Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tracking the Serial Fart-er

I abhor people who fart in the public. It is the most insensitive and boorish thing that a person will do to fart openly, especially with the presence of the innocents (aka. Me). And may I add, especially, fart that are blatant, and stink like putrid overdue rubbish. I know, farting is just a normal human thing, just like we need to eat and shit. But I guess no one shit openly in at Takashimaya Square right? So in my opinion, the farting mission should be staged in a discreet manner, where there is no one around (10 km around you – I am bad with gauging distance). Just like the way you will look around before digging the freaking g-string out of your butt crack.
Why the topic about farting?

Just the other day while I was doing my mini business in the toilet, there came a deafening, ear-popping farting sound right from the cubicle next to me. The first thing I did was, stop breathing.

Finish up my business.
Wash my hands, skip the soap part.

All that within 5 seconds.

So, are toilets consider a private place to fart, especially since you do your big and small businesses in the enclosed space, and behind closed doors?

My answer is ‘absolutely no’! I failed to fathom why some people can fart at ease with the presence of others separated by a partition. And worse of all, smile at you when you happened to meet each other at the toilet basin. Is the person trying to signal, “how was the smell, good huh?” or the person is just satisfied and relieved to let the air out finally after 10 days?

If you are one of those who fart openly, or with the presence of others and then wear that ‘not me’ look.

Don’t assume that we don’t know it’s you.

And to the person who fart in the toilet next to me. I am haunting you.


Monday, September 27, 2010

The Retreat

On the same day, after brunch, Kevin and I attended a retreat.
We were supposed to have the retreat at Jewel Box, but there was a change of plan. Instead, we had Japanese sit down a-la carte buffet at Irodori Japanese Restaurant located at River View Hotel.

I still prefer Hanabi. Nevertheless, it was a great gathering to end the weekend. My collar bones were sticking out as if I lost weight. But in fact, I gained. Duh!


Brunch at Rider's

Brunch at Rider's again, where I find PEACE. Wanted to abscond from the F1 madness because I had enough of traffic jams that comes with the over-rated F1 night race. I mean, first time - it was great, you know, something new, but subsequent night race seemed to be so over. What's the hype?

I enjoyed having a lazy afternoon spent at Rider's with the Yips. Tucked in Fairway Drive, where I tucked away a big meal.

They changed the menu, Ziv missed his strawberry pancakes. And for me, I missed the muffin with Egg Benedict. However, the new menu did not disappoint me, I kind of like the new healthy bread. New on the menu, was scones. I love scones.
Wassup with kids these days? All of a sudden, kids are avoiding cameras totally.
The boys having fun, playing furniture shifting. How fun is that!

Emily is lucky to have a nice picture with Jayden, however, that was about 3 takes later.

Ever since we quitted Shichida, we have been going to lazy brunches. Next week will be...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beauty Map Photoshoot

Before I left for SZ, I went for the magazine shoot for Beauty Map. And man, it is indeed tiring to be a model, especially I need to lie down on the floor. I was stiff, unexperience and the photographer must be having a hard time capturing a good angle of me.

I laughed. And had fun. A NG shot.

The photographer took 73 shots of me, and I wasn't sure which one they are using for the magazine.

Check out Beauty Map October issue, copies are available at all magazine stands.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Pictures

Ziv and I took some pictures at the roof terrace on National's Day. We had fun watching the fireworks from our terrace.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Luxurious bags price hike, sting or stipulation?

I heard outcry of many. Hues and cries of those who did not manage to seize the last Chanel bag that bears the former (aka easier on the pocket) price tag in the Paris boutique.
As for whether it is a sting or stipulation? I vote for stipulation. And that is based on my selfish reasons.

Here’s why?

I kept thinking to myself, how wonderful is it to have a Chanel bag on my shoulder and with no one carrying the exact same bag as me when I walk from Wisma to Takashimaya? Fat hope!

It dawn on me that for the past few years, even Pierre, Paul ou Jacques can own a Chanel bag, of course not taking into consideration if the ones they are lugging are the real McCoy. On several occasions, I noticed that there were queues outside the Chanel boutique at Takashimaya, and mind you, they are not subtle queues. So, does that signify that Chanel begins to lose its exclusivity and that the brand eventually degrades itself just like Louis Vuitton or Gucci? I seriously hope the day will not come, but think, wouldn’t you want your bag to be exclusive when you spent $5k and above for it?

As for me, I tell myself that I will not (note that I did not say ‘never’ because ‘never say never’) buy another Chanel bag anymore, because they are way too ordinary. If I need a bag now, I would rather buy a Mulberry or Chloe because they are still tastefully unique at this point of time.

In fact, I was proud of myself that I did not buy any bag (did I miss out any purchase? I don’t think so...) this year despite having a quota of two bags per year.
I am looking forward to a Kelly next year. I am hopeful.

With all due respect to Louis Vuitton or Guicci fans, the above article is based on my personal views. I know some people may feel like kicking me for this article or even plan to assassinate me, call me callow if you want. And yes, some of you may argued that I can go for the limited edition Chanel that cost about $60k and be different from the rest, but ask yourself, is it worth it or not? You don’t need to buy super duper expensive branded bags to stand out from the rest or be different; a coveted Mulberry will just do a clean job for you.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Barney Space Adventure Show

Yesterday was the long-awaited Barney Space Adventure show (to Ziv). Before the show, we went for dim sum buffet lunch with the in-law at Sze Chuan Court, Fairmount Hotel.

Forced Ziv to take a picture with me before the show.

We were seated 6th row from the stage and hence we got a good view of Barney and his friends. Ziv appeared to be very composed. He did not dance unruly or gone berserk at the sight of Barney, like the rest of the kids. While as for me, I yawned and yawned and yawned. I envied Kevin for being able to go to the Adidas warehouse sale.

After the show, we went to visit our ex neighbour and exchanged mooncakes. Ziv got a new story book from Trisha, how sweet.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A School Excursion to the Farm

Just before I left for HK/China. I managed to fulfill the role as a mother by bringing Ziv to a school excursion. I recalled vividly that it was pouring in the morning and I almost gave up by returning to bed. Kevin nagged at me all the way until I decided to wake up and go to the excursion. Lug my Speedy and overloaded it with lots of stuff, brolly, raincoat, wet tissues and whatnot (never took so many Ziv's stuff ever since he turned 1.)

As expected, we were 15 minutes late, and it was also foreseeable that the class would not leave the school so soon since it was raining. We had nothing much to do but stayed in class from 8am to about 915am. Nothing to do, so we took pictures. And I was famished that I sneakily took some of Ziv's biscuits to eat.

And finally, the rain stopped... Welcome to the Animal Farm. Geese...

Giant Rabbit.


I forgot what is this.

Spent $2 to buy some food for the animals. Ziv enjoyed feeding them. He was bold.


As a shifless mother, I decided not to venture too far because of the muddy ground. I turned back half way and convinced that it was not worth going down to see other animals. And I warned him that the geese were all wild and he might not like them.
The farm tour ended early. And so we took pictures and had fun making funny faces while waiting for Daddy to fetch us home.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Fall Forward Collection at Moda Shoppe

A week before the Moda Shoppe launch is typically a bustling period for me. There are so many things that we have to look into, especially maintaining the quality of the apparels. We have to do shooting, writeup, web design and other marketing planning. Despite of feeling drained and heavy-eyed at work, I am always happy to rhapsodize about the latest happening at Moda Shoppe in this blog.

In fact, we took a long hiatus from the previous launch because we made plans for the next one year, which includes the implemented membership program, other new marketing plans as well as manufacturing our own design.

Although Moda Shoppe is a cheechako in this blogshop sphere, we are dogged to make Moda Shoppe a prominent blogshop label.

By the way, I am thrilled about this launch because the apparels are so lovely and trendy that I decided to own about 80% of the launch items! I am almost confident that our customers will love them!

Stay tune! 8 Sep, Wed, 1pm.