Thursday, June 28, 2007

Don't look for me, I'm on maternity leave...

How do people spend their maternity leaves?

Breastfeeding? Attending crying baby? Lying on bed? Stare at the ceiling? Cleaning soiled nappies? Scratching oily hair scalps?

Me? I watched tv, play mahjong, xbox, tour buffet lines and yes, went for some short retail therapies.

Don't assumed that i've delivered. In fact, i'm about a week plus away from delivery. Some people wondered why I applied maternity leave a wk plus in advance and even requested for induce delivery, some even questioned me. I wonder how can I politely tell them this, without being too defensive. My original respond was, "I don't feel like working, cos i'm lazy and I need to have some peace... You know, QUIET, PEACE, TRANQUIL!!! before the little one comes out. I have got 3 long months of break, do you think it bothers me to 'waste' a week plus of leave to stay out of work and to run away from 'kong kam' (pardon me, its hokkien) from work?! It is definitely worth it!"

Anyway, being a 'polite' and 'demure' person, I replied, 'I'm giving birth soon.(with a motherly expression)' That's it, no 'due date' given.

On delivery, the process, the pain, the horror stories of giving birth or even the hospital ghost stories did not freak me out or make me wet my leggings. I deemed I was unknowingly trained during the 9 months that I can't bother how or when the baby is going to come out of my bump. As long as he comes out safe and sound, i'm RELIEVED. I sounded like an irresponsible mother, did I?

Guys will never understand the 'inconvenient' of being pregnant especially during the last trimester. I still consider myself lucky that the whole 9 months was quite a breeze to me. Its just the sleepless nights and toilet crawls @ that is driving me nuts.

Some people told me the tiring part is not about giving birth, its the part where I've to wake up @ night to attend to baby's crying. Seriously, I don't mind that kind of suffering cause I can always share the 'load' with Kevin. I think its time to let him take on the role as a father since I headstart 9 months being a mother. I always tell him this with glistening eyes, "I can't wait for us to suffer together, rather than I suffering alone (being pregnant)."

Right now, I typing this on my bed with SCV showing on TV and its time for a nap soon... And opps... Its only 5pm... *yawn*

Who wants to work in office when you can enjoy these moments alone at home without having to yearn for the arrival of Fridays and frowned at the nearing of Mondays? Not me!

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