Monday, July 30, 2007

Ziv Updates...

Ziv is about 1-week old.

I think he has big eye-balls, I can barely see the white portion.

Taking care of baby is definitely not a simple task. Fortunately, I have a confinement lady who can help me for the first month, at the same time, I can learn some baby-caring skills from her. Kevin was saying I should also pick up some cooking skills from her too. Hmph!!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

19th July 2007

I found the love of my life on 19th Jul 2007.

Ziv's birthday. My precious little one.

Picture taken in the hospital. He looks just like Kevin.

On Labour

I have a trumatic labour. On 18th of Jul, I admitted to hospital for induce, I waited 24 hours before my cervx actually dilated. Thereafter followed by a 12 hour labour. I tell myself, there is no way I am going through the same thing another time. What makes things worse is the anesthetist, attempted to administer epidural 6 times. Shit. At that moment in time, Kevin feels like struggling her. Cause the pain is definitely unbearable!


Ziv had juandice and he only returned home today. Which is why I am free to blog today. Everyday is a terrible day to me, seeing my baby in the hospital under UV light. It hurts me deeply, especially when he cries under the light. I didn't really confine myself to home, in fact, I travel to church (pray) and hospital and back to church (thanksgiving) for several nights, sometimes, even 1am, 2am in the morning. Cause Kevin and myself missed him too much.

I keep telling myself, what is a home, when there is no Ziv around? Everyday I live in fear that his juandice level rises. Although some may say that jaundice is common among babies, but the thing is, his level is really high and doctors keep introducing medical jargons like 'blood exchange', 'blood incompatibility'. Those words are enough to drive me crazy and gave me sleepless nights. The blood group of myself and Kevin is B+ and somehow, amazingly, Ziv's bloodgroup is O+. It is considered quite rare that Ziv actually created his own blood group! Think this little rascal wants to be different from his mum and dad. We were so afraid that this is a contributing factor to his jaundice cause there is a possibility.

Anyway, we are so glad that he is back home, but still, we need to bring him to polyclinic for another round of test tomorrow. Aye... another pressurized day tomorrow. Somehow, I know our strong boy will be a healthy boy.

On Weight

My weight plunged rapidly. Could be the stress of not having Ziv at home. I gained 8 kg and I lost around 7kg now. Still looking forward to more weight loss. But I didn't really watch my diet, because, I got no mood to do so, I just eat whatever the confinement lady cooks for me.

My tummy is almost flat now. Even the nurses were amazed and security guard thought I was a visitor and not a mother. I don't know how it happened, but I remembered something which Kevin said immediately after the baby came out. He whispered to me, "Your stomach is flat leh. So Good!" I almost fainted after the delivery, and yet he noticed such thing. Hahaha....

Right now, I just look forward to everyday spend with Ziv, I am learning to be a 'professional' mother. :)

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

“Waiting” is the hardest thing

It's 2am now. Just returned home from a 3-hour prawining session @ Bishan. We had quite a good catch today, managed to catch a few GIANT prawns.

Anyway, back to the topic of waiting...

Have been waiting for the arrival of my baby boy since 7 July 07. Was quite disappointed when my gynae told me I wasn’t ready for birth induction on 3 July. Will be visiting gynae again later today and hopefully, she can give me good news.

To wait for something to happen is so tiring, every thing seems so uncertain. Kevin can’t even make plans for his appointments. He accompanies me at home everyday.

Anyway, instead of staying at home to wait for ‘something’ to happen, we went to Suntec Koshinbo for dinner today. The dinner was not bad, especially the desserts. After that, we went to “Build-a-bear workshop”. Guess what? I made a bear for my baby boy.

I heard of this make-your-own-bear concept long ago from Hong Kong, but did not have the chance to explore.

We have to go through different ‘stages’ to make our own bear, the first station was to choose a bear, followed by filling it up, giving the bear a heart, making a wish and implant heartbeats into the bear (optional). After which, you will bring your bear for a fur bath and then, choose outfits for your bear. I must say that the outfits are quite limited; I have a hard time finding a decent outfit.

This is my bear, I named it Ziv Jr. Actually I wanted to name it Ziv Heng (my boy’s name), but Kevin insisted that baby is baby, bear is bear. Wonder why he is so particular about names. Anyway, here, we've got Ziv Jr.

He looks like an executive… kekeke… I thought the dressing was very Kevin style. The shoes looks like they are from Timberland.

Final stage, is the most meaningful stage, that is certificate generation. See, this is our bear’s certificate. We even indicate that the bear was stuffed by Kevin and Celeste.

The bear was finally packed in a box. Interesting huh…

The bear costs around $60, but I think its quite worth it especially it is our boy's first toy.

Hope to have good news from my gynae tomorrow, cos I simply CAN'T WAIT.

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