Friday, March 11, 2005

What Men Want?

Extracted from a blog written by whyistheplatypus:

I like the idea of having someone to come home to or having someone come home too me, I really want to be able to introduce people to the lovely woman on my arm as “my wife” and be able to look at her and know exactly why I am there, why I chose her, and always wondering how I got so lucky that she chose me. I know there will be days of doubts, but above all I want to believe in this world of rising cynicism and failed marriages that I am better than the 48% of failures, that I can adapt and in today’s world with today’s expectations I can have a marriage every bit as successful, happy and together as my parents.
I want to be father. I want to raise my children, I want to fail at things with them, I want to find myself repeating the things my Dad did that made me go “when I have kid’s I’ll never do that’ simply so I know that the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree…
I was moved seeing the above blog entry. Well, at least or rather finally, I have found a guy out there who has thought of settling down. I don’t know if he will ever read this, but I truly respect and admire him for writing this. Nowadays, not much guys will think this way or even penning down such thoughts online.

I like how he illustrated the heart-warming feeling of having a wife. The words are like a painting brush that painted a wonderful picture filled without lots of love and happiness in my mind. The blogger’s desire of falling in love, getting into a relationship or parenthood, really did make myself think, “Do all guys think like him?”

I certainly hope every guy does. Or at the very least, I hope he does. However, sadly, majority of the guys think otherwise. Guys seeing wives to be their life burden rather than a life partner, who will pick them up when they are down, give back rub when he is tired, stay and share the miserable part of life together without grumbling.

Around me, I see girlfriends broke off with their boyfriends all because their boyfriends cannot suppress their infidelity. That is saddening. No one can really pin point what has happened to the guys of this generation. Don’t they ever think that they are doing something iniquitous that will probably hurt someone whom they dearly loved?

I hope he will not walk the path of others philanders that deserve to die tragically. After all, I will end my single-doom this weekend. Finally something blissful is happening. *smiles*


Thursday, March 3, 2005

University vs Polytechnic

I am definitely pissed of by some of the comments on some websites regarding how useless and losers poly students are as compared to the arrogant and supercilious university students. I am not afraid to tell you that I was previously a poly student and I graduated from that, plus, I am proud of it. I am currently perusing a US degree but that doesn’t mean that I regretted going to a poly. To further my studies is merely for job requirements. If given a choice, I rather not to further my study again.

I am definitely not pointing finger at all University students here, and being a poly student, I do have friends from University and they are nice people that are civilized and definitely not obnoxious. I just can’t tolerate those university students who think they are the best in the world and they belittle those who are not up to their education level.

Firstly, I don’t understand what is wrong with opting for poly rather than JC then to university? University students are not necessary to be the most brilliant bunch of people, even ITE has successful examples. I think Singaporeans especially those studying in University has the misconception that they think once they get the University certificate they are superior to many of the locals, those without certificate or those with “merely” a poly certificate. I tell you guys out there, certificate may gain you a better job, fetch you a higher pay but I don’t think that will also improve your mentality on things.

Recent case, a university student dumped her new born child down the rubbish chute. Many people will go, “Oh, how will a university student do that? Sure or not?” or “How come university student will do that?” Imagine the scenario has changed, instead of a university student; we changed it to a school drop-out. The response of people to this incident will be, “Oh, normal la!

You know what I mean here. That shows the mentality of a typical Singaporean. I wonder what makes them think that university students are saint and that they won’t make any mistakes. Then again, what makes them deem that, school drop-out are bound to make mistakes like that. It is saddening to hear that blurting out of the mouth of a Singaporean.

I personally feel that poly students tend to learn more things like communication skills and they are more specialize in their studies. We learn things that are going to be useful to us for our future jobs and at least, we read newspaper. Some university students are really ignorant. Their world is so small that all they know is what they are studying, they hardly read newspapers. Their world revolves around their school, what can they say to poly students to prove that they are superior, their exam etc…

This is a real case example.

Their world is so tiny that during an interview, I remembered when asked about who the current President of United States is, some blurted something funny, and one UNIVERSITY student said, “Kennedy”. I almost fell on the ground.

University students are “supposed” to be better than us right? What happened? Has he forgotten to memorize the History? Oh…. he shouldn’t have...

The example the brainless university student could be too obsessed in studying that he had forgotten to update himself with the current affairs and politics. Sometimes I think, poly students are more street-wise as compared to University students. Imagine we already started working at the tender age of 19, earning our own salary and we have seen much more than university students and I cannot comprehend, why university students have to be so proud being one who has no working experience and still using their parents’ money at 20++ yr old. I personally feel so ashamed of still asking money from my parents when I left poly.

Now, who should be inferior? I am not trying to make someone look inferior here. I just want the university students to know, we are all Singaporeans and that we should not look down upon our own citizens or judge among ourselves by the educational level. This is not fair. There are certainly good reasons behind studying a poly or university.

After all, successful or not will never depends on which certificate you achieve, it has to be based on hard work and perseverance to work towards a brighter future.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Monday Blues

It’s Monday again. I hate Monday just because it is the beginning of the week and it seems like it takes ages for me to reach Friday. Weekends always fly past so soon. I haven’t sleep enough! I haven’t shop enough! I haven’t relax enough… I have so much of “haven’t”. Argh…. I hate working! I’ve just dyed my hair to turquoise color… like ash… and I like it. Kevin said I looked like a lian though. Anyway, I don’t think so because I can accompany the low class lian image with high class bags like LV and Gucci, pricey clothes to suit my taste for fashion.

Ok, quit talking about my tresses. Let’s talk about the two colleagues seated beside me. I have two nothing-better-to-do Indian colleagues sitting right next to me. They are so aloof that they seldom talk to me. Not even smile at me. I even thought they have problem interacting until they yak eternally with their own race. Sometimes, I don’t think Chinese are racist, in fact, Indian can be pretty racist too you know. (Not all, but definitely in my case here…) Or if not, let me recall if I kill any Indian for the past few years, if no, I am totally clueless why they detest me so much.

As you know, I am always late for work, hence, normally I will pop into the office light-footedly. These two bluenoses will always ogle at me as if they are the boss. They will always have the “late-again” look on their faces, which I abhor it so much. Today perhaps is the day for a mini celebration. One of the dark spies is leaving the company and that means tomorrow, there will be short of a pair of eyes that read “late-again”. I am elated. But there is one more. So Kevin Yeo and myself decided to plan a mission to get rid of the remaining spy.

I decided to give this mission a name, “Slaughter Black Hai Nan Chicken” or “Black Hai Nan Chicken Down” (whichever you like). Don’t ask me why, if I say this, I will be killed. This mission is not easy as it seems to be, although the target is already in her late thirties. I told Kevin that she is like a stubborn stain on OLD rag. It is not easy to chase her out of the company. Even you use a broom to sweep her out.

Ok enough, bull shit time is over, its time to go home again. Yeh!

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