Monday, April 28, 2008

Bed Time Reading & Carousel Buffet

Bed Time Reading

The boy reads...

No, Ziv does not like reading. In fact, he doesn't know what is reading and obviously show no interest in books. Perhaps tearing them to pieces of paper is what he likes.

Buffet @ Carousel

Went for a buffet lunch with my parents, Ziv and Kevin. We dined from noon to 230pm.
I am such a glutten I tell you! I walked the buffet line like 10 times! Even my mum 'praised' me for being such a BIG EATER.

Ziv also 'participate' in the lunch by eating bread, salads, potato, pancakes and waffles.

Guessed with the upcoming farewell lunches... I will definitely put on weight.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

His Mother

Was contemplating if I should blog about His Mother. What if someone sees it? What if…

I could hardly contain my anger and deemed that only through blogging, where I could release my aggravation about His Mother.

I have planned to go Bintan with Kevin and Ziv. Therefore, for the 3 days (actually lesser than 3 days) I have decided to leave The Maid at her house. As compared to leaving The Maid at our house alone, it would probably be a better option to leave her at His Mother’s house where at least, someone is at home. Since The Maid has history of STEALING.

To my utter disappointment, His Mother told him that it was ‘inappropriate’ for The Maid to stay at her house due to several reasons which I reckoned invalid.

The excuses she gave:

- “No one is at home.” What the hack! His Father went to work at 11am or later and she returned home from work at about 6pm. And she said no one is at home?! She must be either questioning my IQ or testing my patience!

- “There are important documents at home.” I nearly died of laughing. She can jolly well lock the doors of rooms which have so-called important documents and then problem solved! And somehow, it makes me wonder how important those documents are to her and to The Maid.

- “Inconvenient.” I have to applaud for that brilliant excuse. One word, settles it all. I wonder if is it still inconvenient if I employ a maid for her, pay the salary for her and the maid does things for her.

Those excuses are obvious self explanatory of reluctance to take in The Maid. How can I not be gnashing my teeth?

I don’t understand which one is more ‘serious’, leaving The Maid at our house alone or leaving The Maid at her house?

I should not be frustrated over this issue as His Mother has a history of in-cooperativeness.

This is why...

My mother is weak due to health reasons, and yet she has to take care of the restless Ziv and I can tell, from her eyes, each time she talks about Ziv that she really loves him loads. Despite having backaches every now and then, she still takes good care of Ziv, although often accompanied by lots of nagging. Nagging, about her health, how tired she is. That is understandable. And I feel guilty for not letting her enjoy her retirement age.

Knowing that my mother’s health started to deteriorate, it left me no choice but to request for His Mother to take care of Ziv. For your info, His Mother is a very healthy woman. As expected, she declined and brushed off the topic each time we brought it up. I was extremely disappointed in her. I was so infuriated that I hoped that Ziv will never call her or even let her carry. I saw her true colors. I thought it was thoughtful of me that from the beginning, I respected her passion for her work (she was lowly paid and still continue working very hard for the job) and I did not want to take away what she enjoys by asking her to take care of Ziv. However, due to current circumstances, it was really beyond me to resolve this problem and I have to seek her understanding and help to let my mother recuperate. And note that I am offering about the same pay package as what she is receiving now.

She heartlessly declined my offer.

I kept asking myself questions as of why she refused to take care of Ziv.

Was he naughty? Was he noisy?

And the answers are all NO.

I tried very hard to talk to her while she attempted to chat with me today evening. I realized, I cannot bring myself to be a hypocrite. I really hate her to the core and each time when I talk to her, I feel like chiding her. She must be thinking why I am not looking at her when I talked to her. I really can't look at someone whom I hated so much.

So, if my mother is unable to take care of Ziv, the golden question now is WHO? If it is not His Mother, it will definitely be ME. I asked Kevin to do some simple idiot-proof calculation on our salaries (mine and His Mother) and a 2 year-old toddler who briefly knows Math will be able to identify who should quit, since our salary is approximately 5 times difference!

I told Kevin, for Ziv, I can quit my job, stop shopping altogether, stop thinking about Chanel and loathe His Mother eternally. And frankly speaking, I don’t mind being a SAHM because every minutes and seconds spend with Ziv definitely worth more than what I am earning and the joy of seeing him, first hand, achieving every milestone is priceless!

I know Kevin could not come out with any conclusion cause this problem has been around for the past few months and my mother is still trying to cope with her health and taking care of Ziv.

One day, perhaps, when I mastered enough courage, I will never let His Mother see Ziv anymore. I can do that and I will do that.

I was infuriated that I COULD NOT even sleep! Hopefully after venting out my anger here, I can sleep better. But, its already 6am in the morning, how much longer can I sleep when Ziv is going to wake up at 8am.

I really hate her.


Here's a typical conversation between me and her, shortly after Ziv was born.

His Mother: Who is going to take care of the baby at night?
Me: Either me or Kevin.
His Mother (looked at me in awe): Then how is Kevin going to work? He needs to drive.

I could not believe she actually says such things to me. Ain't I working too? If she is the kind of traditional woman who does everything for her man, sorry, I DON'T PRACTICE that at MY HOME. Blame your precious son for choosing a WRONG wife then.

Me: But... Kevin is Ziv's father. Isn't it also his DUTIES to look after his own, very first SON??!!

His Mother stopped her mindless nonsense and looked at me.
I rolled my eyes and walked away...

I hope that is obvious enough to express that I HATE HER.


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ziv's First Birthday Present... So Soon?!

Although it is 3 months away from Ziv’s first birthday, the eager Mummy has been hunting around for the perfect present for the perfect Mummy’s boy.

Gift ideas, anyone?

Apparels? Nothing new.
Nice meal? Ziv probably will not appreciate that and what is considered a nice meal when it is mainly porridge and only porridge?
Education toys? It’s depressing to give him something education for his first birthday. It’s like telling him, “You better learn your ABC and timetable soon!”

What about TOYS?

I like toys.

Kevin likes toys.
In fact, he told me his Dad used to play this game with him.
His Dad would bring him to Toy’r’us and gave him 10 minutes to rummage through shelves and shelves of toys. Whatever he managed to seize within the given 10 minutes were all his.

Kevin said he would like to practice this when Ziv turns 1.5 or 2, but that will also means that I only have 1.5 years to buy him toys which I LIKE.

Back to Ziv’s first birthday present, Kevin has never been so enthusiastic about presents. He abhorred present hunting. But this time, he went online to search.

Guess what? A mini battery operated Honda Stream RSZ in pearl white!!

A mini version of what Kevin is driving.

The generous Daddy decided to import this from Japan Autobac. We are still sorting out the logistic portion. It’s giving us headache. I hope everything goes well, and Ziv will be able to drive this RSZ at home and bang into walls, Coby, glasses, side tables etc…

I kind of like this suggestion from Kevin. I think it is soooo CUTE.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Ziv is 9 mth old

How time flies... Ziv is now 9th month old and in 3 month’s time, he will be 1! I am ecstatic about his first birthday plan and witnessing him achieving all the development milestones (although not first hand).

So far, this little restless rascal has achieved:

1) His finger will meet mine just like ET

2) Play with me by putting pacifier in my mouth when I open my mouth and just when I wanted to bite it, he will remove it away with a loud chuckle.

3) Make Mummy and Daddy laugh by making weird facial expressions and when we laugh he will laugh with us and follow up with lots more expressions each time ending with a smile.

4) Stand for a while without support.

5) (Unfortunately) His first word is ‘papa’. But he is oblivious of what ‘papa’ means.

6) Wave ‘bye bye’.

7) Know that the object is a telephone and will put it at his ears.

8) Drink from sippy cup.

9) Picks things up with thumb-finger pincer grasp.

10) Indicates wants with gestures.

On the 19th, Jayden and Ziv met up on this Saturday morning (9am!) for breakfast at Café Cartel at Serangoon Garden.

See! No more P Plate!

I had my driving license for exactly 1 year. But that doesn't mean I am a pro driver. Being overly protective, Kevin has limited me for driving his car on many occasions, especially he changed his car during the early of the year. He deemed that I will scratch his rims, his body kits etc... whatever, he is just paranoid!

Trips Planned

Trips have been planned during my break from this company to the new one.
11 May - 13 May - Angsana Bintan with Kevin and Ziv
14 May - 17 May - Macau where Kevin and I will transform to King and Queen of Gamblers

Will start work on the 26 May.


Buffet at Royal Plaza Hotel Carousel was canceled. What to do? We did not go cause Ziv is having flu.

Church opening at Sembawang. Later, Kevin and I are attending Sebawang Church opening, the Father invited Kevin to the opening as made their curtains, blinds etc.

Mahjong. Its been a while since my last windfall. Its time to perform my MJ skill in front of those amateur players (hao lian hahahaha...) . After the church will go for MJ therapy and not to worry, Ziv is under my MIL's care.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What did Ziv do when he fell ill?

Ziv was still very active even though he was down with fever, flu and slight cough yesterday. I think he looked good in the photo on top :-) (typical mummy)

See how he managed to find his friends...

Mummy had a new bad hairstyle. The shortest fringe ever... I think I was dreaming when the stylist was cutting my hair.

I photo-shopped my lashes... for fun...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Closer to the last day of work

My last day of work for my current job will be on the 8th May. I will be on half-day.

I feel miserable.

This feeling will always come back once every 2 years. I left Singtel exactly 2 years ago and now, another 2 years has passed. It’s time to move on again. Same for the jobs before Singtel, they rarely lasted for 2 years.


“Job hop is the way to earn more money.” I was told by my Singtel manager, KY.

KY is a frank person. He is a Christian. I believed he won’t lie to me and I agreed with him. Cause it happened to me.

Indeed, for money, I job hop, worked for 4 companies (including the one now) and moving on to my 5th full time job this 26th May. I only started working full time in year 2001.

I had a lucrative 35% and 38% increment from Singtel to here and here to the new job respectively - but I lost the friends from my current job - again.

Despite the fact that I have been through this umpteen times, but each time, it just gets harder and more painful. The feeling is ineffable.

Because of the habitual job hop, I have lots of ex-colleagues transforming to friends and the cruel truth is, no matter how close you are with them during the working days, still, the get together somehow will get lesser and lesser. Eventually, we become ‘hi-bye’ friends. That is reasonable, because all of us have families and at many times, ex-colleagues are often given a lower priority.

Basic rule for Job Hoppers
Never place personally belongings such as photos, plants, aquariums, slippers etc in the office; because, you know you will never stay long in a company.

However, this current job was exceptional for me. I broke the basic rule of job hopping, I had Ziv’s picture on the table, a ‘HUAT’ mobile phone holder and a plant on my cupboard. At one time, I thought this is the job for life. Until my job scope was changed and I grew tired from the job then an opportunity comes along. I almost turned into a termagant.

  • I will definitely miss the gossipy/juicy tête-à-tête with Cactus and Kooshlog for sure.
  • I will definitely miss the luxury of waking up at 815am and still take my time to dress up for work.
  • I will definitely miss the long audacious lunches.
  • I will definitely miss the snaking time used on blogging, feed my facebook pet and skyping.
  • I will definitely miss the chances of going back home to take a nap during lunch time when I have no one to dine with.
  • I will miss lunching with my ex Singtel colleagues.
  • I will miss having some personal chat with my boss.
  • I will miss everything I used to enjoy.

Of course, with so much experience in job hopping, I learnt to be malleable; on the other hand, I am really tired. Tired of trying to know the colleagues again, tired of finding lunch kakis, tired of being who I am not in the first few months of working.

I don’t even want to think how it will be like on the first day of work, because to me, it is just like first day of school and I abhor it.

There is something that money can’t buy. And I truly understand the meaning in this case. I always ask myself, “How much is enough?” I am really tired. I hope the job hopping will stop if the new job is good. But the location is far… maybe I’ll think again staying there for long. *roll-eyes*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Womanish Men

These days, I noticed some men are getting increasingly womanish. I find that intolerable and tremendously infuriating. I have one at home, handful of male customers to correspond, and lots to deal with in the office.

Men, to me should be decisive, brave, gentlemen, polite, calm and quiet. But, they are all not what I think they should be. They are totally opposite.
What happened to them?

Indecisive Men

What I cannot put up with most is, men being indecisive. Unfortunately, I have a few of them in the office. One word to describe the feeling, PISSED.

Take the example nearest to HOME, my friend asked if I wanted to play mahjong. I asked the man at home, and he took like 4 hours to answer that question. I thought it was a simple YES, NO question and he was considering what time the boy was going to sleep, enough cash at home, what time to pick up the boy, what time to work tomorrow blah blah blah. Why can’t he give NO as an answer if he really has so much concern? Simple, isn’t it? It took me merely 1 minute to type out the sms and send to my mahjong-hungry kakis to disappoint them.

Whether you are the man shaking leg on top of the corporate ladder or the man cleaning shoes at the bottom of the corporate ladder, it makes no different. Believe me.

Insensitive Men

I had a personal encounter with the man on top. I was surprised by his lack of EQ and insensitivity.

I sent out an email to customers to arrange a monthly meeting with them. The agenda was always fixed by the coordinator and for all these years, no one question how the agenda was set as that was a trivial matter for the men on top/center/bottom to scrutinize. Somehow, this man on top replied to my email cc to the mass indicating that one group of the customers requested us to schedule their presentation later because they came from other places (i.e. their office was not resided at the meeting venue). Freak! What kind of smart excuse is that? Do they mean we are all camping in the meeting venue the night before, which allowed us to be there on time? Arseholes.

Guess what? The customers, who requested that, were all MEN. Irritating men! And our smartest man on top decided to oblige to that ridiculous demand and tell me to change the agenda.


I sent out an email to the mass again indicating the new agenda. I don’t want to argue with him since I am leaving the company and in future, have nothing to do with the meeting. And after a few minutes, another middle-aged man emailed to the mass indicating his group wished to present first. Great!

The man on top has just given other people a chance to change agenda. All I can say is good luck to my successor. I feel sorry for her.

That man on top should not send out an email openly to the mass giving people the impression that he is open to changing agenda. And the middle-aged man had made use of the opportunity and his tactlessness to demand for a change too. I don’t know if that was ostentation of powers or was simply a foolish act.

I have had enough and emailed the middle-aged man this. “Sorry, the agenda has been fixed.” And yes, like a grumpy housewife who also happened to have a cheating husband, I expected an immediate email expressing his discontent. Somehow, the middle-aged man played timid and did not reply, either he went ahead to email the man on top to bitch about me (typical thing for women to do) or he decided to live with it and listen to the authoritative role (i.e. me).

Either way, to me, the case was closed.

Bitchy Men

Oh, womanish men are often pugnacious at the wrong time, wrong place. Recently, the man at home had some disputes with a pugnacious man, who is a car dealer. This car dealer must be a fool to declare ‘battle’ with a true-blue womanish woman, aka, ME. I always think that no man can be bitchier than a bitchy woman. Cat fight awaits.

The man at home was known to be a timid mouse; he prefers to lead a peaceful life to a hassle one. We are poles apart, and that I sometimes, become his body guard, spokesperson, adviser and part time secretary.

Garrulous Men

Men are garrulous just like women. The man staying next to my house, he gossiped, extremely pestiferous and boastful. Like women who boasted about their 1-carat bling (opps), he bragged about his small safe filled with US moolah and new wish list of cars. Often, the man staying next to my house complained about nitty-gritty happening such as mother-in-law from hell and wife’s naggings.

Men men men... are you woman or man?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ziv's 3rd Gymboree Lesson... when is this going to end??!!

I have been a diligent Mummy. Posting about Ziv’s Gymboree lessons and his pictures.

Ok, I promised myself that this is the last time bringing camera to Gymboree classes. Cause it was quite 'disturbing' to constantly remind myself to snap pictures. But I feel slightly irresponsible whenever I see Ziv enjoying and yet not capturing these precious moments.

Seriously, I still cannot get over his new hairdo, in fact, I feel humiliated bringing him out with that hair style. It’s atrocious!

Here's Ziv, before class. And yes, we were (for once) EARLY! That's because, I screamed with the shrillest cry, tapped on my foot till the tiles crack and snapped my fingers till they nearly dislocate, just to rush Kevin to move fast at home and stop being a dilly dally idiot.

Ziv trying to hide his excitement before the class...

Ziv simply loves bubble...

As usual, the stomachs of mommy and daddy started to rumble in the midst of the lesson. We both looked at each other, prayed that no one can hear our couplet symphony. And as usual, immediately after the lesson, we would rush down to any of the available restaurants to feast. We tried oomphatico's and I had to recommend the crab and bell pepper risottos. We waited for almost half an hour for our food to be served cause it was super crowded and the kitchen seemed short-handed.

Anyway, being an avid fan of Japanese cuisine, I have planned to try out Tetsu next Sunday.

When did I deviate this posting to food? Hmmm…

My Trip to Dental Clinic

Went to the see a dentist today during lunch break. The dentist told me, “It’s a shame that you have perfect teeth but unhealthy gums.” I have always been proud of my teeth because I have no decay tooth compared to the one sleeping next to me every night. He has like a whole mouth of decay teeth! Gross!

Anyway, I was ordered to floss my teeth and use mouth wash twice per day. Seems like I am going to be very busy before I sleep.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

About the BOY

Ziv has his Passport

The passport to the boundless world…

Kudos to the staff at ICA. With the convenience of Internet, I skipped the torment of queuing at ICA to apply for the passport. In fact, after submitting the application via the Internet, I received a notice a few days later which notified me to show up at ICA (during a certain period of time) to get the new passport. It was a swift one!

The cutest passport ever… over-rated as usual. Unfortunately it is in black and white. Mine was in color though.

With the passport, I will bring him to either cruise or some other nearby country during my break to the next job.

Unlike the adult passport, the date of validity is only 3- 5 years.

Ziv’s New Hairdo

Ah-Ma Scissors Hand was back in action. She waved her ‘magical’ scissor ruthlessly at the next victim this time, guess who? Ziv. I remembered being the first victim; she cut my fringe once during primary school days. The ‘aftermath’ was… *speechless* painfully ugly. I only recalled myself crying all the way from home to school.

Obviously Ah-Ma Scissors Hand did not undergo the proper training in hair cutting and definitely did not obtain any paper qualification on hair cutting. Poor Ziv, he did not even realized that he was a victim of disastrous haircut. Alas, mommy was not there to protect the little one.

Can Ah Ma please stop it?!

Bad hair day is affecting me...
You are not going to touch my hair again! Get it?
I say, "STOP IT!"

It's pointless, I think Ah Ma doesn't understand me.

What can I do?

Just wait for my hair to grow longer... I guess...


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bling Bling

Diamonds are every woman’s best friend. And I think, the bigger they are, the closer they are to the hearts of the women.

Callow me.

About 2 years ago, Kevin bought me a diamond ring 0.73 carat, for our wedding. And now, its time to upgrade. I have to upgrade the ring within 2 years in order to obtain a full value for trade-in and if I decided to only upgrade 2 years later, it will be about 40% of the price.

So whoever who knows how to do Math will obviously go for the upgrade within 2 years. Jewelers are smart. Why? The 0.73 carat diamond ring was bought at around $3600. It is natural for the next upgrade to be around 1 carat or around that size. And guess how much is that?

Size: 1.01 carat
Color: E (2nd best color of diamond)
Clarity: VS1
Whopping price of $11,575 (after discount)

I have got no choice, but to top up the remaining value and go for the upgrade.

When I trade-in my old diamond ring to the staff, she was looking at the dust and dirt accumulated in the ring. What to do? I am no tai-tai, I bath with that ring, clean poo with that ring, cook with that ring, sleep with that ring…

This is so far, the most expensive accessories I have on my body.

Side Note:
Clarity Scale:
Range 1: FL – Flawless, IF – Internally Flawless
Range 2: VVS1, VVS2 – Very Very Slightly Imperfect
Range 3: VS1, VS2 – Very Slightly Imperfect
Range 4: SI1, SI2 – Slightly Imperfect
Range 5: I1, I2, I3 – Imperfect

Color Scale:
Range 1: D, E, F – Colorless
Range 2: G, H, I, J – Near Colorless
Range 3: K, L, M – Faint Yellow
Range 4: … all the way till Z

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