Thursday, July 31, 2008

Driving Me Crazy!

I vehermently believes that driving makes one loses his/her patient. I am one typical example.
Usually when Kevin is taking the wheel, I will upbraid him with remarks such as, "Can't you wait?", "Is there a need to drive that fast?", "Why are you filtering at the last minute?". I was utterly wrong.

If someone who is sitting beside me, he/she will certainly be passing those comments too. I understand how a driver thinks now.

Being irascible and losing cool over other drivers is like every other day incident. The number of cursing and swearing per day multiply day by day while the patience for probation drivers gradually ebbed away.

Being a member of the widely disdained female driver myself, I do fathom why the men think that way. I believed it is partly due to that female drivers drive in a shilly-shally manner.

For example, the other day, I was driving towards the traffic light when it just turned amber, the Jazz in front of me almost drove through the pedastrian crossing, however, stopped on the pedestrain crossing abruptly. I nearly knocked onto her car cause she hesitated on dashing past the traffic light when it just turned amber and while her car was already over the first stop line i.e want to dash but dare not dash. My intention was to dash through the amber traffic light after her, and FAST. If she had given the indication that she had no intention of beating the red light, then I would have stop behind her. Kevin said obviously it would be my fault if I crashed onto her car, and I absolutely agreed, however, I think being hesitant while driving will in fact cause more accidents on the road.

Next, so what happened when 2 impatient drivers meet each other?

Last week I was driving Kevin's car, I have to specified its Kevin's car cause, my car is under-power and very often people treat me like a doormat that they simply cut my lane dangerous knowing that my car has no power to drive faster than 100km/h.

So, while driving on the straight road, this Wish, can't wait for me to drive pass and U turn right under my nose. Impatient as I can be? I sounded the horn over and over again even after I drove pass him. And I slow down in front of him and sounded the horn again at him. Cause I realised something about drivers, they hate to be horned consistently, as in on-off horn for long period of time and I enjoyed doing that to irritate people. I think these impatient morons deserve that.

If there is ever terrorist on the road, that will definitely be none other than our friendly taxi drivers. Stop as and when they think that there are potential customers on the road side, be it, these people standing by the road are digging their noses, or tidying their hair. Any actions involved using hands, will translate to "I am flagging for cab." Drive fast behind them at your own risk.

Road Hogger are road hazzard. Every morning I have to "downgrade" myself to drive within the 3rd lane to wait for the 8.55am ERP cause the difference with driving through the ERP before 8.55am and after is $2.50. Little as it seemed, take $2.50 multiply by 20 days, you will see
the difference. Unfortunately, my clock seems faster and sometimes slowly and hence the prediction is never accurate, on many occasions, I passed through the money-sucking gantry at 8.54am and there's nothing I can do but to curse at the inventor and implementor. However, one day, a Malay driver, did what I thought was ultimate. He stopped right in front of the gantry at the 8.54am and waited for the money-sucking machine to turn 8.55am. How brillant?! And at one time, I thought, how i wish I am behind him, how i wish that he is obstructing my way of traffic that I can pretend that I can't filter out and then 'stuck' behind him. Unfortunately, I was at the other lane.

Driving everyday makes me learn alot of things.

1. Never trust the driver infront, behind, beside you. Trust yourself.

2. Don't mess with female drivers unless you want to send your car to the garage.

3. Steer clear from taxi drivers. They are like time-bomb, explode on you anytime and unexpectedly.

4. Avoid sports cars, fake sports cars (no power but heavily modified), at all means. They hallucinated that they are in the F1 racing track and they cut lanes like they are rushing to meet the death god. Their engine are sometimes deafening.

5. Avoid P Plates. Half of the time, I believe they don't know what they want.

6. Want to irritate the moron on the road? Sound your horn on-off again and again. This sure makes his/her blood boil.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not that I extended my job contract.

Not that I extended my eye lashes.

I extended my HAIR.

Poor quality picture there.

The price to pay for fast forward 2 years of hair-growing?

A whopping $320 and 4 hours of torment. Good for half a year.

Quite worth it, I say. I am vain.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Death Note

What will you do, if you have Death Note?

Death Note is a super natural notebook that allows the owner of the book to to kill anyone by writing the victim's name and picturing his or her face.

Will you write someone else's name on the book?

Sometimes I thought, how can one be so vicious till he or she hopes that someone dies?

Well, now I know.

Right now, I hope I can scribble Raymond Lin's name on the Death Note for obvious reasons, that is if you read widely. Or perhaps, any of the good-hearted Shingami should just chant magical prayer and make him vanished from this world, this little island. And save us all from misery.

So who is next?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ziv's Birthday Party (Day/Night)

Its like wedding. We have party for the day. We have party for the night.

Day party is for friends and night party is for close relatives.

== Day Party @ Frisk n Romp ==

Its atypical for some of the guests to arrive perpetually late. Even, as a host, I was late, but not too late. As a result of some kids arriving late (as late as 1-1.5hrs later), the activities planned for the kids were called-off. So money paid was wasted.

Lesson learnt, don't hold any party or event which requires the guests to come on time. Cause, they never. So forget it. Glad that my poly mates came on time and helped me with some of the arrangement. Thanks to them. What will I do without them?

Ziv needed some time to warm up, and unlike his usual self, he was extremely shy on the day and cling-on to me tightly on several occasions.

Kevin played a good Daddy on that day, taking care of Ziv while I had an enjoyable badinage with my ex colleagues from SingTel.

Thanks to those who came.

== Night Party @ Home ==

I regretted not engaging a caterer, cause the food sucks! I don't understand why the in-law had to stick to the same menu, roasted chicken, roasted duck, roasted meat, red eggs, satay... At least my Mum cooked curry and my Grandma prepared bee hoon. I didn't enjoy the dinner at all. The only thing that I looked forward to was the cake that my Brother made. It was heavenly chocolaty cake. I ate a big slice and the end result is sore throat, swollen eye and a huge acne on the nose. But then, I still think it is worth it, I rather be heaty than be FAT from eating all the roasted junk.

More Pics Here

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ziv turns 1!

== Newborn ==
== 3rd Month ==

== 6th Month ==

== 9th Month ==

== 10th Month ==

== 11th Month ==

== 1 Year ==

Ziv turns 1 on 19 Jul 2008.
Happy Birthday, my dear Son!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

For The First Time

For the first time, I drove to work this morning in my own car. The traffic condition on CTE was pretty alright.

I woke up at 8:11am and left the house at 8:45am. Reached Telok Blangah Nature Reserve carpark at 9:10am and office at 9:25am.

What a day!

I choose to park at the Nature Reserve cause it is free parking whole day, however, it only applicable to visitors of the park, but then, who cares? Some of my colleagues had gotten summon cause it seems that the Fatimahs and Ahamds recognised their cars, I then thought perhaps I can drive my own car for 2 days, change and drive Kevin's car for a day and then back to my car again. Brillant?

First day of driving on my own,

I missed having the luxury to eat my breakfast on the car, while Kevin is driving.
I missed someone to cheer with me when the ERP charges changed (to lower price) when I reach the gantry.
I missed the small talks and gossips with Kevin while he is driving.
I missed the time where we will laugh crazily at Glen and The Flying Dutchman on Class 95.
I missed the time where I can just jump off the car and dart towards the gate when I am late for work.
I missed the time when I can sit back and relax ignoring whatever blindspots.

With that, I decided to declare car-less day every Friday. Where Kevin will still send me to work and pick me up from work. Just to have a taste of what it is like last time.

Because of having a second car right now, I decided to make an effort to have dinner with Kevin everyday after work.

Ziv seems to know that Mummy is driving her own car that he wakes up at 930am today.

Coming Saturday will be Ziv's Birthday. Time flies!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Surprise Birthday Dinner

Dylan and I have been planning for a surprise birthday dinner celebration for Emily. We thought of the places to dine, the surprise elements, tested the water etc...

So yesterday, was the day where our plan rolled-out. Apparently, Emily did not smell any rat. So I shall conclude that our mission is a success! Kudos to Emily's loving husband, Dylan.

Guess who is this little boy? He seems shy!
(Note: He is drinking water and hiding at the same time!)

The answer is...

And lastly a picture taken with the birthday mummy.

Oh suddenly it dawn upon me that we have a minor 'miscalculation' in the plan. Jayden is MIA.
He was with hi grandparents at home.

Happy Birthday, Hot MAMA!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Mishap

Just now my mum told me about a mishap. The fatal mishap has befallen to a distant relative. Nevertheless, our hearts go out to the family, for the grandparents who lost their only grandchild and also the young couple who lost their first and only child.

Though to me, the young couple is just an acquaintance, I can truly feel what they are going through right now.

Apparently, their 13-month old child who should be sleeping on a mattress with the grandmother at night in the living room has crawled out to the balcony and drowned himself in the mini water fountain. And he died.

Was rushed to the hospital, alas, the doctor could not bring him back to life, despite trying his very best.

The death of the grandchild hit his grandmother so hard that the poor old lady could not stop putting blame on herself for being extremely neglectful. The young couple while coping with the lost of their beloved child was still consoling the grandmother. To tell the devastated grandmother that “the child was destined not to be theirs” was her only solace for now.

Coping with the lost of someone close to your heart is never easy. Furthermore the person is someone who means a great deal to you. The pain is excruciating and it will not go away even though some say “time will wash away the pain”. My heart aches even when Ziv vomited after drinking milk, and as a mother, the pain of seeing her dearly loved child leaving her is definitely zillion times more aching.

And as a mother, sometimes you rather it is you who were drowned and not the child.
And sometimes, you wonder, how you can continue your life if your child leaves you.

And I thought, I will just kill myself if it ever happened.

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Friday, July 4, 2008


She's got it
Yeah, baby, she's got it
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire
At your desire

"Venus" by Shocking Blue

Yes, I GOT IT.

I got a R1 for 34k. Paid 10k for it and loan 24k. Paying it over 5 years.

I got the gun metal color, yes, its not cherry pink. The color is not what I desire, but I CAN'T wait (that aside, people deem that as an illness since I can hardly wait for anything).

What a happy day despite all the shit from my agency. Separate post perhaps. They suck.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Car Hunting

Last weekend was car hunting weekend for us.

Have binged on IT bags and clothes for years and now, its time, to splurge on a car.

Our second car of the household.

Kevin warned, "No more bags, no more shopping!" And I thought, "Who needs a Birkin when all I need now is a CAR!"

My choices are, so far;

Mitsubishi I

The interior of the car is considerably capacious despite looking all tiny and cramped. Enough for 2 passengers behind with sufficient leg space. The futuristic design is something which I prefer. It comes with "Style" (sports) and "Casual" version.

Subaru R1

2 door and adopting a sporty look as compared to its brother, R2. R1 "promotes" egocentricity as despite having seats behind for passengers, it has NO leg space. That means I can put Ziv behind and he will only roll and not fall. Fuel consumption is low and that is a super plus point.

Its hard to decide cause both of them priced at the range of 35k to 44k. And I am going for a 2nd hand one, since, I don't intend to drive the car for long term.

We shall see...