Friday, December 29, 2006

My Bento

Here's is my long awaited BENTO....

Deng deng deng deng....

I didn’t really plan what I should make for the bento, because it was sort of a last minute plan.

Today, our company was having New Year buffet in the main office at 4pm, since I wasn’t interested in going, I took this opportunity to go home early. I reached home at 5pm today.

It feels so good to end work early, although it was just an hour or so earlier.

My house ran out of rice, so I was thinking, perhaps I could buy some rice and cook dinner for the night. It turned out that while wrapping New Year present for Kevin, I was famished! I decided to eat some frozen pizza and I ate the entire personal pan pizza. So guilty... It is not even New Year yet...

Then, I received a call from Kevin saying that he would be home in half an hour’s time! At a lost, I decided that its time to show off my creative bento!

Didn’t really plan much, just cook and cut and paste whatever that comes to my mind. In the end, I don’t even know what I have made.

Ok, the side small potato croquette wrapped with seaweed, I called it ‘Baby’. Don’t you think it looks like a small baby?

The big one, I called it ‘Weirdo Botak’. Because it looks weird and has no hair. Should make some wordings with seaweed and place on top of the small stars.

I believe I will do better next time.

Till then, Happy New Year to all from me and Coby. Cheers!!!

An outdated pic of me and Coby under our xmas tree...


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Raining Boxing Day

I regretted not taking leave on a rainy day like this. The rain makes Boxing Day awful for people who are working, like me. I hate rainy Boxing Day.

It has been raining since… the time I woke up till now. I cannot bring myself to sit up on the bed until I realized it was already 830am. I don’t care! Boxing Day is supposed to be a Public Holiday in some other countries; I should just take my own sweet time to get myself prepared for work.

Christmas means BUSY to me

On the 23rd, my poly friends and Emily & Dylan gathered at my house for a simple celebration and gift exchanged. We gave a theme to the party, ‘Japanese Feast’. Every food that we prepared or bought is related to Japan. Nice, isn’t it. So we have Japanese curry and rice (cooked by Kevin), sushi platter (by Aihuey), fried Japanese vege, tako balls, meatballs, Japanese omelets, eel (by Emily), yakitori chicken and seaweed chicken (by Peilin) and potato salad and ice-cream (by Cindy).

I have to compliment Kevin. He helped me to prepare all the necessary items for the dinner, cooked the curry and he tidied the house while I went to Bugis to shop. I have to admit, he is the Best Hubby for Year 2006.

My exchanged gift? I got a container (which I have no idea what that is for?), a receiver and a Happy Feet water dispenser. Knowing that I am VAIN, Emily bought me some nail stuff and a mirror. Kevin got a retro lamp from Dylan. The retro lamp really blends in with our retro theme.

I didn’t sleep through 23rd to 24th. Didn’t even have a wink! After the party ended at my house, I went to East Coast chalet to meet the MJ prince et al. We went bowling and end up playing 2 rounds of mahjong until day break, around 7am! Everyone looked like zombie. I wonder why we have to torture ourselves like that. Anyway, I won money.

We drove through MAC to get some breakfast and ate it on our way home to keep Kevin awake during our drive home. He told me he did not know how he drove home or which route he took. Hahaha… that was the typical outcome of intensive MJ sessions.

Managed to sleep until 430pm on the 24th, and we went over to MJ prince’s house for a Christmas dinner. We had home-cooked pasta (tomato and alfredo). Yummy. I love pasta. And we have gift exchanged too. I received some accessories, a bottle of wine and Escada miniature perfume set. We left for church at 1030pm and the mass ended at around 130am. It was a long one, plus all the traffic jam etc…

Mahjong was actually on the agenda after church, but both of us were like half asleep, so we didn’t intend to play MJ with the rest. Finally, we had an early night. Yes, 2am is considered early for us.

On the 25th, we went taka for a last-min presents hunting. Bought 3 presents for our friends. Kevin bought a helicopter remote toy for himself and from then on, I never see the helicopter away from his hands. He just cannot stop playing it and I wonder what so fun about remote helicopter. During evening, we had dinner with my in-laws, a 9 course dinner at Fatty Weng restaurant. The food is not really nice, and it seemed that their business is doing well.

Finally the day ended with us sitting on our sofa, watching TV show. And we decided to go to bed at around 12 midnight.

This Christmas is more happening than the previous one. And I have got to know new friends, who are my neighbour. They are a nice couple; she even gave us Christmas present on the 24th. Me and Kevin were like, ‘Shit! What shall we give them in return?” After much digging on the past presents and brainstorming, we found a red wine. Although it might not be ideal for the present situation (cos the wife is pregnant), but I do hope the friendly gestures will bring us closer.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town…

Santa Claus is coming to town…
Have you been naughty or nice this year?
I admit, I have never been a nice person. But I am not that naughty. I still like to criticize on people whom I don’t know. Hahaha…. That’s bad, I know. Somehow, I am so used to it, just like my Mum.

Naughty deed – Devil in disguise
Recently, I went to a restaurant, I told the waitress to ask the cook if my fish filet can be cooked in tomato (though not in the menu, menu was cream sauce). The cook gave a green light, so I proceed with the order. When it came, the fish filet was swimming in tomato sauce, Maggie tomato sauce! I was so fuming like mad (which I cannot explain why). It was not cooked in tomato but tomato sauce. Can’t they differentiate tomato and tomato sauce? Have you ever seen a plate of tomato sauce pasta cooked in tomato sauce only? I was so pissed that I messed up the food in the plate (I don’t want to scare you by describing you how messed-up it is) and refused to eat the fish and everything else on the plate. Kevin was stunned by my devilish behavior (at that moment I think I really am a DEVIL). He thought I was possessed. Kekeke… I was never like that. I believed that was my worst behavior of the year. I refused to eat anything for the rest of the night. I don’t know why that happened, but I guess, sometimes, people just lose control of their feelings, just like me. But I never regretted my bad behavior, cause I still don’t believe in paying $14.90 for a fish filet cooked in tomato sauce. I can cook better fish filet at home.

Nice deed – Xmas presents
To Love Myself. I bought myself a bag.
To Share and Give to Others.
I bought an expensive watch for Kevin, a watch he always wanted J.
I bought presents for my friends.
I bought presents for my in-laws and parents.
And I even gift wrap all the presents myself. Also, bought a small gift for Coby too!

Looking back, this year is quite an eventful year for me. Next year will be even more action-packed. Shall keep it as a secret for the time being.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Monday, December 4, 2006


A few years back, I received an email attachment and saved some nice and creative bento pictures in my PC. The picture didn’t trigger me to make my own bento, cause back then, I was staying with my parents. Recently, I came across a Hello Kitty bento and was thinking to myself, “Maybe I can make one too.” I went on to search for more pictures and receipe of creative bento and I came across this blog, Bento Corner ( I was impressed by the different types of bento prepared by this mother to her daughter, almost everyday.

This smart and creative mother made these bentos to coax her daughter so that she eats, cause her daughter was not enjoying food very much and she was worry about her health.

I have made up my mind! I will go Liang Court on either Friday or Saturday to buy the necessary items for my bento. Hopefully I can find some cutter or mould for the bento. Will make one for Kevin this weekend.

Some nice pics of bento from

I have forced Kevin to choose his "favourite" bento from my list of pictures, so that I can make one for him over the weekend. As expected, he chose a few which are obviously very easy designs. I think the pig one is slightly more challenging. Will take a pic of my accompolishment this wkend.