Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

Last Week's Happenings

Last week we welcomed our two first visitors to our new abode when we officially moved in. J and E.

And the boys had a whale of a time playing at the pool and eating hotdog buns.

Before the swim or rather dip...

Ziv always repines that it was too hot to swim under the blazing sun, however, he changed his mind at the drop of the hat when he was told that he would be having an aqua buddy.

Trying to operate the jacuzzi.

After the dip...

This week's happenings

On Friday evening we got our new car and we have been driving two cars on the road because there were so many errands to run. First it was getting the new car, Kev drove the new one while I trailed behind (since I do not know the way) to park it at the Performance Motor. Then on Saturaday morning, we sent the new car to fix up window film and then drove the old car to brunch and later to collect the new one... Confusing, I know. Actually all these can be solved since our the PML salesgal offered to help us run all the errands, however, Kev declined, because he can't trust anyone with his cars.

Managed to snap a picture of the gleeful driver on the way to Performance Motor in the morning. Another gleeful passanger was seated behind fascinated by the panaromic roof.

Thereafter, revisited Spruce for brunch.

Kev's brunch. Big breakfast.

My brunch... Egg benedict on sliced toasted bagel with grilled shrimps soaked in hollandise sauce. Perfecto!

Ziv had a long beef sausage for Ziv all for himself. It was almost like a practice to go down to the playground under Spruce. Even playing alone did not deter the boy from running here and there. I have to gave Kev some credits, cause these playground pictures were snapped by him, while I leisurely sipped on my latte.

From this picture, Ziv seemed to have grown taller and bigger.

This weekend, we welcomed with open arms another set of guests to our abode. J and her two chummy daughters, J and S. Ziv remembers them as 'jumping sisters', because Ziv had fun bouncing on their beds last Christmas. And of course, they were here for a swim. Just yesterday, J and I met up for MJ. In less than 24 hours, we meet up again.

J bought like 50 breads from Four Leaves for the kids and a box of nicely decorated donuts for Ziv, so much so that I decided to take a picture of them.

And by the way, our company is having a photography contest and I decided to take part in this contest. This is my photo for the competition. And the caption for the picture is 'Friends'. It is hard to capture moments like this. It will be framed up on our wall even though it doesn't win me any thing in the contest.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Japan

It is during the half time of Japan vs Denmark match that I decided to blog. Am in a relaxed mood now, because Japan is leading by two goals. TWO WONDERFUL GOALS, may I assert. Free kick goals, one of them by Honda. I have to admit that was the nicest shot ever in this World Cup.

I am always proud of being an Asian and I can blatanly affirmed that I have never attempted to pull off a ABC by yakking queer accents. I know alot of people do that and I can never tolerate that sort of self denial act. Alas, I realized that there is an increasing number of Singaporeans like to speak with certain accents with their limited vocabulary. All I can say is, sorry dearies, speaking with limited vocabulary doesn't qualify you to be a blonde or bring you to a different status. You are only degrading yourself and displaying your low self esteem as someone who refused to accept who you are. Sad and pathetic isn't it?

Back to the topic of football, I support Asia teams, by and large. Because I hope for the world to see that football is NOT a game that is strictly dominated by the Westerns, and Asians, given the disadvantage in termss of their height, size and experience are still able to perform and score better than the English league or international players. And as I always remember, undisputingly, football was first invented by the Chinese back in China, and hence, all the more, we, Asians must display to the world that we can tackle a ball just as well as any other players, because we INVENTED it!

Of course, having Japan, N Korea or S Korea to enter to the world cup was already a dream came true for me, and perhaps to get into the final 8 of world cup may deem tough at this point of time. But I verhemently believed that time will change, and with that, and I hope to see more Asian teams such as China to get into world cup and go into the finals.

My fave players from the Japan team. (Photos obtained from FIFA website)

Eiji KAWASHIMA - the goal keeper, it is a pleasure to see him catching all the balls, I rarely see him miss a ball.

Keisuke HONDA - the star player of the team who scores twice for Japan for this world cup.

Makoto HASEBE - eye candy and I am not ashamed to say that. The captain for Japan.

The match hasn't end. And I am hopeful.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vegging Out @ Home

Weekend are meant to be vegging out at home, being a couch potato and for Kevin, get juiced up. I haven't step out of our door step to hit the malls despite of the GSS ever since the World Cup kicked off. Nap time often stretched from 5pm to 8pm and by the time I woke up, all I knew was, I missed a good half an hour of the first match (damn!) and I could eat a horse.

As for Kevin, he would rolled his eyes and lamented that the two pigs slept for 3 hours while he patiently waited for us to decide what to have for dinner. I can only tell him that the World Cup will only be a brief interlude, once every 4 years as a matter of fact, and it will end by mid of July. And his patience is very much appreciated, thank you.

And do you know, World Cup and takeaways are the best combination in the world? Food is only a phone call away and all you need to do is to use your feet to reach out for that iPhone on the coffee table and slowly bring it to your hands and viola!

By the way, I have been dialing for food orders for weekdays etc, one day it was KFC, the other days were Mac for breakfast-es and some days, I have pizza hut (only when I am super desperate...)

I have to thank C for getting me a complimentary Senso card so that I can enjoy Spizza and all other restaurants under Senso group with a beckoning 20% off the bill. It arrived last week, just in time to have a change on the delivery menu. Spizza!

I love Spizza.

Noticed the red wine beside Kevin's knee cap? He loves to drown himself in red wine with takeaways. He can drink half a bottle single-handedly. I only had a glass.

Along the same line, I have been shamelessly indulging in pizzas from Al Dente. Because they are having 1-for-1 lunch on weekdays. Last Friday, I had 7 slices of pizzas at one go.
Guess by the end of World Cup, I may have gained 4 kg!

Here's a picture taken on our way back to the office. My colleagues were joking that we seemed to be sightseeing rather than working. Who cares, when it is Friday!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

BMW X1 Launch Party

I was privileged to get invited to the BMW X1 Launch Party.

Date: 18 June 2010
Venue: Sentosa Wave House
Time: 7pm

We were transported from the beach car park to the Wave House by a buggy with only the two of us and the driver.

"Chichi", "swanky", "exclusive", "lush" somewhat sums up the event. Ladies graced the event in natty numbers and, of course, there were some who were like me, adhered to the dress code, i.e. Beach chic. Apart from having lots of eye-candy in this event, the food was notably impressive. Before attending the event, I was specifically told by C to look out for Peking duck pizza, however, it was nowhere to be found. I was a tad disappointed. However, the tiramisu and all other desserts were great. I had 3 cups of tiramisu and 3 macaroons and uncountable mango pudding! Burrpppp....

The event served alcoholic drinks from 7 to 11pm and it is quite a shame that I am allergic to alcohol!

All pictures were taken by my iPhone. We decided to leave our DSLR in the car during the last minute. The camera could potentially be a hindrance in events like that due to its size.

What I like about Wave House? You get to see guys with hot bods performing wake boarding right in front of you, without having to strain your eyes or use binoculars. Look at the man-made wave in the picture below.

The Wave House was actually part of a beach, just that it was separated, or rather fenced up.

Not forgetting to take a few shots of the car. The motive of this event was to celebrate the launch of the new BMW SUV. When the car was driven out by a male model, everyone crowded around the car to snap pictures.

There were three cars on the showcase. One of them was white, and we were glad that we made a right choice in picking white than other colours.

Yeah, we are finally getting our car early next week. By then, we will be the proud first 10 or 20 car owners who will be cruising the Singapore road with the brand new X1.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Some pictures of Ziv at the new abode

As some may know, I shifted to the new abode. And lazy Saturday to me is lying around and snap pictures.

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13 June 2010 - My Beloved's Birthday

My beloved is 31 years old this year. And this year, there are many 'first-time' for his birthday.

1. Ziv wished him 'happy birthday' in complete sentence and ended with a kiss.
2. We celebrated his brithday at the roof terrace of our new house.
3. I gave such a big ANG BAO for his birthday. ($5000)
4. We canceled the dinner reservation. All because of WORLD CUP. For that, I was very guilty.

Initially we planned for a dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, alas, Ziv and I over-slept when we took our naps and Kevin saw both of us snoring, he decided not to wake us up. That made me even more guilty. Luckily we had buffet dinner at Raffles Hotel, Billards and Bar last week, else, I cannot forgive myself.

Nevertheless, I suggested paying a visit to Villa Di Parma for dinner. This was a re-visit for me, but the first visit for Kevin. What I love about Villa Di Parma? First of all, the restaurant is unknown to many ( - for selfish reason, I decided to keep mum about this place for the longest time. Second, it is tucked at the end of Serangoon Gardens, and that means it is very quiet and the food was beyond expectation.

The bolognese pasta is the best pasta I ever tasted so far. And the smoked salmon pizza set you asking for more and more. No pictures for the food.

Here's some pictures taken during our closed-door open roof celebration. Haha.

The little one thought it was his birthday, he even sang birthday song for himself.

A nice picture taken with Daddy.

Not forgetting the cake.

While I was composing this entry, Japan scored a GOAL!! Yeah. I support ASIA teams!!

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Thanks to Carlton Trading

I want to thank Kevin's Carlton Trading for the fabulous blinds. And best of all, they are complimentary! I love them just as much as I love the wallcoverings.

When it comes to blinds or rather window furnishing, always trust the professional and I NEVER compromise for any thing that are ready-made. Ready-made blinds or curtains makes your house look like they are rented out. I hate IKEA blinds and curtains in particular, they just look disgustingly shoddy and mediocre. Imagine, having a million dollar house, and the windows are decorated in IKEA blinds or curtains. What a shame! Or imagine this, having top-of-the-line interior design company do up your house, and you install a ready-made curtains on your windows. Speechless...

With the right blinds or curtains, the rooms lit up instantly and it looked that it cost as much as the house. In fact, blinds or curtains these days play multiple roles, apart from providing privacy and to block off sunlight, it is now made to blend in to the interior design of the house and becomes part of the design, especially those Disney characters blinds, and customizable blinds with your own pictures.

I never have to worry about the colors of the blinds or what type of blinds to use etc, because, Kevin IS the professional.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Blog: The Interior

Busy... Here's a photo blog.
The interior of my new abode.

I love the wallpapers.

Thomas Train wallpaper for Ziv.

We hand-carry the train bed to new abode.

Some photos meant to be arty-farty...

Today is not a smooth day for furniture delivery.
First, the outdoor umbrella came in wrong colour. Stupid Natural Living amended the color code on our invoice without notifying us. What a way to do business! Next, the dining table came bigger in size! What's wrong with people these days? So, the dining chairs are left alone without a table.
Another furniture was too big for my living room, and I have to transfer it up to the terrace. And it is WHITE!

Forgot to take pictures of the furniture on top. More to come.
Looking forward to Friday.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are moving in on 11 June 2010!

We are finally done with our renovation and are all ready to move in to the new abode on 11 June 2010. Prior to that, we need to get the chandelier up for the bedroom and we are still waiting for our indent lighting from the lighting store.

Next up, we will be expecting, the sofas, coffee table, dining table, refrigerator - the whole enchilada this coming Tuesday. Moving to the new abode is less tiring this time round because, we are not moving all our existing furniture to the new abode. The furniture for the new abode is going to be brand new. And how I wish we can just pack a lugagge and go.

Anyway, the apartment is now spick-and-span. Move in condition.

Here's a sneak peek of the interior.

Yesterday, we sent our little helper to arrange his own CDs and DVDs. The little one was chirpy throughout and it was my first time seeing him so accomodating and contributive.

Maybe that's because we only packed a fraction of his CD/DVD collection...

Other than the minor unpacking, Mummy did nothing and only snapped pictures, Daddy cleaned the cabinets and the little one? Entertain himself by jumping up and down the platform bed and posing for pictures.

In another story, today we had grilled sausages for breakfast.

Kevin is having a full plate at work these few weeks so it is impossible to have brunch. Thanks v much to C, she packed some really nice sausages from the butchery (not sure if they are from German butchery).

I am not a fan of sausage, as a matter of fact. Nevertheless, here are the grilled sausages for Kevin and Ziv. I have to admit they taste real good.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A night visit to new abode

Tonight I visited my new abode. Was still under renovation, will probably be complete by end of this week. The new furniture is coming in next Tuesday so I'll be either on leave or "working from home".

Today I grabbed the opportunity to capture some night sceneries near my abode. The outcome?

Two words.

Worth it!

The camera worth the price.

Btw, while I was leaving my place. I saw this. The forgetful cleaning aunty did it again. Its funny what happen when people get older and memory starts to fail.

This is the first day where the 4th owner of the abode tour the residence. Apparently, he seemed to love the roof terrace alot. He was running freely in the open space.

Pictures taken from the roof terrace. Night view. It was close to 9:30pm when I took these pictures but they don't look like they were taken this late. Especially the clouds!

These are the pictures that goad me to improve on my photography.