Thursday, March 26, 2009

What make me loss my cool?

I have to confess that I am no Mrs Cool Joe and neither am I, Mrs Hot Blooded. I have a few barriers just like those invisible infra red lines surrounding me that lead to the bitchy sister that has been living inside my body. Once that boundary has been intruded, nothing can stop my brazen sister from retaliating, just like the unstoppable and deadliest Hurricane Katrina, which stormed through the vicinity and left the entire place in disarray and wrecked. Here’s a list of ‘Testing My Patience’ people, so to those reading, don’t you dare to be one of them when dealing with me.

Testing My Patience Type 1: Young Ladies, Old Women, Aunties who sounded like a 5 year old little girl.
Hell to these people. Just G-O T-O H-E-L-L. These women fancy sounding like an undeveloped little girl when their faces have already been infested with deep lines of wrinkles and blackspots. I have a colleague who likes to talk in that kind of tetchy voice or tone. Believe it or not, the killer is not the tone of her talking, but her laughters. And many times, to avoid blood-shed incident in the office, I have to excuse myself whenever her gap starts to widen, or her lips starts flapping, or when she starts taking breathe so as to start yelping. Well, if she is going to come to me and talk like a retard, don’t blame me for being mean or resort to violent, a diatribe against her voice is bound to go straight to her very much aged face. I want to verbally abuse her to see if she will still retaliate back with that tetchy voice. That will be interesting.

Testing My Patience Type 2: People who choose to be DUMB
I know, I know, dumb people deserve love from the society and given fat stipend to make them feel that they are part of the heart warming community and hopefully, that make them feel that they are NORMAL. Unfortunately, there is always someone who refused to abide to ‘morality’, and that’s me. I say, people who acted DUMB should G-O straight T-O H-E-L-L too. I have seen many in my office and outside of office and whether they are intentionally or unintentionally, that doesn’t matter, cause DUMB is DUMB. I used to be a person who can tolerate all kinds of nonsense at work, and I figured that to tolerate does not solve the problem and in fact, encourage dumbness in the office. And so, I have mend my ways, I become a dumb-buster, busting all their dumb acts and publicise them in emails and sometimes to their nauseating blur faces. An engineer once told the project manager that I wasn’t in good mood because I scolded him. I don’t have the chance to tell him, all people who choose to be DUMB made my mood soul, naturally, somehow.

Testing My Patience Type 3: Irresponsible Twit
Irresponsible twits are more often than not dastard. They feared of responsibilities, they loved to delegate tasks to others, generally boastful and extremely full of dumb excuses, but unknowingly, they are displaying their incompetencies to those who judged them. They are a pain. I have a colleague who often blamed her incompetence on others. Out of 10 questions that people asked about something (cause she is an administrator), she will direct them to 10 other different people. And just because I was sitting nearby her (how ill-fated), therefore she directed someone who wants CD-ROM to me and mind you, my position is nowhere near administrator and I don’t even look like ONE. Having had enough, and heard so much from my good friend who correspond to her everyday, I snapped in front of the bosses who sit nearby, “I am not an administrator, so I can’t help, don’t you have the key to the stationery cupboards, since you ARE the administrator. It doesn’t ‘qualify’ me to an administrator just because I keep blank CDs! They are for commissioning!” Like a dastard, she went all quiet and ran back to her mouse hole. Trying to mess with a bitch? Wish you were never born! She always thinks that working late gain her the authority to delegate tasks to my poor colleague who was backstabbed by her many times in front of the bosses!

Testing My Patience Type 4: Management with pea-sized brain
Its sad that they are born with deficiency, but that is no excuse to pissed people off. Cutting nails during office hour in their big cubicle is downrightly absurd! And call himself the 2nd man of the company. Well, the highest man of the company is also no different from the second man. He talks, a lot, with his Bluetooth, walking around his cubicle, walking around me, and talks his way to fatal radiation, I hope. He does nothing everyday, but talk and talk and talk. Well, with this kind of management, there comes with unskilled subordinates. Like the domino effect, it is affecting the entire company and the morale of those who worked hard. Well, it doesn’t take long for me to see, how this is going to end. My advice, if you know that you are stupid, go find a corner and hide.

Testing My Patience Type 5: The KAY Ang Mo
Blonde hair, blue eyes may seem more superior to yellow skin and small eyes. And sometimes some people mistook them as GOD and hence act like a DOG in front of them, adopting their slang, and almost adopting their surname. These people bring shame to their ancestors and if jumping corpses (like those in movies) do exist, then many of them will be jumping and swearing their way to my company. It doesn’t mean to work with an ang mo, you have to speak like them. We don’t see the ang mo speak like us, do we? Then why are these people degrading themselves? I can’t fathom the rationale behind those fake slangs and the curling and twirling of the tongue. Feeling insecure about your nationality is something depressing and I think they should do what Michael Jackson did, dye themselves white, dye their hair blond and wear color contact lenses and also, go under the knife to make it more convincing. Kevin always says this in hokkien, “These people are monkey roar like a lion.” I laughed.

There are many of those people who get on my nerve every day and sometimes I choose not to upset about their existence cause, I know, that no one is perfect and so am I and life is short.

Kevin always tell me to look at the bright side of life, cause the existence of such people makes us a better individual and differentiate the stupid and the smart one.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enacting As a Detective

It is 1130am, time to do the needful. Launch my Internet Explorer, punch the key. Alright, I’m on duty.

Call me Cel, Detective Cel.

Recently I was up for a mission, a mission to spy on my target while he is in the childcare centre. Ahh. The wonderous of technology, make spying so much hassle-free and definitely less arduous.

Thanks to the invention of webcam, and Cherie Hearts for the great idea.
Mummy, ahemm, I mean Detective like me, who is constantly thirsty for information about the target, has given up sitting on reeking and bleak corner to peer through a peephole with the size of a 5cent coin.
  1. Anyway, the target has been doing pretty good in the childcare center and didn’t really cry when Kevin sends him there and we saw improvement in him.
  2. He has learnt to feed himself.
  3. Less picky about food, will eat whatever we give to him.
  4. Able to finish all the food given to him.
  5. Socialised with other kids mainly those older kids.
  6. Learn to accept the fact that there are other adults in this world other than Mummy and Daddy, hence is less shy when facing them.
  7. Not afraid of water when we bath him.
Some snapshots: (Can you spot Ziv?)

Answer Revealed: (Picture from first to last)
  • Watching his peers eat from the left hand bottom corner of the picture.
  • This one is pretty obvious, disturbing his teacher in pink.
  • Playing with his teacher, seated on her lap.
  • Probably crying in his teacher’s arms.
  • Playing with older gals, he is dressed in white.
  • ‘Talking’ to his teacher, he is dressed in white.
  • Waiting for food to arrive, seated facing the webcam.
  • Throwing tantrum and probably crying in his teacher’s arm.
  • Eating alone, top left corner of the picture.
  • Eating alone, top left corner of the picture.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Equinox Brunch

Singaporeans are weird.

What do we do during Chinese New Year gathering? We eat.
What do we do during ex classmates gathering? We eat.
How do we celebrate when one of the family members strike 4D? We eat.

So naturally and undoubtedly, Kevin and I celebrated our 11th Year Anniversary with food, glorious food.

Having ‘recession’ at the back of my head where money frittering are falling out of fashion rapidly, I was thinking that Equinox must be battered hard by the recession since a meal up there can easily cost at least a hundred for a twosome. Therefore, I made use of the opportunity to ask for ‘window seats’ during my telephone reservation. Under normal circumstances, a surcharge of $30 will be obligatory for such request. Guess what? Adding a little perk to our dinning experience, the reservationists whose frosty condescending attitude seemed to have miraculously vanished, turned into a friendly gal-next-door, veritably agreed without imposing surcharge on us.

Equinox hasn’t really instituted bargain menus or price reductions yet, their Sunday brunch is priced at $128+++ per person.

However, when I reached the top, 15 minutes late, I was greeted with palpable warm welcome that translated more like “thank God, you made it here!’. During the economy downturn, all sorts of rules and rigidities crumbled and they really do. I saw Japanese diners were allowed entry when they came dressed in shorts and tshirts, and children of all ages were all welcome with open arms.

So at this point of time, can you envisage the scene of the restaurant?

No more chic dinning experience, more like a weekend market visit with a fantastic view of city skyline.

Kevin and I didn’t eat much; the buffet spread was great with varieties, however, we are just too lethargic from the daily work and chores back at office and home. In fact, we were enjoying the champagne that was available to us, free flow and the breathtaking panorama that we have seen many times but were never sick of it. I told Kevin I could drift into a deep slumber just sitting there, facing the sky.

It was just not our style to sit down there, talk, drink instead of feasting and we sat there for about 2 to 2.5 hours, idling. We will definitely go up there again, since Ziv will be welcomed at Equinox, we shall plan one trip up there in due time.

Oh, Happy Anniversary to Kevin.
11 years of happiness and more ahead of us.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Uh... Oh...

Uh Oh... is Ziv's favorite words now.

Anyway, have been under the weather lately, so does Kevin and little Ziv.

Contributing factors?

Frosty aircon in the office, I am like a zoo keeper, with polar bears sitting around me that consistently whined that they are HOT, must be out of their mind.

Piling documentation to review, I have to resort to whisper to my engineers, “It’s Friday the thirteen today, so don’t you send me any documents to review, you know, bad omen, may get rejected… shhhh…”

Noisy toddler at home, it is just like inviting a rock band at your home, wolf cries, banging on the furniture, the repetitive Hi-5 songs and all sorts of noise pollutions that you can think of.

Unkempt cleaned laundry left on the couch piling like a mini Mount Everest, the highest peak at home.

What should I do?

I really need to fall into a deep slumber to get ready to for my celebration at Equinox brunch on this coming Sunday, where Kevin and I celebrate our 11-year Anniversary.

Love that.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

About Ziv’s Deposit

Last week was the end of our 2-week extended trial over at Cherie Hearts. First week was disastrous; with the whole family contacted stomach flu and that means Ziv only attended 2 half days last week, which calculated up to only 5 hours of stay for 2 days. This week is very much an improvement. He attended all days except Friday and sometimes more than half a day.

His adaptation capability is improving tremendously and alarmingly. Even his teachers are appalled by the big leap, from a Day 1 cry baby to what he is today. We thought he will cry for like 1-2 months, however, today when Kevin sent him to school, he wasn’t crying. I started to feel sanguine about him attending schools. My little baby has finally grown up!

Sometimes I feel relieved that he is beginning to be more independent, however, another part of me wanted him to be like a baby or Mummy’s boy, relying on me. Well, the boy has to grow up. And that is part of life.

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