Friday, December 31, 2010

The Christmas Post

My definition of festive season: the occasion to scarf out, spend the night guzzling wine, play mahjong and oodles of love, love, love. And most importantly, MIA from my work desk - just kidding.

Christmas Eve
As usual, we kicked-off Christmas at J’s place.
There was food, tons of presents, children’s laughter and the Christmas spirit filled the air. I love it.

Ziv was a chirpy boy on that day. He got to play with many friends.

S (J's younger daughter) liked to play with Kevin for some unknown reason.

Clad in Rosette Cocktail Dress from Moda Shoppe. One of our best selling items. A picture with my MJ buddy and one of her chummy daughters.

The party ended at midnight, deposited Ziv at my in-law's place. Headed to Nativity church. After church, we returned back to J's place for MJ till 6am! Was zombie-fied.

Christmas Day
Christmas day was reserved for our families. Lunch buffet at Grassroot Country Club with the in-laws. Followed by dinner gathering at my Granny's place to celebrate her birthday in advance.

Ziv spent the late night opening presents from aunties and uncles. The animated boy was energized even though it was past midnight. At least it was Boxing Day that he started opening his presents.

Present from Daddy, he got a big budget this year. Haha...

Thanks J for her "understanding" presents - Prince's Desk, and also the Mummy and Son matching DKNY tops.

Kev was doing his very last minute job - assemblying the BBQ pit for Boxing Day. Just in case you wondered if he is throwing a kiss at me, you are absolutely wrong, he was saying, "WU liao." (for taking a picture of him assemblying the pit)

Boxing Day
Party at home. This time round we had a BBQ party, instead of the usual potluck. We got ourselves a caterer and that certainly saved us lots of time. Thanks C for ordering for us.

Indeed that was a small BBQ pit, all thanks to the lazy people at Carrefour.

Nevertheless, we had great food and great company. The satay were the best. And the overly bloated marshmellows.

While the rest were working hard for food, I took pictures with Abril. I would name her after the LV bag, Neverfull. Because she never got enough of food.

Kev got to play "Daddy" of a daughter. Abril was not gesticulating "oh-my-god", she was in fact trying to do "peekaboo". Adorable. When I see Abril, it was then that I realized Ziv is actually a big and independent boy now.

Ziv did serious posing in front of the camera again. Funny.

Not forgetting group photos, the ever exciting present exchange and log cake. We had a tough time making Abril to look at the camera, I wondered what would happened if we have more kids next year.

BTW, I really liked the t-shirt which R gave Ziv.

Happy New Year to all. Enjoy the last day of the festive season. Drink and be merry.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

His Hefty Purchase

So, now I know. Buying me the Balenciaga bag was just a makeup for deception. Kev bought a new timepiece for himself yesterday. He just could not get a grip on himself and wait for our upcoming Europe trip during Chinese New Year to get his watch.

Nevertheless, may I present the Panerai contemporary range, Luminor Power Reserve PAM 90.

I could not fathom why these expensive watches often come in leather straps instead of steel straps – or whatever you people call it (same for Franck Muller).
And obviously, the gleeful man couldn’t care more about that. With that amount of money spent on this watch, he could actually get himself a decent Rolex or ahem… a lady Rolex with DIAMONDS.

He said he is going to get one for me during our Europe trip, we’ll see. Maybe it is just another excuse for him to splurge.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

DB Bistro Moderne

Weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend the pre-opening dinner at DB Bistro Moderne by Chef Daniel Boulud located at the Marina Bay Sands. And, I must say that we had such an impeccable dining experience. For appetizer, I reveled in the ambrosial foie gras prepared in two different methods.

Complimentary from the Chef: Deep fried risotto balls. Apart from sounded interesting, they tasted delectable too!

Pardon me for the lousy pictures, because I took them using my hopeless camera. Seriously, the pictures don't do justice to the food. I regretted not bringing my DSLR.

I had lamb cous cous for my main:

Kevin had the signature DB burger:

MIL ordered steak (poor picture angle, I know, but I was famished):

PIL ordered the healthy organic chicken:

Desserts were sorbet of different flavours and warm chocolate cake. No pictures for desserts because I was busy attending to Ziv. That's him again, making funny faces in front of the camera. He likes to do that these days.

Back to DB, the interior was stylishly designed, the setting of the restaurant is very different from the local restaurants, and the interior makes me feel like I am in the Big Apple, posh and upclass. I especially love the red colour booth seats, those are perfect for gathering so that friends can sit closely together.

The staffs were friendly and had good memories. One of the staffs even played with Ziv, after all, I felt that fine dining should not be dead serious or formal. Staff that are amicable and chatty makes the entire dining atmosphere even more delightful. The hosts were well-dressed and it was not often that we get to have hosts and hostesses (full time hostess, not half waitress, half hostess) in fine dining restaurants (think, Jann, LightHouse, il Lido).

Undeniably, there is a plethora of fine dining restaurants in Singapore; however, it is not common that we can dine in the restaurant of a famous chef from France and whose Manhattan restaurant is considered one of the ten best in the world!! Essentially, Chef Daniel’s restaurant, DANIEL, located at the New York City is a three Michelin star Relais & Chateaux member!

The dinner was on the house (except wine), and I am certain that I will be back again, can't wait.

DB Bistro Moderne officially opened last Saturday. Do give it a try! Highly recommended.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Festive Season's Collection III

Yeah! The third installment of the Moda Shoppe Festive Season's Collection is happening today at 8 pm.

See you tonight!


Friday, December 10, 2010

My First Xmas Present of the Year

It is always heartwarming and sweet to feel appreciated and loved, especially when the appreciation comes in the form of a gift. The stolid man of the household, Kevin loves to end the year with a gift for me, and definitely something I really like.

So, last week, I got my early Christmas present from Kev. There is a winding story behind this bag (not exceptional), and I am too exhausted to narrate here again.

Nevertheless, I love PINK and all the more I love the Balenciaga 10th Year Anniversary Special Edition. It is a tad small, less roomy, oh well, at least I can lug it during casual weekends. Women never got the right size and right bag, as I said.

My Christmas present...

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moda Shoppe’s Festive Season’s Collection II

Yayyy... We are launching again this Friday at 8pm. I am exceptionally ecstatic because we injected lots of creativity and imagination into this launch. In this Festive Season's Collection II, we have nice dresses for parties and casual gatherings, versatile reversible top and pants. They are perfect for Christmas and New Year.

In fact, its been a while since we last launch bottoms or rather pants. C and I fell in love with the pants at first sight and hence, we decided to try our hands at selling them.

Also, I guess alot of people noticed that our pictures are nicer and the lighting is better. That's because we switched studio! Our model, Winnie looks ravishing in the pictures!

It's 2:30am now. And time to sleep.

By the way, C and I bought almost bought the entire collection from this launch. It is so so so so so hard to resist. That's how shopaholic we are.