Friday, February 23, 2007


Have been attending ROMss recently during February. It seems like February is a lovely month to do all the lovely things, think Valentine's Day.

Here's some pics taken with the ROM couples of the month. Congrats to both couples.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to myself

Today is my birthday, I have taken a day off to laze around. Unfortunately, I spent the first hour of my birthday in the office.

:( Loser!!

Have so many things to do that I have to go back to office to settle them. Luckily, Kevin bought me fried mee hoon, else I would have starve myself on my birthday.

So how will I spent 7 Feb?
I still have no concrete plans yet. All I know is, I will be attending Emily’s ROM then after that, I have no idea.

I believed the lack of ‘motivation’ to plan is due to something happened recently.

A few days ago, something happened. My beloved Coby was diagnosed with cataract. The vet told me that he will eventually go blind. I cried for a very long time, until my eyes were swollen. I cannot imagine, how can a 2.5 year old active dog get blind in one eye. Coby is so active, he will never get used to having one eye blind. Kevin and I brought him to two doctors, one at Jalan Kayu, the other one at Namely Road. Conclusion? Operation.

Suddenly I realized how important Coby is to us. I just cannot imagine if he is gone one day. The vet told us operation will be done by foreign vets and they only come to Singapore a few times in a year, and the operation cost a bomb. Much more expensive than human cataract operation. Kevin said that we definitely have to bring him to the operation, but we also feared that, Coby might be allergy to some medication used during the process of operation that leads to allergy and then death.

It is a tough decision. Because of this, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, thinking which option I should choose.

If I am entitled a birthday wish, undoubtedly, I will wish that Coby’s condition will get better without operation. :)

Tell me the cataract is not for real.