Thursday, November 29, 2012

My harvest from the Japan trip

The space is becoming a platform that I share about my shopping obsession.

What happened to me? Sometimes I feel bewildered by myself too. Am I still me?

Hack about tomorrow.

This year, I couldn't really imagine how I have fucked up my bank account with the bags that I bought this year!

What can one asked for? A Kelly and Birkin Club in a trip!

Some highlights of my purchases....


Monday, November 26, 2012

A Gloomy Day

Today lunch, I was bowled over by an appalling news of an ex-colleague who gotten very sick.

Well, people joked that one could get different types of invitation at different stage of our lives. For example, when you were in your mid twenties, you probably be getting lots of invitations to weddings, late twenties and thirties, invitations to (babies) full month celebrations, when you were in your forties, invitations to your friends’ children’s weddings, and as you got older, you probably realized that you have lesser friends because you-know-what and probably invitations to memorial services.

That’s life.

But somehow, when it happened, I felt depressed. Or whatever word you can find in the dictionary that denote sadness.

Life is vulnerable. So vulnerable. So unpredictable.

Just when I thought he moved on to a greener pasture and life started to look good for him, he fell sick. He is a nice, simple guy, well-liked by all of us, and yet, such things befall on him.

Anything could happen to anyone, regardless you are a good or bad guy.

Live each day without regret.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fifty Shades

My take on the Fifty Shades.

Seriously, I never been so addicted to a book, as a matter of fact, IT IS JUST A BOOK. Who could have thought that I would be wide awake at 3 in the morning to read? K told me the other day that he had never seen the “conscientious” side of me for a very long time, and mocked that I should be this assiduous during my school days. Well, there was something exceptional about this book, you see, it was not like a Korean drama, where I could loll on the couch till 3am, ignoring my much needed doze. I recalled that I totally ignored the inflight entertainment system on the plane when I flew to Tokyo (7-hr flight) recently, indulged myself with the book, and nothing else.

To be fair, I haven’t expose myself to many fictional books yet (not much a bookworm huh), Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Sophie Kinsella, Cecile Ahern, Dan Brown, Candace Bushnell, and JK Rowling are some of the fiction authors that I liked and had read their books. I was so connected with books by Sophie Kinsella because I always imagined that I was Rebecca Bloomswood minus Luke. JK Rowling’s penmanship, in my opinion was undoubtedly the best of all, there was no difference when I read and watch Harry Potter, she was able to bring me to the scene of the story and I could imagine...

In terms of literacy, EL James pale in comparison with the other authors I mentioned above. She had limited vocabulary, phrases were reused several times throughout the three books that it could become increasingly annoying, but thank God, at least there was someone in the book that took all those attention, may I add, my breath away from me.

He was the one whom I was ensnared to.

He was Christian Grey.

His background, his good look, his sad childhood, his wealth, his temperamental, his power, his dominating nature, his talent including stalking talent, his compassionate, his fine tastes… fascinated me deeply. I was totally under his spell, and believe it or not, someone fictional. The many sides of him, the fifty shades of him, totally overwhelmed me, like he overwhelmed Ana.

I was succumbed to the Grey effect.

I defined myself as a simple reader. Sometimes, I just need a book to keep me occupied, and to make me look forward to one thing that I could do after work. This IS the book that could make me feel this way. I know, we all know, Grey does not exist in this imperfect world. But who doesn’t want a piece of Grey?

I certainly do.


Attracted to Grey

Never thought that I could fall for someone fictional. I too, have fallen under Christian Grey's spell.

Laters, baby.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photo blog: Tokyo

Our footsteps...

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