Saturday, June 23, 2012

So the birthday presents...

Went H shopping the other day again. Had to make two trips down on the same day!

Got a belt and a card holder for DH -- even though his birthday was last week.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to K!

So Z decided to decorate a cake for his father. We went to the Icing Room @ Tampines 1 to make our own cake.

I left it to Z to do the decoration, obviously. The little boy was enthusiastic about it and he popped the icing into his mouth occasionally thinking that I did not notice it.

I have to give him 100 points for initiative. As for the taste, it is below average, nothing to do with decoration.


생일 축하 해요! 건강 하세요!
나는 사랑 해요!



Saturday, June 9, 2012


We were car-less for the past one week, and we rented one to "tide over" the period.

What's new? The man like to change car every two to three years and this time round 1.5years. (Getting from bad to worse.) This is one of his bad habits.

Anyway, adios to BMW and not-so-welcoming-hello to Lexus GS.

I am someone who is very loyal to brands I like. Just so happen that L is not on my list.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

H 콜렉션 (제 3)

You know what? I lost count of how many Hermes items I bought during these recent month, starting from April.

Ok, let's count, since April (in order):
  • [Paris] Lindy 34 Etain
  • [Paris] Kelly Double Tour
  • [Paris] Constance Belt
  • [Singapore] Dragon Bag Charm
  • [Singapore] Twillies
  • [Hong Kong] Evelyn Long Wallet
  • [Hong Kong] Barista Coin Pouch
  • [Singapore] Piglet Bag Charm
  • [Singapore] Leather bracelet cum bag charm
  • [Singapore] Lindy 30 Orange (!!!)
And it is not even mid year. How am I going to lead a life without H for the remaining months?
Okay, my new purchase. Orange, can you believe it? Orange! The Hermes Orange! And in Singapore. 

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Five Days in London (Part 2)

Finally!! Here's a continuation of my London & Paris Trip.
Refresh Part 1 here - Five Days in London (Part 1)

Due to my poor memory, I could not actually list out my itinerary day by day, so it is going to be postings on the places that I visited during my trip, and based on the sequence of my photos in my camera.

So in Part 1, I visited the following places:
  • Harrods
  • The Best Fish & Chips in London
  • West End: Queen's Theatre
I have an idée fixe to clean and luxe hotels. Usually I will try to book myself a minimum 4-star hotel for my trips. Hilton Hotel was our cozy abode for five days.

Another most critical thing right after accommodation would probably be the food. Apart from fish and chips, the Brit love their afternoon tea probably as much as the Singaporeans love our char kway tiao. For a country that considers tea as their unofficial national beverage and where demand is colossal, I definitely need to try their afternoon tea, and with style, I must add. I picked Langham Hotel for my dallying afternoon tea, after my long flight.

I was given a warm welcome at the entrance of the restaurant. I have to say it is definitely a shibboleth to say that the British were aloof, because throughout the trip, I never have any bad experiences with them. I was even amazed by their willingness to help. The interior of the restaurant was modern and chi-chi. Nothing like what you see in TWG. Most obviously, the greatest difference is, there is no Filippino (Thank God!)

The tea selections were extravagant without a doubt, and I was totally spoilt for choice. The desserts served were exquisite, and totally satisfied my sweet tooth. I even ate Kev's share since he was less of a dessert person.  If I were to compare the bread and sandwiches with the desserts, I would say, I prefer French bread. Still, money is well spent because we received excellent and attentive services. You need well-mannered people to serve people who are willing to spend in your restaurant. Usually the wealthy people don't have much patience with bad-mannered people, and they absolutely do not enjoy repeating their words three times to get their meaning across. (Not sayin' I am rich.)

After the tea, we walked around the area to shop a little. On a separate day, we went to the outlet stores. The outlet stores were off the beaten track, and we had to take a train. I would still say that Paris had the best outlet stores. Nevertheless, I could see Kev enjoyed his shopping judging from the number of things he bought. I have to say, we bought more in Paris.

Part 3 will cover the sightseeing tours that we been to. Stay tuned.
Side Note: Did you ever notice that TWG only hires mainly Filippinos? The truth is, they have very poor service standard, and I can't understand their English just like they don't understand mine. But as a matter of factly, it should be them who should adjust to our cultures and understand our language, not us! I just decided not to patronize them anymore. Or unless they remove their service charge from the bill.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

H 콜렉션 (제 2)

어제에 우리는 백화점 갔어요. 저는 좋아 Hermes. 두 가지를 샀어요.

행복 해요!!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out & About Town

Been out & about town for a few consecutive days. Petered out but was enjoyable.

- MBS, Ku De Ta
- Night Safari
- The Fullerton
- Food and glorious food...

There you go... Random pictures.