Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some women just give up on themselves

Kevin was driving out of the carpark when we saw a woman; think she is in her early 30s crossing the road. I scrutinized her and exclaimed in awe, “What! It is already 915am and this woman is still dressed in her PJ, messy and oily hair walking around the estate with her kid in the tram Disgusting!”

Kevin gave me a stare as if I have made the meanest remarks (of the day) to this poor and humble mother who seems to have lots of housework waiting for her at home.

Just in case you think I am mean, here’s a brief description of her and her PJ… (Warning: read at your own risk, that is, if you are eating and reading at the same time)

Let’s start with her PJ; Yikes… Original color, I believed it’s BLUE.
Now, yellowish, looks like she had stained the front part of her PJ YESTERDAY during her LUNCH. Holes, there are holes on her PJ.
I know, no one will iron PJ but her PJ is way too wrinkled. As if she has stuffed the poor PJ in one corner and one day realized, ‘oh-i-have-this-PJ-whoo, I gonna wear it everyday… yeah’

Her overall appearance, not to make a mountain out of a molehill (me never exaggerate one duh…), but she really reminds me of some pregnant women who have just came out of the labor room, sweaty, oily and lethargic. At one moment, I thought I can hear her panting, from the car. (No lah, this one I exaggerate one… kekeke…)

So there, I am not that mean to make that comment right?!

I retaliated and asked Kevin, “Can you tolerate, if you see me like this everyday?” There’s a moment of silence and I figured he is trying to come up with a ‘model answer’ (again). Guess what he said, “Maybe her husband doesn’t mind? Maybe to him, looks doesn’t matters?” I beg to differ; I think he is BS-ing. I can imagine this, if I were (still) a responsible husband I will probably turn off by her look and ogle other women but remain faithful, if I were a heartless husband, I will probably find a mistress. *Slapping my mouth now hoping that retribution will not befall on me (which i think will not)*

Fine… fine… shouldn’t encourage husband ‘extra curriculum activities’ here, I shouldn’t slam a humble housewife like that, but women, especially married with kids, should not give themselves up, as if their lives only revolve around housework, husbands and kids. Yes, I understand, some housewives are really busy and not a make-up person, but they should at least look presentable rather than wasted like this. Look at this woman, she is only in her early 30s and still have a long way to go, don’t tell me she really wants to dress like that everyday or every morning/afternoon?

So women/mothers out there, please, you don’t need to have big eyes, sharp nose or even slim figure to look presentable. Just look natural and tidy will be good enough and btw, don’t tell me ‘you-are-what-you-are’ BS.

In fact, I keep warning myself, never to look like that if I become a housewife (with kids), or Ah Ma one day. Never... never... no no no...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Its Over!!

It’s finally over.

Until today, there’s an unexplainable fatigue in me.

I don’t feel like getting back to work.
I don’t feel like doing housework.
I don’t feel like sending my gowns to dry cleaning.
I don’t feel like removing my acrylic nails.
I don’t even feel like playing mahjong. (which is really rare...)

Blame it on the strenuous traditional customary marriage ceremony and the wedding banquet held on the 18th and 20th November respectively.

Before the wedding…

Seriously speaking, I don’t feel a tinge of anticipation and enthusiasm. Even if I am thrilled, bet that’s because I can get a few days leave to take a break, rejuvenate. I don’t know why, definitely not because I am unhappy, not because I have every thing well-planned, not because I have been through it before *tsk tsk…* I just don’t understand myself enough to deduce why the lack of excitement in me for a supposedly ‘special day’.

My tea ceremony on the 18th

I slept very early on the previous night, because I was tired and I woke up at 730am the next day. My mum had to drag me out of bed because the videographer had arrived. The first thing I think of was, ‘Where is Coby?’ Then I realized that I was sleeping over at my parent’s place not my own house. A different feeling. Very different. That was the room which I used to sleep, but somehow, now, it was just a bedroom to me. No special feelings. Since when I become so feeling-less?

Ok, makeup artist came and go… blah blah gate crashing… take pictures… eat… church… eat… eat… eat… the whole ordeal event ended at around 4pm. And I told Kevin that I needed to go home and rest.

Didn’t even bother to take picture on my own camera on that day. Had assigned the important task to my trusted photographer, YK. Here’s a picture taken by my ‘sister’. Trying to pull off a smile, but failed. Anyway, I look awefully pale.

My wedding banquet at Marriott on the 20th

This one is much interesting to me and Kevin. Cause we put quite a bit of effort to make sure that the guests enjoyed the entire night. That included getting a trio band, bought roses for the ladies, special arrangement with banquet manager on the lighting and of course the most important thing of the night… FOOD.

I requested for a less oily dinner… better grade food like scallops, abalones, prawns and nice desserts to complete the dinner. I mean the guests were here for the night (imagine it is a wkday and a blue Monday), it is only right to pamper my guests with scrumptious dinner.

The wedding banquet was interesting because I got to see friends whom we have not seen for a year or so. It was like a mini gathering. I enjoyed myself very much. Although the running up and down to prepare for march-in was a pain and terribly troublesome.

Evidently, I looked more awake and lively during the banquet...

Anyway, we slept quite late that day, not because we were counting our ang baos but we were eating the food which the banquet manager had managed to heat up and serve it to us at our suite.

Somethings special to mention, a nice colleague of mine sent me a wedding present even though I didn't invite him to my banquet. It's heart-warming to receive a gift which you can really feel is full of sincerity and kind regards. I sms-ed him after midnight to express my appreciation. Such a pleasant surprise, I would say.

Another colleague of mine, HL, he too, send me a lovely card filled with heart-warming wishes, words of encouragement and God’s words. It's a pity that he could not attend my wedding.

The next day…

Luckily I was a Marriott club member, so I enjoyed the privilege of late checkout. After a heavy lunch buffet, we selected our wedding cake (black forest cake) and we headed off to the checkout counter. Charlene, our wedding coordinator, came to greet us and send us off to our car.

Stepping out of Marriott, I feel relieved and lighter.
I tell myself, its finally over.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bridal Shower Part 2


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bridal Shower Part 1

It is almost 4am now.

Just came back from ButterFactory located near Mohammad Sultan. Reached home at around 3am and as usual, clubbing gives me an adrenaline rush that makes me very energetic. I can’t seem to catch a wink.

Feeling pretty hungry now, must be the dancing, drinking, and guy-watching.

Lots of things to blog about, let me start off sharing something hilarious.

I suddenly realised that I am not getting any younger and no longer familiar with the party scenes in Singapore. Why? Emily suggested meeting at this so-called HOT nightspot, ButterFactory, so me and the other two gal friends decided to share a cab down to Mohammad Sultan. The cab driver dropped us near Gallery Hotel and told us to find the disco/pub ourselves as we have no idea where the place is and it’s hard for us to give him direction. Guess what? Three over-aged “teens” (or “teens-wannabes”) walked around Robertson Quay for 15minutes and still couldn’t find the freaking pub. Adeline suggested asking some passer-by, but I objected. I don’t want people to look at me as if I am a country pumpkin… hahaha... anyway we managed to reach there and were late for around 20minutes, and three of us were perspiring.

Here’s a picture of us in the pub, trying to ‘cool down’….

Will blog more next week, stay tuned!

Anyway, loyal Coby welcomed me when I reached home. *so touched*
A tired Coby...

Am very very hungry now, hopefully some chocolates will make me fall into a deep slumber.