Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hougang Spirit

We won, again. That explained why I could not sleep and still blogging using my iPhone at 2am.

As a true blue Singaporean. I have to say, if not for my family, I would have left this tiny island.

I might not be affected by the long list below, but I, as a Singaporean feel for the fellow citizens.

What cheese me off?

- High property prices. Yes we sold our house at a profit, but we also buy house at high price!! If prices continue to be this high, how is my son going to buy house and get married?

- Broken public transport systems. Disappointment and more disappointment! Even the machine are telling us that they cannot handle large number of commuters! I pity those who take public transport everyday, they don't know if they need to walk on the track, or be late for work. And imagine being forced to squeeze with the foreign trash. London, having the oldest tube network did not even encounter as much train fault as us! And since when, public transport are run by listed companies???? And where profits come before everything else including the safety of the commuters?!

- Biased mainstream media. I hate to see misleading news headlines everyday. I could not fathom why we have to skew reports. (Case in point: Ferrari accident.) Social media is widely accessible these days, and who are the mass media trying to cheat? I read a comment from FB -- The journalists/reporters for the MSM are worse than prostitutes, because the latter sell their bodies whereas the former sell their hearts and souls.

How true is that statement? You decide.

- Singaporean LAST not Singaporean First. NTUC failed us. Few days ago, I drove past NTUC building and saw posters indicated something along the line of -- better jobs for Singaporeans. Really? I thought I saw hiring advertisement by NTUC in China! I heard friends whose relatives approached NTUC but was told there was no job. Did they live up to the promise? In the advertisement that I saw, they were looking for young China people. I want to remind everyone that the old people in Singapore were the ones who built the nation for us so that we can enjoy what we have today. We should not abandon them when they simply need a job to help the family to cope with high living costs!

- Hospital bills that only foreigners can afford. Enough say when the MP recommended us to go JB for medical treatment. Do we still remember that we are Singaporeans not Malaysians.

- Poor education system. Have you ever looked at the EM3 textbooks? There is a huge huge gap between what the EM1/2 students are learning as compared to EM3 students. What did the children do wrong to be placed in the EM3 and that seemed to be a road that only leads to ITE? Playful? Slow learner? Immature? And yet on the other hand, scholarships were given to foreigners so as to attract them to study and stay in Singapore. I sigh when I typed this. I cannot imagine the amount of money I have to save to bring my son overseas for education if he is being assigned to EM3. Oh btw, my son's kindergarten teacher told me that I should bring my son to phonics class because he is poor in phonics. I thought it is the teacher's responsibilities to teach my son, since when the teachers are now relying on the enrichment programmes to help my son? What if we don't have money for enrichment program, my son is destined to go EM3?

- Baby bonus policy failed and was not well received for many reasons. Just look at what the French government are doing to boast the birth rates, and we will know how sincere is our policy here to encourage birth.

- INFLUX OF FOREIGNERS. Every time this topic comes up during discussion with colleagues I got extremely angry. Almost half of the population in Singapore is foreigners. When I walked the street down orchard road, I hardly hear the once so familiar Singlish. According to Bloomberg --

“Of the 122,600 jobs created in Singapore last year, about 70 percent, or 84,800 positions, went to foreigners.”

And another website reported that --

45% of the workers in Singapore are foreigners.

As a Singaporeans, how do you feel? As a mother, how do you feel?

Is your children's future still bright?

I don't even want to mention the long list of social issues that comes with the influx of foreigners because they are reflected in our news all the time, FTrash kills Singaporeans, FTrash calls Singaporeans dogs, FTrash aim to br one of the biggest race in Singapore....
And of course endless bad encounters with the freaking FTrash.

Of course, the things that pissed me off was not so little, there are more and the list IS growing.

Which ever party you vote, think for your children. Think for the fellow Singaporeans. The born-in-Singapore Singaporeans.

I know, not everyone encountered those problems in their lives, but it DOES NOT mean that these problems do not exist. Just put yourselves into the shoes of a typical family in Singapore, you will probably be able to see a clearer picture.

In the meantime, enjoy some inspiring photos obtained from TOC FB.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Room Service & Work Trip

Very often when I travel alone, I like to order room service. I loathed going out to dine alone because that seemed rather piteous. And most prominently,I am a lazy person.

So what did I eat during my last trip (HK and SZ) that resulted in weight gain?

Pics not in order due to blogging with Blogger app.

The dim sum set was from HK Mira Hotel. The Chinese restaurant is a Michelin starred.

The best apple crumpled placed on top of caramel. Simply the best. Plus the city view of course!

Mango with pomelo. I missed home, and so I ordered this together with my main course. Sounded like an excuse? Oh well, actually I am so used to completing my meal with a dessert these days! Bad habit!

My office for the entire week, with city view.

View from my hotel room. SZ is a fast developing state. So many construction going on. Although I travel to SZ as many as three times a year, the surrounding views around my hotel always change. A very dynamic city!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

H 콜렉션 (제 1)

Let the pictures do the talking.


Friday, May 11, 2012


Have always been on extremely strict diet, as always. However, during my trips abroad, I would usually let my hair down abit, and chow down some fats.

This week I was away again for the fourth trip of this year, to Hong Kong and China. Done some serious hunting and pigging.

Lunch is usually pretty heavy in the Chinese culture. When I mean heavy, it's like 8 dishes for a lunch.

I have been wanting to try out 俏江南 for obvious reason. And this time round I managed to. And no regrets.

Pictures... And burppps....
We ordered:
- Seafood noodles
- Pan fried buns
- Steam eggs with foie gras and fish
- Salad
- Spicy beef slices
- Spare ribs
- Long beans
- Kungpo chicken cubes


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Abducted Soul

My soul was abducted by the H genie. I am currently in Hong Kong for a H hunting trip.

Visited all six stores in Hong Kong today. Did not get what I want, CDC and animal charms. However, I got myself an Evelyn wallet in my fave color. The one and only Evelyn wallet in HK is now in my bag!

Nothing beats my purchase of the day at 6am! 6am! Bought twillies from the departure hall. To beautify my Lindy.

It's funny that as a main card holder, when I charged my purchase to my card, the sub-card holder received a SMS notification about my purchase. Don't know what's wrong with the bank... And got "questioned" by Kevin. Booo!

Back to my purchase! Come to think of it, I bought seven H items within these two months.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


28일4월, 아버지는 병원에 갔어요. 그는 심장 마비 있었어요. 아버지가 병원에 4일 살았어요. 가족 아주 걱정있었어요. 우리는 매일 병원에 갔어요. 어머니과 남동생이 피곤한있었어요. 우리는 집에 기다렸어요.


아버지가 오늘 집에 갔어요. 저는 최종적으로 안심어요. ☼☼

아빠, 건강하세요! 또 건강하게 지낼께요.

(Dad had heart attack a few days ago and stayed in the hospital for four days. We were all distressed, however it was the second time of this year. Without informing us, Dad opted for another procedure that was not recommended by the doctor. What was done cannot be undone, we hope that with medication, stringent diet and appropriate exercise routine, Dad can maintain good cholesterol level and avoid having another heart attack.

Now that he is back home. I wish Dad the best of health! This also reminded me to be mindful of what I put in my mouth.)