Thursday, April 26, 2007


They said, ‘never look back after making an important decision, today, I finally taste the bitterness of regret. I have been thinking about the decision made almost a year ago, but today, I thought I really made the wrong choice.

I should have contentedly stay under the big red umbrella and let it shield me through all the rainy and sunny days, rather than letting avarice to get over me. Now, I am standing under the scorching sun alone, full of regrets.

I wonder should I continue to endure under the blistering sun or should I just enjoy the life of an idler.

'Never look back' they said, but how was I to know I've done wrong?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beep Beep Horn Horn

I finally passed my driving test on 18th Apr! Yayyyyyy!!!

I got 18 demerit points, what a close shave!

Was prepared to fail for this second test because, I have not been attending lesson for nearly 3 months (before this test). And I almost forgot which are the accerlerator and brake pedals.

My first driving experience? A few minutes after I got my temporary driving license (a piece of white paper), I drove to Bishan from SSDC and then back home. CTE, is my first traveled expressway. Phew, the traffic condition was still manageable despite the peak hour.

To celebrate the day, Kevin bought tickets to watch DIM SUM DOLLIES. The long awaited DIM SUM DOLLIES are finally back in action. I remembered watching their first performance at the Esplanade and they were hilarious. The jokes were so funny that until now, both me and Kevin can still laugh over them.

This time I have booked tickets on the 5-Jul. Hopefully this time it will be better then the first time. KY was telling me that I should standby an ambulance outside Esplanade just in case I laugh too hard and the baby comes out, since by 5-Jul, I will be 37 weeks pregnant and normally first time preggy deliver earlier than expected due date. Hmmm…. I hope I don’t deliver in Esplanade.

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