Friday, July 28, 2006


Ok, right, I am double-boiling snake soup again. Composing my blog entry during office hour.

Sometimes I noticed that the people in my office are always busy typing and I wonder how many of them are actually concentrating on their work. So I peeped.

The conclusion? Here’s my list of what people do other than… working… in my office
1. reading and forwarding “junk” emails [as if they are some important emails]
2. internet messaging [make it seems work related, helping company to save telephone charges]
3. composing blog [with a minimized screen]
4. surfing net [with a minimized screen]
5. viewing online photos [with a minimized screen]
6. reading blogs [with a minimized screen]
7. talking, gossiping, joking [in a serious business-like tone]
8. eating, drink coffee, make coffee, cooking or heating up food to “pollute” the entire office [looking feeble as if you really need to eat else you will faint]
9. looking at fishes in the aquarium [but try to make ppl believe that you are thinking about work or at least hope to get some inspiration from fish watching… I hope…]
10. doing personal stuff [anything and normally this involves using the company’s resources, such as printer, photocopying machine, files etc]

Here’s just 10 things that people would normally do and can safely get away with it since much of the snake eating activities involve your laptop or desktop, which makes you look real busy (provided your acting skill is superb) of course there are others more innovative and excellent time-killing ideas such as playing games etc…

I think employers should not impose strict rules on employees to concentrate on their work every minute and second, I mean, everyone needs a break, imagine, having to wake up at such shitty hours (8am?), and work till the sun sets before going home. I can’t imagine leading such life and I already feel like a loser when I am typing this out.

Buddhists think that if one recarnates to a human being, it means that he or she has done plenty of good deeds in his/her previous life, I wonder why? Is it really “fun” to be a human when you work the shit out of your entire life to secure 3 meals a day and perhaps some other indulgences. Looking at Coby, I realized that life can be very simple and fulfilling. Isn’t this what life should be?

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