not sure which one as of now even though chalet was booked) inviting only family members and relatives. Even though he is too young to be ebullient about it, while Daddy is sure the fervent one, booking venue, sifting food sources and also getting the piñata for the little one. The little one learnt about piñata from Hi-5. I am more finicky on cakes. So, why cake with an ‘s’? I planned to order 2-3 cakes so that I can taste a variety of them and not limiting to just chocolates ones.

Anyway, that’s not the vital thing on the list, this time round it was much easier for me, cause we are not preparing any baby food for baby guests, no goodies bags for kids and no deco for the day cause there is only laughter and more laughter on that day.

I couldn’t care more about the ‘terrible-2’ shibboleth and I know regardless of terrible or horrible or incorrigible-2 or 3 or 21, I will still love him. And it just keeps growing in me.

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