Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi! (An nyeong haseyo!)

I have been learning 한글 Korean (han geul) on my own for the past two weeks. In fact, starting from Nov 8, my colleague and I will be learning Korean from a reputable 교사 teacher (gyo sa), who teaches 한글 at the local international 학교 school (hag gyo). She will visit our office during lunch hours to conduct private lessons for the two of us.

As my learning partner is extremely well-versed in Japanese, speaks like a native Japanese, and coincidentally, also a language expert, I am pressured to pick up the language rapidly. In order not to become a burden to my learning partner, and squander his money on more lessons to wait for me to "get on track", I made huge effort to start learning 한글 on my own.

I also have to add that the school fee is not cheap.

Of course, 오빠 현빈 is a critical motivating factor, still, I made an effort to change my tardy lifestyle after work. I memorized all vowels, consonants, double vowels, and consonants, and even to the extent of reading korean dictionary to pick up vocabulary! You can call me 미친 crazy (mi chin), but I feel like being a baby, learning to pick up my language.

Till date, I learnt to match the 한글 characters to English alphabets, and vice versa. I can't wait to form sentences with the correct conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, and whatnot.

Look forward to my first lesson two weeks later. 나는 신나요해요. (I am excited)

안녕히 주무세요!
Good Night! (An nyeong hi jumu seyo)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Damn the Cholesterol!

For the past one year, I am abashed to admit that I lead an extremely sedentary lifestyle.

First, I shifted office; the new office is relatively far off from True Yoga.
Second, my yoga buddy, C left me, and the company.
Lastly, I was promoted to head the Asia team and hence, took on more responsibilities, and I started having late night meetings at least twice a week.

For the several reasons above, I got bigger, literally in my seat.
Lunch time to me is a “waste of time”, on most occasions, I have doggy bag lunch and work at my desk.

And so when it was the time of the year for my medical checkup, I shuddered. I was eager to know my physical conditions, and yet, I was afraid to know the truth. Nevertheless, I went ahead with the most expensive package, that comprises extensive health assessments.

Results came back. As what the title suggested, everything was great, except for my cholesterol. It was borderline high.

Now, that it triggered an alarm in me.

I am determined to lower my cholesterol level to the acceptable range, and decided to steer myself back on the track to exercise, and careful diet. I abstained from my favorite food such as beef, and seafood despite to Kevin’s selfish objection. Well, I was also told that the cholesterol level was affected not just due to food intake, but also the lifestyle I led. For the past one year, I led an extremely stressful lifestyle, lack of rest, full of anxiety… Now, I decided to take everything lightly and take time to smell the roses.

So if you heard that I am not working, let me tell you, it is not an excuse to skive off.

I am just smelling the roses.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another impromptu trip

Flew out to a place and back in a jiffy.

Back with out-of-the-world experience, and once-in-a-life time memory.
The hotel I stayed in.

Very comfortable.


Ziv's Music Class Graduation

About two weeks ago, Kevin and I attended Ziv's Music Wonderland graduation at the Yamaha Music School.

We were extremely proud and impressed by our little boy. He played "Three Blind Mice" on his own and did not miss a beat.

Ziv will be proceeding to the next stage of the class, and he will be able to play a complete song by the end of next term. Looking forward to that. :)

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