Monday, July 26, 2010

Wasabi & Preserved Eggs - The Perfect Match

I have been tardy in updating this blog, in fact, I should have blogged about Ziv's 3rd birthday. But it appears that, THIS is a must-post entry.

The launch of Moda Shoppe and Ziv's fever over the weekend debilitated me completely. And on Sunday, I decided to splurge and binge on popiah. Why should I say 'splurge'?

I deemed that spending $4 on crab popiah is lavish spending. I deemed that Unagi popiah that cost $4 is also a lavish spending.

But who cares, when one barely sleeps for 3 hours in a day?

I loved popiah and have been craving about it for the past 2-3 weeks, after I got wind of the popiah that has out of the box fillings at Chomp Chomp. So, I went there, with a mental checklist of the must-try fillings.

I was the first customer of the day. And I spent $22 on just popiah.


Can you believe it?

There are many different fillings for the popiah, including the most popular cheese popiah. Its a shame that I forgot to order the cheese one, but I tried 6 other exciting fillings.

Prawn popiah is quite a common filling, and I decided to get that for the sake of the less-adventurous Kevin.

My personal favourite has to be this. Wasabi and Preserved Eggs. I never know that a Chinese preserved eggs and the Japanese wasabi can match so well in the thinly layered popiah skin. It wasn't as spicy as I imagined, for obvious reason. Can't expect Japanese restaurants standards.

I love unagi, because I suspected that I have weak bones, so ordering unagi is almost like a sure-thing whenever I visited any Japanese restaurants. The taste of unagi in this popiah is drowned by the vegetables and the popiah sauce, so I won't really recommend this.

Pork floss is being used every where. Over-used, I would say. You seen them on top of tofu, bread and now in popiah. Nothing special, but it taste good.

The crab in the popiah is unexpectedly fresh. I won't expect fresh crab when it cost $4. Will definitely go for this the next time I buy from them.

Another one of my favorite. In fact, this is the flavour that I was craving for, for the past 3 weeks! I just love mini octopus for no apparent reason!

When I told Kevin I spent $22 on just popiahs he thought I was kooky. But I guess, I have to recognise the creativity and effort that the stall owner puts in to his popiah. When I talked to him for about 10 minutes while he wrapped up his popiahs, I see the passion from his eyes. What is $22 when you compared it with passion and effort?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moda Shoppe Summer Launch - Behind the Scene

For the past one week, I have been working diligently, juggling two jobs. My day job and my blogshop business. So does my partner C.

Instead of modeling the clothes ourselves this time round, we decided to engage models to do the laborious job for us. I am confident with the clothes that we brought in, because they are SUMMER clothes. Summer clothes for the all year round summer Singapore.

Having models posing for the pictures is not making us hollow, in fact, we have to constantly give sedulous attentions to tiny details such as creases and shooting angles.

And to be frank, Kevin often wonders, is Moda Shoppe a business or just personal shopping spree. Since I bought almost all the clothes we launched. Poor, Kevin, because I don't have an answer too!

I looked forward to some really good food tonight to celebrate the launch this morning (11am).

Some behind the scene pictures. Of course, that's me, the one in grey.

Visit to shop!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few of the many play dates

Just before Ziv’s 3rd birthday, we arranged a few play dates over the weekend, mainly because they can’t make it to his birthday.


I have to admit that I am an assiduous Mummy. I enact the role of a bouncer and often, activate the incredible hawk in me whenever I deemed that someone out there may pounce on Ziv, intentionally or unintentionally. I once held a kid by his arm because he nearly had a collision with Ziv since he was scampering like a berserk child. My face was soft while I looked at him, but my grasp was tautening. It scared the shit out of him.

So, obviously, cycling is not under my list of favorite activities with Ziv, for the fact that I do not know how to cycle and I reckon cycling as a ‘hazardous’ activity. However, the other part of me likes to splurge on Ziv to make sure that he is a happy boy and has a happy childhood, and so I answered to his request and bought him a bicycle earlier this year. It was until a few weeks ago, he started cycling outdoor. Most of the time, he was cycling indoor.

Not a pleasurable experience because he fell from the bicycle because of the damn winding cycling track. He was brave in front of the gals and did not shed a tear.

However, he was crying quite a bit when his wound got in touch with water when he showered.

Weird formation for photo-taking.

Early birthday celebration

Our ex-ex neighbor paid us a visit for the first time after we shifted like twice. We ordered KFC home delivery and they brought us cake from Jane’s Station. The cake reminds me of my bad sore throat, simply because it is too chocolaty and yet, hard to resist.

It was a scary sight to see the kids ripped open the present with their bare hands; it was like watching documentary show whereby the lions ripped the flash of a deer apart. And it was a known fact that Ziv loves Thomas the Train and before they ripped up the present, I was almost sure that it is going to be another Thomas the Train set. We had like 4-5 train set after his birthday celebration and we already had 3 existing train set, including the one he bought from Tokyo Disneyland! I told Kevin we need a bigger house for the train set.

A picture of Trisha and Ziv savouring the cake.

Assembling the train set.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moda Shoppe

It is OFFICIAL. I am now a co-owner of the blogshop, Moda Shoppe.

Moda Shoppe launches its first collection with a blast today. The response was in fact overwhelming (for me) even before the launch, given the amount of work that I have to complete on my task list.

So how it started??

C, who just came back from her stock collection armed with goods from Seoul and Hong Kong approached me to join her in setting up a blogshop. I was apprehensive and I was afraid of being wearisome because there is certain amount of commitment to set up a blogshop. I could not give her an answer. And so, I decided to help her out for free and at the same time, test out the market. I modeled for her, designed a blog for her, tried some marketing for her… The more I get involved, the more I thought, ‘Why am I doing all this for free?’ and so, yesterday 12:30am, I sms-ed her, “I am IN.”

And that’s it.

It can be a simple sms, but it means a great deal to me, because it connotes that I have to devote more time on maintaining the business whether it is going to be a lucrative or an unprofitable one. Kevin told me nothing is 100% profitable and I have to be mentally prepared for the loss.

And to me, it is ‘you never try and you will never know’.

And because it was a first launch, many items were priced at a reasonable rate and the postage fee was waived off for the month.

Track Back

Last week was a bustling week for me. We did shots, we did website, we did launch party, we did many things that not a lot of people can do within a week, from the point where C asked me to join her to the day of launching, it took only 6 days for us to prepare for everything. I was eager to know the results and so to decide if I should give it a go, however, I made the decision before the launch, just to be fair to C.

Those who understands me well, knows I am a mad person. I push for crazy deadline because I want to know the outcome FAST.

I am too worn-out to blog more.

Here’s some pictures of the shots. Personally, I had lots of fun from the photoshoot and best of all. I have to thank C for giving me free clothes, even though I am her partner now. She gave me free clothes in exchange for the services I was providing her before I said "Yes" to her.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Lost Game

Heartrending was the only word that could precisely describe my feeling after the match between Japan and Paraguay. I was left speechless, disconsolate after the game. Japan lost not because of their incompetency, not because of their height, not because of anything, but luck is simply not by their side. Sadness is written all over the players’ faces and likewise the coach and the other team members. Some cried.

I followed the Japan matches closely, regardless if it happened at 2:30am. And I watched those guys played from their first match to their last. And I have to say, I am proud of them, they came a long way, and I felt it was so wrong that they lost the game because of penalty kick. My friend told me to wait for the next World Cup, but how many 4 years can a football player have? Who can confirm that Honda will play for the next World Cup? Who can say that there will be a best combination for the team for the next World Cup? The answer is obviously NO.

I was particularly cheesed off before the penalty kick when the commentator remarked that Hasebe needed a translator to understand the referee. Doesn’t the commentator know that Hasebe is a player for the Vfl Wolfsburg, which is a German professional football club since 2008 and so what makes the commentator thinks that he needs a translator for simple English.

There's nothing left for me in this World Cup. Or perhaps, there's still Brazil.

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