Sunday, September 16, 2012

Down the slippery orange slope

Was barely a week and I was back again to Hermes.

This time round, wallet! And of course more...


Monday, September 10, 2012

New Haul

Haven't step into my favorite store for quite a few... days... Lol!

My new haul for last month.


Monday, September 3, 2012

The myriad dramas from Korea...

I was recently hooked up to Korean dramas that were not acted by 오빠 현빈. Because he went to army so I decided to give other actors and actresses a chance :-p
Let me rate some of the dramas I watched, the super amatuer way. Won't be elaborating on the plots though.
  1. 49 days (49일)
  2. Sign (싸인)
  3. Rooftop Prince (욱탑방 왕세자)
  4. SungKyunKwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들)

49 days - 49일
  • Strong casts. And I believed about 80% of the viewers would fall for the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) in the end. Well, I did, but not for long. His role didn't actually have any lasting impact on me because it was the storyline that sent a stronger message to me, rather than the charm of the Scheduler.
  • The plot was indeed unusual and like most of the Kdrama, lots of twists and turns even till the last few episodes.
  • Lee Yo Won, in my opinion, seemed to be too old for the role. Imagine her cuddling up with the Scheduler.... hmmm....
  • This is one of the drama that set me thinking about life and the people around me. My conclusion is -- I don't think I will be able to gather 3 genuine tears. And there is no way to fight God's will. When its time to go, one will have to go.
  • The soundtrack was really nice, especially the song "Tears are Falling".
  • Rate: 8/10
Sign - 싸인
  • I had this DVD long ago, but I insisted on not watching it because I didn't like the look of the lead actor, Park Shin Yang. I felt that he was not good looking enough. Male eye candies are a must in Korean dramas, I thought. But, but... I was glad that I started watching it. And guess what, I fell for him too! Look! He was actually very charismatic.
  • I had soft spots for knowledgeable guys, and he totally fits the bill. In the drama, Park Shin Yang was someone who was full of integrity and took pride in his job.
  • And I like the fact that the storyline did not elaborate much on love relationships, and to me, it was somewhat different from the normal ones that focused too much on love-hate relationships.
  • As the drama was about forensic science, naturally one will see many dead bodies being open up, and I have to say, the dead bodies looked so real, but not in a disgusting way. I could still eat while watching.
  • And like some of the HK dramas, the whole drama uncovered a lot of murderer cases, and the story wasn't tardy, and was surprising fast pacing.
  • The last episode was really not necessary. Watch it yourself.
  • The soundtrack was great with a few nice songs, alot of musical pieces though. When the musical pieces were played, they reminded me of Park Shin Yang cutting up the bodies, somehow. 
  • Rate: 8.5/10

Rooftop Prince - 욱탑방 왕세자
  • I love this drama to the core. How can there be such a touching drama?
  • Fashion. Soundtrack. Acting. Actresses. Actors. Story. Everything is close to perfect.  
  • To be frank, I was really skeptical about dramas that was acted by guys from the boy band, because I seriously doubt their acting skills. Micky proved that I was wrong, absolutely wrong.
  • This was Micky's third drama, I wasn't sure of his acting skill, to begin with, but in this drama, he displayed good acting skill.

  • Okay, fine, we have lots of time travelled dramas, be it Korean or HK dramas. And by right, this drama should have no difference from the rest. Somehow, because of the intricated plot, I was hopelessly addicted to the intriguing storyline.
  • Fashion wise, I hoped I owned Jung Yoo Mi's wardrobe. She was the best dressed person in the show.
  • Of course, I do hope that I have a boyfriend like Micky. That arrogant and yet selfless prince.
  • In the show it displayed a contrast of characters in typical male and female. Females are all emotion-driven while males are more realistic. Therefore, Han Ji Min when Micky refused to marry her.
  • There were a few scenes which I thought was kinda ridiculous, how could someone follow another person secretly when driving a huge white SUV, and so closely? And a person could stand still to think about the "past" while the other person was already drowning in the sea?
  • The soundtrack was excellent. I could keep listening to it, and scenes kept repeating in my mind.
  • I like the "Happy Ending" song by Jay Park - very upbeat.
  • Rate: 9.5/10

SungKyunKwan Scandal - 성균관 스캔들

  • I have to be frank. I bought this because it was acted by Micky.
  • I wanted to be discreet at the CD shop, but the sales assistant could straightaway identify me as a fan of Micky. Oh well...
  • I remembered last year, I was still cursing Micky for taking up Hyun Bin's spot for the most popular actor at SDA. OK, I am still angry about it.
  • So apparently, this was Micky's first drama. And man, I have to say, he is gifted in acting.
  • I wasn't very attracted to the storyline, it was no different from the Chinese story, Butterfly Lovers, except for the happy ending. We all do love happy endings, don't we?
  • OK, I wasn't really understanding the story and believe it or not, I actually googled the episode whereby Micky found out that the lead actress was actually a gal, and I skipped to that episode. The main motive was to make me interested in the show, and I rewinded back to watch again to catch up on what I missed.
  • I started to enjoy it after episode 14 actually. But it was not too late. Things got more complicated and exciting after episode 14.
  • The soundtrack was just fine.
  • Alot of people online mentioned how they adored this drama. But, to be frank, I wasn't a fan of F4 or whatsoever. I prefer a drama to have thick plot, and less focusing on relationship.
  • Rate: 7.5/10